Review Joola Golden Tango []

Review Joola Golden Tango []

I played today the latest invention of JOOLA GOLDEN TANGO black and adhesive lining on the MAX base it is a hard adhesive liner made in Germany more and more manufacturers are trying to find some alternatives to Chinese cladding and they produce more and more adhesive linings are for the Chinese style my first feelings after playing this cladding are that it is a typical Chinese very close to Hurricane National rotation at the table is amazing a flat upward movement of the ball is practically very difficult to block as for a real Chinese, it is a very slow cladding with hits of the will when flat while at topspin, where we use rotation it takes a lot more speed in the topspin game at the table it is very pleasant in the second zone he also manages in the third zone definitely for faster boards Chinese women, although they are hard these are less susceptible to rotation of the opponent this is because they have much lower suppositories and this catapult does not cause this ball to escape so much Chinese women have much lower suppositories here also lower suppositories were used to emphasize this adhesive layer hard European claddings are more susceptible to rotations of the opponent although it is a very rotating cladding it is also not susceptible to rotation of the opponent because we break the opponent’s rotation this sticky top Catapult is like a typical Chinese cover that is, it is not too big power and speed are given by hand movement that is, we set the hand flat and it goes where we let it go the sound on the cladding is very nice and if we hit hard, we will hear a sound like if we were reflecting from a glass the entire cladding is very hard on the channel maybe we tested one cladding which was harder despite this hardness, it’s very nice to play this is also because this foundation is very flexible I had a similar elastic foundation on the old XuShaoFa 999 LSZ and that lining was very interesting Chinese but here we have a similar procedure that gives a lot of fun from the game the cladding works best with the elements at the table I mean at topspin and strong breakdown where we give a lot of our own rotation Playing a flip may not be that easy because you have to make a little longer movement to play flip this cover but on faster boards it would also be fun to do it on faster boards, eg DHS Fang Bo B2 the worst game is to beat the cladding she at halfvoley hit or losing it’s definitely not enough power it is too slow for such an element as I said sooner than when we give rotations, we feel the speed this cover is very susceptible to tuning it is a cladding for people who are looking for Chinese-style equipment to the style of the Chinese game definitely this cladding replaces Hurricane, Skyline and this type of thing you can sometimes play this backhand perimeter however, he definitely fulfills his abilities shows only on the forehand in an active game, this cladding definitely breaks the opponent’s rotation so we get a big advantage on the table from the very beginning we have problems in the passive game because this cladding has no catapults we do not turn the opponent’s rotation and now if we do not move we will have a problem on the site like typical Chinese women the cladding can be very dangerous if someone has a very unusual service, or very strong this is definitely the topspin cladding and at the table from the table in each zone versus the topspin of the second third zone, you have to throw in the whole with open hand that it has power most gluing cladding is good against playing the spigots adhesive linings allow for a large variation of rotation and impact force which defenses have problems this cladding is definitely not Tenergy in any respect it is definitely not a European cladding I have also tested another product recently on the channel pseudo-Chinese or Yasaka Shining Dragon and JOOLA made the product much better I even think that it is a worthy replacement for Hurricane in the National version Hurricanes have been on the market for a long time and manufacturers with these new technologies I think they have already jumped with the parameters even the best Chinese from DHS because this cladding from JOOLA surprised me a lot it is very pleasant This is fun because we feel the freedom when playing topspins we do not feel any discomfort in any element we will break every scythe of our opponent And this sound is an amazing thing I invite you to Patronite the link can be found in the description at the beginning we collect a new camera for new equipment we will be recording even more if you look there, it’s not cheap It depends on you whether you will have more table tennis at home in cool quality for viewing

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Cześć mam pytanko, czy masz jakąś radę jak najłatwiej i najszybciej usunąć klej z okładziny przed ponownym klejeniem? Pozdrawiam

  2. Panie Darku moze pan podrzucic jak okladki takie jak ww jola lub typowe chinki(sanwei, pali lub yinhe) beda chodzily na desce waldner senso carbon? warto sprobowac czy takie polaczenie sensu raczej nie ma?

  3. It would be nice to see the Nittaku hurricane pro 3 turbo orange/blue review added to your chinese style rubber play list.

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