Reva and Tondy Face Off | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

Reva and Tondy Face Off | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

– Well, I will say this,
and I say this to you, Reva, I don’t know how
you feel about it, but it’s a little awkward
to me that we’re friends and we are connecting
with the same guy. I see what you’re
saying because we’ve never been in a situation like this. I get that part. But I’m just trying– To me, it’s extremely awkward. And I will say, if the shoe
were on the other foot, and if Mario were
saying, hey, you know, Reva is the one I am–
you know, this is it. You know, she is the one for
me, I would have backed out. Because you’re my friend. I will say this, Tondy. We’ve known each other
for about five years now. I’ve always considered you to
be like a strong associate. I guess some lines
were crossed here. I don’t consider
you an associate. We never talk on the phone. We don’t do any of that. But even– even with that– even with that– I don’t– I don’t homie hop. I don’t do things like that.
– OK. No, I don’t do that either.
– Yeah. But guess what?
I don’t call anybody my friends. There are still boundaries.
If you– if you– Absolutely. I don’t feel like I
crossed any boundaries. I just told you what
I would have done. And that’s just how I move. First of all, who are you? I didn’t know I was
just your associate. She’s downplaying our friendship
because some penis is involved. So that just doesn’t sit
right with me at all. I’m just saying,
like, I was having this because it was you, because
I felt like we were friends. But you’re saying
we’re associates. So, like I said, I’m
no in-between kind of person with no friend
and associate kind of stuff. Yeah.
There’s definitely a difference. Either I rock
with you or I don’t. There’s definitely
a difference. Everybody can’t be
your friend, Tondy. Well, you’re right. I learned. To me, a friend
is someone you talk to, someone you confide
in, someone you uplift, you pour it into. I don’t know what
she wanted me to say. I– I– I can’t say
that you’re my friend because you’re not my friend. You’re an associate. There’s a difference. Wait a minute. Let me say this. So her and Devyne just met. She said this is her friend
and I’m an associate. You don’t put a
time on friendships. Me and Devyne talk
on phone every day. We text. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Since we’ve known each other. So you don’t–
you don’t say, oh, well, I’ve known this
person for this many years, so we’re friends.
But I just– no. It’s all about the chemistry the
bond, what you share, what you do, you encourage each other. Associate, to me,
is like a bad term. Like–
– It’s not. It’s somebody you
really don’t deal with. I think so too. And trying to downplay
the situation. Is it because of Mario? Would you say she
not your friend? – No.
– That could be it. No.
Sweetheart. No. People– I think people
use the term friend loosely. And some people take
it a lot more serious. Ah, I take it very serious. And I think that’s just
all that it boils down to. So you’ve been
knowing– you’ve been knowing Devyne for a minute.
– Yes, for the 10th time. But you [INAUDIBLE]
Devyne around your man. Because I can’t say that
it’s– any of you guys– [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’m so done with
this conversation. She stands where she stands. I stand where I stand. It’s all out in the open now. That’s fine with me. As long as I know, I’m going
to take that information and move with it.
– There it is. There we go.

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Reva and Tondy Face Off | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. the term friend and standards for friendship are def interpreted differently…but Tondy seemed to be kinda "up playing" their friendship because she wants Reva to fall back

  2. I don't understand why Reva keeps going after Tondy's dude. Ain't there plenty of fish in the sea to fish out.

    Also if Reva is so taken back with the physical connection Mario & Tondy have why stick around this long. I don't get it. 🙄

  3. Over the dikkie dem gyal ah fight fa..
    Likke dikkie wowww these pick me chicks i would have told them ALL to kiss my flat azz and Choose MYSELF

  4. Reva actually didn’t say they weren’t friends until Tondy tried to use their friendship to attack Reva. First Tondy said we’re friends and this is kind of awkward for me… which was fine. But then she continued by basically saying Mario says I’m his #1 and you should back out because we’re friends. That’s when Reva got defensive, understandably. Like its a dating show, Girl. Y’all both had to know there was chance y’all would end up liking the same man and that’s what you signed up for. Don’t try to guilt Reva for staying in the competition. Its Mario’s job to choose and if he was feeling you like that, he could have been let ole girl home. Plus I noticed that when Darrin asked Tondy how she felt about him pursuing her even though she’s cool with Ashima, Tondy’s response was “Well this is what we’re all here for.” By her own standards she should have told Darrin she wasn’t comfortable dating him but now here comes the double standards. Girl bye ✌🏾

  5. Somebody lying. If Reva doesn't care and they are not friends then why did Reva tell Tondy to be careful with Mario. Mario showed interest in Tondy day one. If Reva is not willing to open up to the process then she need to leave.

  6. Both ladies got valid points but an associate is someone more on the business side of things,yes the word friend has different meanings to everyone use I sense use of the word associate was shady.

  7. Like Reva said, they don’t talk, hangout or confide in each other. She is an associate like she said. Tandy just wants her to fall back from Mario lol.

  8. I agree with Reva. If y'all don't talk on the phone, hang out etc. That means you are just associates.

  9. Ashima always brings the most ignorant S#*+ to the table. She appears to be quite intelligent until you scratch that surface. I'm so disappointed…

  10. Tondy and Reva were friends until Reva realized Tondy was her competition. Reva only wants to be friends with someone who Mario isn't interested in.

  11. MY 10 reasons Reva should B dimissed:
    1. She misslead Kerri
    2. She tried to put voodoo on Mario
    3. She's socially inept
    4. She is a user
    5. She's a negative agent
    6. She can't be trusted
    7. She's disrespectful
    8. She's a hypocrite
    9. She's manipulative
    10. Question: How do you know a Lady like Tondy and reclassify her as a strong Associate? Does that mean Tondy was almost a friend? What did Tondy need to do to get out of the "strong Associate" Zone? #girlbye Go home #TODAY !!!

  12. I agree with Tondy, this is nothing to do with friendship or associate. When you aware/know of a girl prior….there is no need entertaining a guy she is interested. That's messy!!!

  13. Acquaintance, associate, and friend. There are levels to this. I see where Rev is coming from. It did seem that Tony was using the "friends" thing to say "if I were you girl, I would stop now." If they were such good friends, why is she mentioning NOW.

  14. THIS segment is touching on a REAL topic…..dynamics of relationships and boundaries. For me (if I was on this show) as soon as my friend showed interest in a man I'd back off and give them time to figure things out (and I know my true friends would do the same for me).
    But that's just me and the respect I have for my true friends and the respect they have for me.
    Same applies outside of the show in the dating scene because for me personally I'm not letting a man get between my friends and I, and I'm also not trying to date or entertain a man that my true friend has dealt with.

  15. Reva acts odd. She feels some type of way definitely because otherwise she wouldn't have gotten loud. She's playing semantics.

  16. Reeva has a right to not consider Tondy her friend. I'm not quick to call someone my friend neither. Friendship has to be earned.

  17. So why use the term "strong associate" ?! If you strengthen the type of associate she is…..smells like it's your FRIEND! 😂😂

  18. I'm a little confused here because why would Tondy still think she has a friendship with Reva when she revealed to Mario that it's not the first time that Reva tried to get with someone she was involved with. That ain't no friend to me nor an associate.

  19. Yoll ain't friends you are familiar, aquainted with each other you associate with her you know each other on that level hi hello ya ain't besties reva has every right to stand strong and by now the man should've chosen why he beating around the bush cant have ya cake and eat it dude.

  20. Petty. I'm pretty sure Tondy understood the magnitude of her relationship with Reva, and I believe that she was trying to extend an olive branch to show Reva that she's not trying to fight her. Reva was being petty by calling her a "strong associate". Even if Reva really felt that way, she didn't have to hit Tondy with it like that. In that situation she looked like she was trying to poke jabs at Tondy because she feels threatened. And then to even tell Tondy to be careful of Mario? This woman is just messy…

  21. Well it ain’t nothing to take personal , now you know . So let’s see who gets the player . It’s not a loss babygirl

  22. Why is it that when it comes to Black women drama is always involved regardless of the show. As a Black man I am attracted to women who are educated, know what they want in life, are independent and dont need to put on a dog /pony show to make their point. I see now why all of these women are on this particular show.

  23. The only criticism on Reva's part (if there is one here) is that she lacked Tact. However, she absolutely wanted to let Tondy know where she places her in her life. And that's in the "Associate-Zone". 😂

  24. I don't understand this whole issue. First of all it's a dating show and even Tondy said that a few episodes ago. Secondly, once Mario knew they were friends or associates he could have easily dropped Reva since he is into Tondy. Lastly, Mario is not with any of them so it doesnt matter.

  25. I’m sorry but Tondy is a bit of a hypocrite. Why didn’t she have the same respect for Ashima, since she felt that her and Ashima was cool. Plus it’s a game show, why should anyone backup. It’s not like Mario ain’t showing interest for both.

  26. I agree with Reva, about what a friend is, I have friends, and people Im cool with.Then I have people that we are cool at the job..

  27. I meeeaann there IS a difference between a friend and an associate, BUT I’ve noticed since my middle school days that people generally tend to call someone an associate when it’s beneficial so they won’t look like an iffy friend. Or when they’ve stopped rocking with someone but have yet to tell that person.
    I also understand that you can’t put a time frame on friendship in general, but if you take friendship THAT seriously you most likely wouldn’t EASILY call someone your friend just because y’all talk and text on the phone for a month or two.
    Definitely side eyeing miss girl. 😒

  28. Some people are so damn quick to call bare acquaintances and associates “friends” 🙄 like have a little more discernment than that.

  29. Reva wears way too much make up. I wonder what she really look like. Tonda looks normal even with make up. Mario might be in for a big disappointment once ole girl mask come off. Ijs

  30. A girl told me she thought we were friends since she had been over my house twice and I told her no you're a friend of a friend, there's a difference. We've known each other well over 10 years but I never saw her as a friend 🤷🏽‍♀️

  31. For me, after a certain age everyone becomes an associate or an acquaintance because folks ain't loyal nowadays and have too much drama! Ain't got time for that!

  32. 2:24 Reva is quite attractive but the foundation seems to have a yellow undertone and she has a red undertone at the moment. She's a natural beauty and the makeup is distracting.🙁

  33. Tondy should have known they weren’t friends when Reva had her legs wrapped around Mario in the pool with all that loud cackling. I do think because they have history, Reva could have spoken with Tandy about Mario. Everyone knew they were an item. Reva, came in a bit late. Reva wants a man and Tondy will not get in her way. 🙄

  34. There must be some insecurities with Tondy regarding Reva bc Mario is feeling her more.
    All these guys want two women chasing them except for Brent. Which I respect. That why Darin went to go Pursue Tondy out of no where to fulfilled his ego bc Mario and London have two ppl.
    I wish the girls would have came together more to not tolerate these men thinking they r the prize

  35. If they were real “friends” it would have shown before she told us. Knowing someone for an extended amount of time doesn’t make them a friend. So no. SN: reva and devyn should’ve excused themselves after this episode

  36. I’m with Reeva on the friend thing. At a certain age people should be clear on who’s a friend and who’s not 🤦🏾‍♀️ Associate is not a bad term!

  37. I totally understand and agree with Reva's definition of friendship, however I think she's downplaying their friendship a bit too. She referred to her not just as an associate, but a as a "strong associate". I mean damn. At what point does a person get upgraded from strong associate to friend? I don't have strong associates. I have best friends, friends, associates and acquaintances.

  38. I don't call everybody a friend. There are people I'm cool with but doesn't mean they are my friends. If I'm not calling you, hanging out with you, sharing my life with you and vice versa then you are not my friend.
    People think a moment of coolness constitutes "friendship". I've had people I work with call me a friend no gurlll we are co-workers. Do we have a relationship outside of work?!? Nope! Then let's call it what it is. Sorry but not sorry.

  39. Okay so Tondy you are on a dating show and you feel some type of way when the man you are interested in wants another girl ?? Do you guys realise that she didnt have a problem doing the same to Ashima ….
    I'm so confused ….

  40. 🤔 so if they never went on the same show Reva would have continued to give Tondy the impression that they were friends?!!

  41. There are a lot women who call me their friend and when the I don't see them as a friend I cringe.  I am very selective of who I choose to call my friend. The friend term is used too loosely!

  42. Reva needs to wear her makeup shade, and be happy with her color. She's a beautiful color, but she LOVES light FACE. 😁

  43. Everyone has different interpretations and expectations pertaining to friendship. I'm very old fashioned & I don't ever consider anyone my friend if we never hang out and the person never attempts to see how things are in my life. I've had "friends" in the past when I was younger who called me their friend 1st. I did what I do as a friend and texted these people and tried to hang out since they called me their friend. They didn't ever follow up to see how I'm doing or text me back most of the time. I learned a long time ago that it takes much more for someone to be my friend than for them to just say I'm their friend.

  44. Tondy…… ain't you going on dates and texting with Ashimas man Darin though? So what's the problem?? Tondy is just sprung….. what did you think? This is a dating show…

  45. They’re both wrong if you ask me. Tondy said reva tried to take her past love interests throughout their friendship. Reva said they’re just “associates” but cares enough to warn her about Mario. They’re both long term friend-enemies.

  46. Reva has taught me, NEVVA trust a woman that wears that much make up, and if her body don't match her face tone- Shes probably shady. Saying that Tondy is a "Strong Associate" but calling her to "warn" her about Mario is so shiesty. Reva is a mess- she showed her whole self on this show. I hope shes the next to leave at this point, she's pointLESS, Tondy for the win.

  47. Its awkward to Tondy yet she was entertaining Darrin knowing Ashima was interested in him and that was her focus. As much as Ashima has been there for her during this process. Even her Ashima was defending her. So her argument don't even make sense. She was full of crap here.

    And I agree with Reva on the definition of "friend". Just cause someone knows you for years it doesn't mean you're friends.

  48. Reva just doesn't wanna go home, & in my opinion, Mario DOES NOT go hard for her the way he goes hard for Tondy…. The fact that she's always going for Tondy's love interest… MESSY!

  49. Tondy is ridiculous. She cuts Reva off to tell her to back off a man who likes Reva and then insists she and Reva are friends. Lol.

  50. Reva is right there's definitely a difference between a friend and associate, but be clear they were friends (enough for Reva to call Tondy and say "watch out for Mario") yet still wants to be with him. Reva downplayed it because she still is fighting for her chance with him. But he wants Tondy!

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