Rep. Collins on endorsing resolution to withhold federal funds from WHO

Rep. Collins on endorsing resolution to withhold federal funds from WHO

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Rep. Collins on endorsing resolution to withhold federal funds from WHO

  1. She should have never been appointed to that seat in the first place. Doug Collins has my vote this fall.

  2. Oh boy Kelly?She?✡ very tall and Strongly??powerful in decision making.
    Just liquidated with a WORD?✡. Kinda magnetism drained off.

  3. Butt liquids were bottled stocking and transporting through oil barrel market trading. Liquids gone gallons, liters, barrels sales and forex cash exchange.

  4. What should we expect? What would you do? If you held stock and heard the details of what was coming, would you ride your financial bus over a cliff on principal? Just move enough to provide some damage control or position everything to provide maximum returns? I realize there are laws on the subject and we expect our reps to have character but even as a non market savvy, middle class guy, I can see it could be a matter degrees and logic should be a part of anyone’s decision.

  5. Hey SA ME. Kind of doubt the validity of that McConnell statement. Like Trump was gonna get a Big payoff from hydrochloroquine. Fake News

  6. Remember Patriots, if you see any UN troops on your soil you will know it is the enemy. Stay close to your firearms during this guarded time. Do not let your children answer the door. Don't open your door if you can't see who is there, beware of false uniforms, trust the plan, trust POTUS.

  7. Rep. Collins, I live in Tx. but can I come to Georgia and vote for you? Just kidding but my prayers are with you for a win just as they are for all of our Red blooded Republician. If I see even a hint of blue, they will loose my vote, I am so sick of the betrayal we have seen in this last year. God Bless America. ?

  8. We need to get back buying America made goods. Period. And as yet I have not received any of the $1,200 /
    The "Bill of Rights" are non-negotiable ! We the People have inalienable rights Which no government can not revoke ! We have the right to go to our church of worship and worship our God. Period. !!

  9. That money needs to be confiscated!!!
    It was made based on government secret inside information and we all know it!!
    Sorry, the world lost their life savings and retirements, but the same people inside these secret meetings (senate, state officials) 1)happen to either get ? based or on CNN reporting ?, NOT
    2) the company who trades her stocks is real great pals with her husband (the one who owns the NYS exchange, and she picked up this device, we call a ☎️, and spilled the secret 411 to people closes to her and boom the sell off begins! Hotel’s stocks ?, not that’s getting crushed, SELL SELL SELL, online computer programs, online companies, BUY, BUY, BUY!!!

    What, I just got ? and so did Feinstein, and 3 others. And if we really looked into it their would be more. Plus families stocks were also probably sold!!
    She needs to go to JAIL! I’m tired of these people ripping us OFF!!! They deserve the same punishment, but worse!!!


  11. With hold some stuff from those democrats that have themselves all built up on that swindled money and CORRUPTION that crap they pull people who get the worst of it so they can be on top even write our laws to favor and let a bad criminal go with millions of dollars even those ones are the killers so my point take it from the Democrats

  12. WHO official stated that there should be door-to-door searches to identify the sick and take them into "protective quarantine". Yeah, right, try it.

  13. Senator Collins you are doing a fantastic job, thank you Sir. Keep it up we need so many more like you. ??????


  15. They should seize all of the Loeffler families money and throw them in a pit. That was obvious insider trading,fraud and conspiracy.There were several other politicians that did the same that should be stripped clean of all of their wealth and thrown in same pit. I would bet the farm nothing happens to any of them as we have a tiered justice system and we all know it.

  16. So the basic fact of the issue is she still gets to keep the money she corruptly stole from the other investors!!!

  17. 1799 – King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette ( Guillotine )
    1989 – Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu            (Machine gun)
    2020 – Donald and Melania Trump                 (         ?        )

  18. And pick a man who let the president walk on his shakedown of Ukraine . Collins is a loser . USA USA USA ??

  19. Who got A lot to answer for as this pandemic slows… Hopefully will get full disclosure on genetic breakdown on vir is and states allow hydrocloraquin and the right medical equipment( oxygen and masks for)ventilators on low only so we don't scar the lungs any more than vir is is.God bless and Thank you America for helping lower the curve.

  20. Loeffler, is a liar. Apparently, being worth 500 million dollars is just not enough to live on. Greedy, Greedy, Greedy. Money truly is the root of all evil.

  21. Just the statement the head of the WHO made , should cut funding to this NGO.
    Let them go to China for that money.


  23. 100 US Senators – Current Events – it is logical some senators
    stocks would go up or down – go after the Horrific Globalists
    who want to get rid of Trump and bring you A New World Order
    run by the United Nations – still, Doug Collins is a Good Guy

  24. Hey I believe her. I didn't know my cousin who just bought a Mercedes without a job was selling drugs! ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️???

  25. I know college is not good is names even stricken everybody named Collins can never call Val the Lord will not look upon them

  26. They all doing inside a training it's when they're listening to you when they use another Angel and to drop in on your thoughts in your soul

  27. You never have to admit it to you who can sit there and listen to all of it was going to tell on you the other ones who do the same

  28. Let's see. I robbed a bank and exchanged all the money so that the serial numbers can't be traced. Wowsers. It's like I never robbed a bank so re-elect me.

  29. I moved my stocks a few months ago. I'm making out very well out of total stupidity of our government. That was all too easy

  30. Anyone who tests positive should be given HCQ immediately.
    It should be tied to the testing facilities. You test positive, we give you this.

  31. Sooooo let me get this straight. She was involved in insider trading. But when I dumped the exact same stocks 26 hours earlier than her. That was considered good business. I don’t know if she is guilty or innocent but smart business moves are not inside knowledge. It didn’t take a long hard look to know some of those stocks would suffer in the incoming crisis and they needed sold fast.

  32. I have always been of the mindset that any politician should not be able to invest in wall street as they have inside information on Government contracts. they should also not be allowed to work for an industry that they sat on a commission for while in office.

  33. Well well well…..Leave WHO open and China will dump more money and take WHO in full command……..Great political move LOL…Just get rid of Tedros & Bruce almighty and its all over for China's control…..

  34. There is no possible justification for supporting the current management of WHO after the miserable way they have failed the world. This is not partisan it is a fact. Change the leadership before giving them another dime. It is a reasonable response.

  35. Senator Burns should be facing charges and Senator Loeffler should be removed from Intel committee and be investigated.

  36. Come on Georgia elect Doug Collins as your senator, he is a good conservative who has proven he can get the job done.

    This Kelly Loeffler is a RINO, she has photo's of her on stage with Democrat Stacey Abrams and we all know what a fool Stacey Abrams is yet Kelly Loeffler supports Stacey Abrams.

  37. Some of these people are just politicians there to get richer. We do not need the UN. They put the biggest offenders on their human right council and then condemn Israel. What about how women and children are treated in these countries? Why would we fund this. We could with a corruption free Congress and Agency do better then them. I am ready to have term limits and the people vote on their salaries and they take social Security and health care that we get. They are royalty!

  38. China pays a small amount to the WHO while America pays 400 billion a year, So how does China have so much say in the WHO ? China only has to pay a few people that work in the WHO to control it from the inside.

  39. Mr Dobbs I'm sure if you look at Diane Feinstein's moves to sell her 6 million dollars worth of stocks you'll find the same thing in fact what you should do is investigate all the senate and congress members I'm sure you will find a big trend that the same thing happened. and yes we should drop out of the worthless world health organization, and rename it the china health organization

  40. There needs to be a special commission established to determine which of our politicians are on the take from the CCP

  41. She's guilty of insider trading. It's laughable when she tried to brush it off like it's a witch hunt against her

  42. We should not only look at the amount of stock these Congressmen liquidated before the Virus, but also at how much they bought back when the market prices bottomed out. I suspect A LOT OF THEM are guilty of insider trading.

  43. And fauci wouldn't have used the medicine. Wow if her husband "owns" the NY Stock Exchange, it costs a fortune just to but one seat.

  44. Why does the congress people get away with insider trading don’t they continue to say nobody is above the law???

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