Recovery begins at fallen Hard Rock hotel site

Recovery begins at fallen Hard Rock hotel site

Author: Kevin Mason

17 thoughts on “Recovery begins at fallen Hard Rock hotel site

  1. This entire ordeal is terrible. I hope Hard Rock is not affected to badly by these terrible and irresponsible contractors.

  2. …accidents of this sort do NOT just "happen" PERIOD they are CAUSED to happen when recklessness and greed push the job too fast with no regard for safety or engineering standards.

  3. I think aa lot of people will be going to prison. Namely the developer. He has been to federal prison once before and it looks like he might be worried

  4. Why there was blast fire at two place's? There were orange flame's! Why demolition explosives used?
    And the mayor and local authorities said about crane fallen because of wind and fallen down.

    Who blown down the building's?

  5. I have done extensive data research and analysis of Hard Rock Hotel Collapse from the ground up; shocking revelations beyond belief

  6. No New Orleans media or local government officials will respond to my shocking findings: No return calls or emails. Today I discovered why. Disturbing on all levels.

  7. My shocking findings only concern builder of the collapsed building & New Orleans officials accepting, inspecting & passing everything on site, step by step, floor by floor. The Hard Rock organization has nothing to do with the actual building, its just a marketing agreement between the two organizations.

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