They can eat also fruits, yes, they can instead of grass you can also give in the morning I give them grass and then in the afternoon, I give them pellets. Would you believe that? My father is still petting a horse? It’s to tired already for him, but he likes it Hey guys, it’s another beautiful day once again at you’re here back at Dexter’s World Channel Will today is a special day because we are going to Brgy. Vitali (Philippines) to get some Kittens of rabbits well four months ago We were able to feature you about this couple who had been my supplier of rabbit ever since I started This pet shop business and this couple is none other than mr. And mrs Rene Sibug and we are going there because we also would like to know the basic techniques on how to maintain this rabbit farm, and they hope that we can have an interview with Mr. Sibug on how he was able to propagate this very beautiful creature the rabbits So please be with me guys So guys we’re here at the house of mr Rene and Corazon Sibug and if you will look at over there, that’s their house we’ve been here for several times already and Today we are here again to get some Kittens of their rabbits so we will proceed there and we will get the rabbits that they are going to sell to us So guys we are privileged once again to be here at this rabbit farm and we will have a short interview with Mr. Rene Sibug They can eat also fruits, yes, they can instead of grass you can also give us in the morning I give them grass and then in the afternoon I give them pellets Sometimes I invert it in the morning pellet and then in the evening But you cannot really forego. The feeding of pellet really is also very essential yes rabbit farming ah, it’s Essential but if you have more time, it’s better to eat in Vince grass Not so much for the legumes because they become bloated and then Eventually die because at first I didn’t know no That was the issue. So Some of them were already pregnant and I would just find out that they will be stiff in the morning. He died Then I consulted the veterinaria they’ve written review So it told me that was it was Imbalanced diet Excess of nitrogen excess of nitrogen, because I feed them with legumes SO you this not for the living ? Not for a living but but sometimes it was to be a good source of income. Yes. Yes a source of income but Sometimes no we have to consider . that we have so many things to do. So guys he is actually a retiree and really enjoying life actually because some of us Really into pet keeping and age can actively prevent our passion for pets So no matter what you do or where you are Yes, it really leads you to you know, yes you you have the feeling of something a rabbit has the you know the bunnies it’s good to To take out your tiredness so that be Precise I can really relate because my parents also pet lovers and they are almost 80 years old now But would you believe that my father still petting a horse? and its to tired already for him, but he likes it. What’s the reason for this cages? You have high cages here? There are times that this place is flooded when I started the reach was about my chest Yes But then when the flood came I had to innovate I had to raise the cages so that the water would not reach the level of their cages eventually, it worked and the manner of breeding is every month or how frequent you after I bring them to the pet shop I give them three days rest and then after that they are going to be breed of Good Isn’t it bad for their health to continuously breed without giving them space? 3 days is enough. I think as long as their health condition is good. Yes. Yes. Yes That’s that’s right. The health condition is good and sometimes I have I think I have two bunnies who was already So fat so I can So if you advice that feeding too much is not also advisable Yes, too much. Only a handful of pellets are given every morning and every afternoon It just came to know that fruits and even mangoes are also good for the rabbits. Yes, because Sometimes you get a little bit lazy Too many mangoes here it started when I try to give them this mangoes, which is already too many and I found that they would love to eat those kinds of fruits so really the food are just available this grasses are very Many here and available anytime you want so we will try to give some He’s showing to us now that rabbits can also eat some fresh fruits like this mingoes and we will witness now how He gonna feed this one she’s a very Prolific eater of mangoes they know how to peel the mangoes and then the only thing that remains is the seed itself That’s why I said that in my previous videos I said that for the past two decades now We’ve been in this business of selling and buying rabbits and has been my primary supplier Of rabbits in my pet store. So I am so glad that our friendship goes strong. So you look at this mango. it’s a ripe mango actually, and it’s really just available because they have some mango trees here and today is Season for mangoes and you’re giving this every day every morning every morning So it helps them also in the digestion, even the small ones can also eat mangoes Wow. Oh My goodness It’s it’s only now that I learn about this that rabbits can also eat mangoes. Oh These are kittens Also, see that Okay, we will pull this up so that they will look Come on So basically what rabbits can eat what humans can also eat? Yes even corn And maybe they can also eat papayas in yes, but not those are was already overripe was very soft Yeah, they like that medium ripe. Yeah, and how many days this rabbits will become pregnant? Actually, they don’t have this fertility period as I said I just give them three days to rest when the winning is done. So you’re winning them after how many days from when the 25 days Twenty five days and how would we know that the dough is ready pregnant after fifteen days? I try to put the dough back into the box gauge Because this is done when you breed the dough The dough is supposed to be close to the the box gauge and not the products into that those years They give a peculiar sound and it will refuse yes, it will refuse actually and it will Kind of sound that it says that they are already pregnant. So to get to their very observant about behavior the characteristics Because it might also damage the the dough if you will put the dough in The box cage for a long period of time of course that will also damage the babies that are already inside Yeah So this is a good information that we have Actually learned from the legend in rabbit keeping Mr. Rene Sibug So we have here guys 20 kittens of this beautiful rabbits and You look at their sizes and their colors. They’re very clean and they are already very Right for winning and for display at the pet store. So this kittens are only less than a month from birth so this how prolific this Rabbits are you can winn them? 21 to 25 days from birth And you can also start to breed again their parents so we will bring this to the car So we have 20 kittens and i hope you will continue to like and share our videos Thank you for always watching our channel And we really had a great time with the couple and I hope that you also gain, some Tips or knowledge about rabbit farming rabbit keeping – thank you for watching only here at Dexter’s World Channel

Author: Kevin Mason


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