Sadhguru on Jiddu Krishnamurti & His Life

Sadhguru on Jiddu Krishnamurti & His Life

And they started looking for appropriate bodies upon which this body of a
super-teacher can be imposed upon. So people gathered around him,
enormous wisdom and sense. So Kahlil Gibran said about J. Krishnamurti,
‘When I walked into the room…’ So just those five Saturday afternoons,
an hour-and-a-half, that much impact he had on me, Suprescript: Sadhguru on Jiddu Krishnamurti & His Life Jiddu Krishnamurti was born in a village called Madanapalle. I have been to his house
where he was born and where he lived a century old house, a cute little house, nice place. It’s kept like a monument for him today. At one time in early 20th century and late 19th century
theosophy spread across the world in a big way. This was started by Madam Blavatsky – who had a great interest in occult and mysticism and she spent… late 19th century and early
20th century saw a lot of British and other European seekers of mysticism, travelling to India and exploring and writing lots of books, many of them, you know. Max Muller, Paul Brunton and many others, Blavatsky was even before them – these are all explorers of mysticism. It was in those days, not like going to
some place to learn, it was an adventure that you really have to take off on a horseback and go to a strange country, battle all kinds of things, try to meet the right kind of gurus and, tch, it was a whole adventure. So they put themselves through all this. Madam Blavatsky travelled to all kinds of places,
she went to Tibet, she went to India and then she came down to Tamil Nadu
and set up the Theosophical Society out there, which still is there and then their dream became to produce
a ‘perfect being’ project. Then they unearthed this information. I don’t know to what extent they went, but
actually in the yogic lore, in the tradition there was a yogi by the name Sunira, Sunira saw that human consciousness could be evolved if you produce a perfect human being who could
render this to all sorts of people. In a way he comes from the tradition of Shiva; somewhere it’s his dream
to build another being like that. He wants to build a living Shiva once again,
a perfect teacher for the world who… who is completely multi-dimensional,
not this kind of teaching or that kind of teaching. As Shiva gave… explored the whole human consciousness and human body in every possible way, he wants that kind of a living being. So he started building the energy body for that kind and then he believed that
he could build a physical body on top of that and let him loose in the world with
a lifespan of a few hundred or thousand years so that he will transform the whole world
by the time his time is done; So he started working on this project and of course he died unfulfilled. many ambitious yogis picked up the
same project that Sunira had left and tried to reconstruct this energy body of a perfect teacher who can transform human consciousness. So Madam Blavatsky, Leadbeater and Annie Besant
who came together to power this Theosophy movement across the world which they successfully did
to a large extent and they gathered the most phenomenal occult library on the planet is still in the Theosophical society of India. They gathered every kind of book on occult and they set up a whole study team. Even now J. Krishnamurti’s groups
are called study groups. Yes? Study circles or study groups because these study groups were set up by Annie Besant and Leadbeater. these are brilliant intellects, no question about that, but they have no inner experience, but they have gathered
phenomenal amount of information So somewhere they believed with this information
and with their intelligence and intellect they can recreate all this, and they started looking for appropriate bodies upon which this body of a
super-teacher can be imposed upon. So Jiddu Krishnamurti, Rukmini Arundel, who else? One more whatever. They started putting them through
very severe training to prepare them physically, mentally,
but they have no inner experience They’re reading books and
trying to do this to these boys and they put JK on all kinds of meditative processes. and he attained to a certain level of… he
became a fantastic human being. he was something that nobody could decipher, but he was like a flower;
his fragrance could not be missed. then they decided… when JK was about 27,
20 years of age… 27 or 28 years of age, This Theosophical Society decided to
announce to the world that he is the world teacher. The perfect teacher has come . People gathered with great interest in this. JK came on the podium and he said,
‘I am not a world teacher,.’ Poof, the whole Theosophical Society and their project,
everything went down the tube. He had the courage and the sense
and the wisdom to say, ‘I am not.’ Most idiots would have said
‘Yes, I am the world teacher, I am the reincarnation of Buddha
and Jesus and everything.’ Most idiots would have done that. He had the sense and the wisdom and the vision to say that, ‘I am not this nonsense
that they’re trying to make me out of.’ and JK came out of Theosophy
and he started speaking. He was a brilliant speaker. So people gathered around him,
enormous wisdom and sense. So when he spoke, people sat rapt; quite magical the way he speaks.. you know, somebody was talking to me…
when I was just 17,18 years of age, someone was talking to me,
JK study circles, it was fashionable. For all those people who think they’re intellectual, you have to read JK, you have to listen to JK’s audios;
otherwise you’re not intellectual enough. In the Indian intelligentsia if you have not read
JK, Kierkegaard and Dostoevsky you have no brain actually; that’s how it’s treated. So it’s like fashion for everybody they should have
read these, whether they get it or they don’t get it, you’ve read Dostoevsky,
you read Kierkegaard, you read J. Krishnamurti means you got some brain working;
that’s the gauge. (Laughs) So people were talking JK, JK he is…. Something, every Saturday afternoon some…
they have a study circle where they play some audio tapes and his books are there and things. Some of my friends invited me and I went. So they were playing a short video. The man was sitting like this (Gestures),
this is the first time I’m seeing him, the first time I’m listening to him. He was still alive at that time. Just the integrity of the person is…
is spilling all over him. Just the sheer integrity of the man cannot be missed. So I didn’t do much reading, I heard a few
audios and watched a few videos. I enjoyed him, but I was too wild to listen to anybody. I had no time for anything;
life was calling me all the time. So I had no time to listen to my parents or
my teachers or JK or IJ or X, Y, Z, you know. I had no time for anything,
so I left the study circle and went on. Maybe I attended this for about five weeks,
I remember very well. It was about five weekends I went there every
Saturday afternoon just for about an hour-and-half. They would play one half-an-hour video or audio and
then they’ll all get into discussion and one big confusion (Laughter), because nobody around him understood
what he is talking about. (Laughter) because he refuses to use any method, he refuses to use any example, he refuses to use any parable, any story,
any joke or anything. Just… This is just intellectual dissection. This is called as Gnana Marga. This is pure Gnana Marga. Gnana means the way of intellect. Out of these seven billion people, if you find 10,000 people who have that
kind of a razor sharp intellect who can without any kind of context
they can go on slicing things, you will not even find… I don’t think you will find 10,000; maybe you will find a thousand people and those thousand people may not be interested in the spiritual process, they may be trying to slice through the stock market, they may be trying to slice through something else. So around JK everybody could feel the man is special, but nobody could get what he was talking about because he refused to play the role of a guru, he refused to initiate anybody into anything, he refused to give any kind of method, any kind of process. He said, ‘It’ll anyway happen.’ It is true. Anyway it will happen, but maybe after a million lifetimes. So if you are in a hurry, either you must
have that kind of an intellect, which is rare or you must be willing to use the other faculties that you have – of body, energy, emotion, all these things. He went driving on one wheel of his car. He is good at it but nobody else could get to do it. Fantastic human being, When he was there, there was a fragrance;
when he’s gone, only books because there’s no living process. So Kahlil Gibran said about J. Krishnamurti,
‘When I walked into the room…’ JK was sitting and Kahlil Gibran went to meet him,
he said, ‘When I walked into the room, I walked into a wall of love. it just hit me in the face.’ See, you would never associate JK with love. He’s not a loving man. That’s not how he looks. He is like this. (Gestures) He definitely doesn’t look loving, but he’s very loving. His energies are absolutely compassionate,
but his words are like a knife. So people felt something,
but they couldn’t figure what it is. They couldn’t get a hold on it, because
he wouldn’t give a hold. He said, ‘If you hold it,
you may get stuck with this, so don’t hold.’ If there were millions of razor sharp minds in the world, that would’ve been a fabulous way to do things, but in today’s world.. In the existing way the humanity is, the way
peoples’ intellects are entangled in a million things, that method is just not going to get anybody anywhere. It’s a beautiful process but there must be
people who can digest it, isn’t it? So J. Krishnamurti was like a flower. His fragrance was felt when he was alive and that’s all. His words are good. If you want to kind of use it as a intellectual exercise
to drop a few things, they could be useful, brilliant. His intellectual brilliance just comes out
every moment of his life. He started a few schools which are wonderful
schools which are still on. I must tell you my association with him. When I went to this, you know, these weekends for five Saturdays, Saturday afternoons
an hour-and-half, that’s my exposure to him, on one day he spoke about education and it really gripped me and, you know, it really twisted me inside out because all the ideas, I had never thought of an alternative way of educating people. I was only thinking of how to dismantle
all the education system in my mind. (Laughs) When he spoke about education, suddenly it struck me
there is another way to do this. So just this thought came to my mind. I was… I was just maybe 17, 18 and I was living wild
and I have dreams of running away somewhere. (Laughs) So, I just thought if at any time
if a child comes under my control, I would like to put the child to this kind of education. So it just so happened
when my daughter had to go to school, when she got admission
in some of the best schools in Ooty, but then it just flashed me in my mind that, ‘Okay,
there’s a JK school, why don’t I send her there?’ And she went to that school and
she spent eight years studying there So just those five Saturday afternoons,
an hour-and-a-half, that much impact he had on me, that I handed over my daughter to his care
in one way or the other (Laughs).

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Sadhguru on Jiddu Krishnamurti & His Life

  1. A master respecting another master of his ways of life, intellect, being truthful is a true master. Krishnamurthy was a gem and rare one, never claimed himself as a leader or a teacher but just a speaker discussing facts on all aspects of life. The very essence of truth with crystal clear paramount thoughts till his last breath.

  2. Lovely recounting of Knishnamurti's life and Sadhguru's own experience of Krisnamurti. I read The Impossible Question when i was a teenager, it thrilled me for some reason, perhaps teenage rebellion ..some 30 years later i sat down this morning and out of nowhere had the thought that this search for meaning for God is about 'Courage' lets say and it brought me here to this post. So Krishnamurti was asking who can stand to stand alone without a church or a sangha or a government who can do that ? Not many ? So your intellectual pride can have you say oh yes i've understood this man ..but who can really stand it ? To be without paths, prescriptive rules, ceremonies, whatever ? Also to say krisnamurti is just about intellecutual dissection is to place him in a box to some extent ?

  3. I don't think that Krishnamurti was pure intellectation. On the contrary, he pointed out the limitations of thought. He was often humorous and very kind and affectionate. Compassion and the love which arises when the self has come to an end were recurring themes of his talks. The point of the dialogues held by K. study groups is insight, not intellectual conclusion which is a very limited thing. If some K. dialogues are merely blab blabs which do not transcend thought then that is not the fault of K. In my experience most, if not all K. dialogue results in profound insight, which is their purpose. This was the case when Krishnamurti was alive and remains the case now. It is always Now, it's the only place where we can live and K.'s insights are timeless and eternal.

  4. After watching both of them, I imagine if JK was in front of Sadhguru, he would first listned to him attentively for minutes, as he did with all intellectuals in Brockwood park or anywhere else, then he would broke all his foundation with one only deep question… Then they would came to the next and next questions… Of course Sadhguru would had some interesting points to oppose.
    My god, if only It was possible to make those two tremendous spiritual people face to face.

  5. Never thought in my wildest dream some one have such detailed and accurate observation on
    Jiddu Krishnamurti. Thank you Sadhguru ………..

  6. the background score is overwhelming, loud and unharmonious with everything he is speaking. Plz don't overdo this. His words are enough for us to watch the video.

  7. Ive learned much now. Im confused, jk also says one very confusing thing about observation. Claims you cant use thought to process/register anything. Thats just not possible, he claims its the key to life!! But refuses to tell you how because he claims humans are lazy. Only want answers, wont work for it. But he takes time to say plenty more? What gives. So after a month i went Cray, had to stop this crazy (no thinking thing) had 2 days of pure anger, i was holding in because of him. Dont EVER hold negative thongs back. Hes wrong!! Jk also hung out with nazis, and jet setting all around. He lost his brother and became resentful of all.. And remained that way til death, (a very bitter man) who could NEVER answer that one same question. Because to not think you must be DEAD!! So caution listening to Gurus, always a secret. Tricks theyll never show?? Sure, wink wink…. the powers in YOU.

  8. at 6:42 "and he attained to a certain level of.. he became a fantastic human being"…
    at 12:52 "See, you would never associate JK with love"….
    at 14:12 "His fragrance was felt when he was alive and that's all"

    At 6:42, Jakki wanted to say JK attained a certain level of "what?"
    "You would never associate JK with love"??? Really, Jakki?? You wanted to portray him like that??? or, does he truly appear to be a man without love for you???
    His fragrance was felt when he was alive and that's all??? On what basis you state this?
    I feel terribly sad after listening to this. I sincerely hope people don't accept or reject JK based on your opinions, but they themselves read his books or watch his videos directly.

  9. Well, Sadhguru, despite all his so called "ignorance", is changing this world for the better, in ways that JK never imagined with all his knowledge. Sadhguru is right, these people like JK, Kierkegaard, you name it… are brilliant minds, no doubt. But in order to change the world as it is, the people as they are, we need more than intellect. I find we need more people like Sadhguru.

  10. This background music is really irritating. Good times when Sadhguru didn´t needed these awful music. Only his words of wisdom are far better for this purpose, I think. ( And I am a musician, but these talks doesn´t combine with background music ).

  11. 'The moment you follow someone you cease to follow Truth" – JK. Me: "That´s why I never followed JK"

  12. I beg to differ with Sadhguru, Krishnamurti did not only appeal to the 'intellectual'…. He simply told the truth.

  13. Stop background music. It's totally unnecessary and a hindrance. It's a big turn off. Extremely annoying. Despite wanted to here stopped the video. Thumbs down

  14. "..but his words are like knife", Has me wondering Jiddu Krishnamurti's natal Mercury and it's aspects. "Knife" sounds very Pluto.

  15. After several months and many requests, nobody is paying attention to the requests to eliminate the music…… Helllooooo!!!! But …..thank you for the vid and another incredible message Sadguruji

  16. JK is just brilliant. The most great scientists like Einstein, Newton could work with their best students not with the ordinaries. Similarly very few could understand JK not ordinary one. To realise JK one has to prepare well advance. On the other, the ordinary only have to attend the satsang /lecture of self advertised spiritual teachers at the weekends.

  17. Sadhguru is undoubtedly more intelligent than Krishnamurti. J Krishnamurti was very intellectual not that much intelligent.

  18. The beauty of life is that any being is capable of becoming a perfect being. The difficulty of life is that you are mostly influenced by the people in closest proximity to you. My struggle is your struggle. We shall learn separately, and when we come together great things shall be done.

  19. Question to J Krishnamurti (Madras, 1t Dec 1947)

    Question: THE THEOSOPHICAL Society announced you to be the Messiah and World Teacher, Why did you…renounce the Messiahship?

    J Krishnamurti: Whether I am a Messiah or not can be answered simply: I have never denied it, and I do not think it matters very much what I think about it. What is important is to find out for yourself if my teachings are the truth. Do not judge by labels, do not give importance to the name, and whether I am the World Teacher, or the Messiah, or something else is of the least significance to you. If the name has become important, then you will miss the truth. One will assert that I am, and another that I am noT, but your conflict, confusion, and sorrow are not solved by any of these assertions and denials, It is important, very important, to be earnest after the search for truth, for it gives freedom from strife and pain. The truth of my teachings can be discovered in your daily life, and the truth is not distant but very near. The intellectual will not find it, for he is caught in the net of his own knowledge which prevents his understanding; the man of devotion will not find it, for he is caught in the confusion of his own image and emotion; he who is earnest will understand it.
    -The collected works of J Krishnamurti. Vol. IV, pp 124-125.

  20. Sadguru you have talked about JK.There is another Krishnamurty- UG.He has a very different view of life and negates enlightenment.Can you please give your views on UG.

  21. Does the influence of the Mahatmas KH and M on Madame B not influence Sadhguru? She was their not always perfect apostle.

  22. Yes, I agree. I can agree with many things that Sadhguru is seeing but have difficulty with him wanting followers. Waking up is everyone's calling. Just because you wake up does not make you a God or a Guru, this is the trap of waking up and seeing clear. Krishnamurti Sees Clearly…Crystal Clear.. When J.K. speaks about Guru's ect.. there is a sense of self defensiveness with Sadhguru about J.K. seeing that each of us must be a light unto one's self. Then what need for any Guru, any Sadhguru any following? The only purpose any Guru has is too frustrate one into believing someone else can save you. This frustration and suffering can be the catalyst that wakes you up to become the light unto yourself to see!

  23. I just started watching some of the J Krishnamurti videos and they are fantastic, although it takes some deep concentration to get the full meaning, and I hope I'm at least coming close to it. It is so refreshing to hear Sadhguru's talk on him and now I know why JK is such a challenge to perceive his messages. How beautiful Sadhguru speaks of him though. So amazing. I'm so glad Sadhguru speaks in English and knows all the right words to convey the perfect meaning. I know experience is the most important thing but having some knowledge about that experience is very helpful especially since I am somewhat new to the more esoteric aspects of mysticism.

  24. Sadhguru: I, I, I, I
    JK: The speaker, one, oneself

    Sadhguru is just a trivial man trying too hard. Sadhguru also parties in Hollywood.

  25. It does not take a razor sharp mind to understand Krishnamuthi. Jaggi should not belittle peoples capacity to understand the truth . Belief has no place when truth is spoken. The likes of JK will probably never be seen again in another thousand years .

  26. The complete opposite of what Krishnamurti spoke of…. Jaggi Vasudev seams to be a politician like character. I believe he missed the message!
    Krishnamurti spoke of characters just like Vasudev and their unsubstantiated claims. Krishnamurti didn't even need to wear a costume his words and message kept his audience intrigued.

  27. What Sadhguru misses the point here is – even while people may use the body, energy, emotions – what is made clear by JK and Vivekananda is you have to use the intellect to a good extent to even understand any of this Maya. If just intellect makes it dry…rest of the other choices just makes it too sentimental for a common man.

  28. This man talks with apparent authority but says things that simply are not true. JK lives. I feel him – he is not gone. I listen to him but do not follow, and what he says makes absolute sense to me. I would never sit and listen to this Sad 'guru' in the same way – it's not worth it.

  29. Such a pity that the music competes with Sadguru's voice. Why always add music to videos? If one wants to listen to music, one can play music videos. All this music in topics that are fundamentally about silence is such a pity!

  30. Im a littel cunfus becos j. Krishnmarati say that you are the thote while sadghguru say thet you are not the thote.

    J. Say that if you know you are the thote then you cant do anithing but looking and observing so ther will be no conflict.

    Sadhguru say that if you not identifay with the thot then you wil have space from it then no conflict.

    Sorry for the bad inglish btw.

  31. trying to explain the secrets of life is like trying to row a boat across an ocean using one oar on one side of the boat. read any book on philosophy starting from the first word to the last. after the last word the reader has really learned nothing new. The secrets of life can not be explained.

  32. When you reach enlightenment you may be embarrassed because you had it all along. One could conclude: no wonder life seems to be hidden in secret. Then you realize, life was best when it was a total mystery.

  33. Fascinating ~ Sadhguru appears to acknowledge JK's brilliance and beauty and also dismiss his worth in a single breadth ~ leaving confusion ….the very same effect left on folk after listening to JK. Some folk I saw where in confused and lost and lonely tears. I had an even briefer association of JK in the 70's and to the degree that anyone has schooled my thoughts JK has. I think I get it …..who knows ???

  34. glad to hear good words about J KRISHNAMURTI Would definitely like to know what sadhguru think of U G KRISHNAMURTI

  35. I read so many motivational and self help books..I couldn't find any meaning..but KRISHNAMURTHY's teachings helped me to how to see into my self from moment to moment with deep insights regardless of outward conditions

  36. its strange how they claim theyre enlightened yet they feel they need to prove themselves as being godlike through man made beliefs. Time was created by humans and proving things by how long you can do something for just shows how easily people can be fooled. What i mean is if the moon never moved in front of the sun it would be daytime forever. But the moon moves in front of the sun and humans made time and days and night based on that. they then seemed to forget that technically speaking it could(and is always one eternal long day everyone lives in). This guy believers think that if you dont need to eat or can meditate for long periods makes you godlike. Another way to think how silly this all is if you had a island of people in which no one could swim and a person comes on a boat and can swim theyd be saying its a miracle and thats god in the flesh. There is no such thing as time( just because humans worshipped the sun beliefs and made time that people follow doesnt mean it has to blind you from the truth) there are no cycles and you dont have to escape from anything or be reborn. Also thinking another is above another is wrong. Even if a thing could fly breathe under water breathe fireballs does not make it god. A elephant is no greater than a ant. A human that has a billion people worshipping it and a person who is alone and never came into contact with another person are equal. people need to wake up from there brainwashing.

  37. Jiddu Krishnamurti was the reincarnation of Gautama Buddha and after that life time he was a very large white Great Dane who embodied Kalki the pure light being who radiated out infinite love at all times.

  38. I've never heard of you until now I always follow JK and love that you just honored him😁👍. I knew he was special and I do understand what he saying , I'm trying to follow him and do it!!! ☺😀Much love thank you for the encouragement✌

  39. अगर सदगुरू ने जे कृष्ण मूर्ति को सही तरीके से समझ लिया होता तो वो बाबा गिरी के धंधे मे न आता

  40. Can someone please help me find the entire video. This is just a small 17 mins cut from a much larger video which I am trying to find from a long time now.

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