Got a Got like a piece of nut stuck in my teeth. You got nut in your mouth? Yeah, yeah I got nut in my mouth. Who the fuck was texting me dude? It’s 12:40 in the- afternoon. I got it out. Welcome back to the YouTube show! Youtube search…
Where we, search stuff and, we react to the searches.
It’s the YouTube search show. Yup.
It’s, uh, wrong side of YouTube. You know what we should do?
Search the ho-, search the Holocaust. No. Why would you bran-, why would you deviate away from our scheduled programming? Because, just, alright, hold on, you might have to censor a lot of this, but this is gonna be pretty good, okay? Just, bear with me for a-, just bear with me, bear with me, okay? Bear with me. There’s a, there’s a safe for work (SFW) category on PornHub so surely there’s some good shit, on the safe for work section right? Doesn’t necessarily-, it’s like the right side of a dirty site. How ’bout that for flipping the fucking script, huh? Uhh, what’s the best fingers to use on a vagina? Interesting. *Wood Rocket intro song plays* It’s like a show. Are these all streamers? There’s like a-, there’s like a, an original show, on PornHub. The best way to use your fingers on a vagina, or at least my favorite, to do to girls, is you go in, you get like a hook going inside, so this is hitting the G-spot, and then you get close to them, so maybe even you’re making out with them, so that the palm is grinding against the clit, you wanna use plenty of lubrication so that you get that nice, wet grind.
Oh my g- that’s not safe for work at all. Okay, um…
Thats not safe for work, at all. Look at this! Ay! Don’t fucking try it on my arm. What the fuck? Look at this. Ooh! This person’s got that two kills. Using that new SMG. Is this on Playstation 4? Ooh! He just knocked somebody down. It is.
Is this duos? Ooh! Duos on the Playstation 4.
What do you think’s gonna happen? I think they’re gonna win because that’s what the title of it was Oh my god his aim
Ho ho ho! (James AKA Santa) The sound is ultra delayed as well. Yeah! What are you-, oh my god. *Incomprehensible victory noises from bad microphone* They were really happy about that. *more incomprehensible yelling* How do you fucking talk with a mic like that? They have two videos, so they have another video as well. Wait go back. What was tha-
No. What was the related video there? The related video is actual porn.
What is it? Gamer girl masturbate Youtube stream Fortnite? This is legit porn. How do you know? Above that. This is YouTube. No this is- It’s YouTube! This is fucking- this is fake dude. It’s on YouTube dude! We can’t watch this, this is supposed to be safe for work. What the fuck you can’t do that. Don’t do that. No, don’t do that. This is… We can’t watch, this is gonna get demonetized This is? Yes. This is gonna get demonetized. She’s not playing anything. Someone’s moving. You see this? It’s fake. Stop! Yep. Okay. Yeah, I get it. See? I told you.
See I thought it was… No it’s not, I told you. Okay. *Shaggy remix of God’s Plan plays* Ooh! God dammit. Where’s Daphne? Wow that was uh… There’s another song by Knuckles. *Outdated Knuckles meme plays* *James’s hatred for the world increases* Shy gal fuck. Woah hey we got a sponsor! We got a sponsor on this show. This show? I can’t believe we got a sponsor on this show. On this show we got a sponsor?
Whats the- ExpressVPN!
Oh I was gonna say what’s the sponsor and then you s-, Express VPN! ExpressVPN! Aleks, what is a VPN? Virtual. Private. Network. Wow!
Three words… What do you-, what do you use a VPN for? …combined to make an acronym. Well, Brett, that’s a great question I personally use a VPN to stop those DDoSers from taking me offline when I’m trying to upload a YouTube video at two in the morning. Thanks VPN! Tryna give you a damn headache. Exactly. Well, you know the rest of you can use it to protect your online privacy and your data from snoopers, hackers, ne’er-do-wells. Ooh those ne’er-do-wells. Pretend I’m a-, Imma scammer, hacker, DDoSer, and, little tiny snooper trying to get into your computer networks. Stop it! Ow… Why do you need a VPN? Privacy. Without a VPN your internet browsing data can be tracked by your ISP, cellular provider, ad companies, and hackers. That’s right. Anonymity. When you use a VPN, your public IP address is masked so even the websites you visit won’t be able to identify you. Security. VPNs encrypt your internet data, preventing others from sniffing your information over the network Unblocked content. Access content that is only available in some countries. That’s true Aleks, when I was in China, I wanted to use the American World Wide Web and China was like, “No you can’t look at that!” Cant do that!
Well guess what dum-dum? I used my VPN, and I said Uhh Guess what? I’m in another country. I’m in America and I got to look at all those great sites and China couldn’t touch me. Why is Express VPN the best? Well they got the fastest speeds, consistently faster than other VPN providers. VPN locations in 94 countries, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Apps for every device: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Router and more. Easy to use, connect with just one click. Here, let me show you. You go right here, you pick a location. Currently, I’m gonna use this one right here in the United States. But over 94 countries to choose from. Then you just hit the button. Look! And it connects, and you want to change it? Just turn it off, pick somewhere else. Let’s go to France what bout Paris? Connecting now. *Aleks attempting French* Guess what? Boom! Just like that. We’re French now, bitch. Best-in-class encryption, market-leading VPN rated the number one VPN service by TechRadar It’s just less than seven dollars a month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Take back your internet privacy today and find out how you can get three months free. Just visit expressvpn.com/cowchop E-X-P-R-E-S-S-V-P-N.com/cowchop For three months free with a one-year package, protect your data, go anywhere you want, feel good, feel secure help the channel, Thanks ExpressVPN! Do you understand that the related bar is not safe for work? Yeah whatever dude. I wanna see it… We are in the safe for work area. What a filthy, filthy fucking thing
Yo, what, yo, wrong hole, Mad World Stop! I wanna see that! No it’s not… I know I know I know it’s not but I just wanna see what that is.
Oh my God This is gonna have to be blurred one hundred percent.
I wanna see what that is. *Literally watching porn* *Mad World by Gary Jules plays* How to fuck. When they make us, they made us use that logo.
Yeah, yeah. Goddammit it’s the same fucking video dude. Goddammit dude Chili dog time! Yeah! It’s a chili dog!
Is Sonic in a, Is Sonic in a wheelchair? What the fuck? It’s like an actual, it’s like a photo session. It is. What the heck? The top-left one! What the fuck dude. We can’t watch this. *Look At Me! plays over porn* (RIP X) Why are we-, we can’t, we can’t even show this. We can’t show this! Woah! Duude, we cannot show this. What the fuck is this dude? He just dabbed! Oh! He dabbed again! Come on dude, we cannot-, what is this… Fucking hell… That fucking thing… Oh God no, no, no.
Oh shit… *Toy chicken cumming* That’s so, that was so stupid but like, what the fuck? What’s John Cena army dude? The John Cena army? It’s probably that John Cena meme. Is this legal?
Its an arm- It’s an army of John Cena. This is just proof that there’s so many fucking people that just look like John Cena. Just generic looking dude. Just white, white male? Look, we’ve deviated off-course here. Alright, that’s true.
Okay… That’s bad. It’s under striptease. *Church choir sings “Hot in Herre” by Nelly* What? This is fucking real! What the fuck? This is real! What the fuck was that? I was getting into it man, I was getting into it.
Where’s the fucking full video of that? What was that? *Church choir sings *Lose Yourself” by Eminem* What the fuck? *mom’s spaghetti* What the fuck are they even saying?
-shot. Do not miss your chance to blow, opportunity comes once in a lifetime, you better… I can’t, they’re just like, all fucked. They’re like way off. *Church choir sings “Ridin” by Chamillionaire* And then they have the ladies do the “riding dirty” part. *lowkey slaps* Goddammit. *Church choir sings “Hey Y’all” by Outkast* Oh! Oh! Hey y’all… Yes! Ice cold! Ice- W H E E Z E We’re all laughing at the people who probably died. This was, this was published ten years ago, dude. Everybody in this fucking choir might be dead. Like they’re all dead and we’re watching this Every single one of them. Even the one that sounded a little bit more lively. She’s probably dead. That’s fucked up. Well keep playing it. Alright. *Church choir sings “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer* Are we done yet? Yeah, we’re done. Hey guys, thanks for watching this episode of the right side of the wrong site, I guess, you know. If ya… There was some good there were some good s- Other than the fact that we saw a choir that’s probably made up of dead people now and that’s pretty morbid. If you want to watch any videos that are maybe a little bit less morbid, check out these… these videos that are suggested to you. If you’d also like to go the extra mile, make sure you subscribe, hit that notification bell. In the description, we got shit like merch. We’ve got social media, we got a Reddit. We’ve got all kinds of nifty stuff for you to check out. Uh, if this is your first time watching a Cow Chop video. Welcome, welcome. And RIP, RIP, RIP that choir man, uh, RIP in chat. RIP that choir.

Author: Kevin Mason


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