PSTA Update 12-16-16: Florida Public Transit Association Awards

PSTA Update 12-16-16: Florida Public Transit Association Awards

Brad Miller: Happy holidays everyone. I’m here in Jacksonville, Florida, at the
Annual Florida Public Transit Association Conference. I couldn’t be happier to be the Chair of FPTA
this year, but what I am really proud of is how many PSTA employees are here actually
presenting at the conference. All the great things that were are doing at
PSTA and we’re able to share it with other folks so they can do it too. Chris Cochran: Hi I’m Chris Cochran, I’m
a senior planner at PSTA, and I’m very excited to be here in Jacksonville at the FPTA conference. To talk about how we use big data to make
transit better in Pinellas County. Bonnie Epstein: Ross and I just gave a very
exciting presentation here about our amazing TNC partnerships. Ross Silvers: It was wonderful because the
room was filled with people who work for public transit agencies from throughout the state
of Florida, who want to try and replicate the innovative partnerships that we’ve established
in Pinellas County. Ashlie Handy: Hi I’m Ashlie Handy, media
liaison, and I’m here talking on a panel about how PSTA has built a positive image
through community outreach and working with the media to improve public transportation
in Pinellas County. Brad: And the fact that we’re going to bring
home quite a few awards. Mike Gloss: Hi my name is Mike Gloss and I
am the Superintendent of Safety, Security and Training. I am thrilled to have accepted this award
from FPTA for a gold standard award for safety. Patti Johnson: Hi I’m Patti Johnson, I am
so thankful to have been honored with the designation of transportation disadvantage
elected official of the year. And I pledge that we will continue to work
as hard or harder in this coming year to provide more and better for the people that we serve,
thank you.

Author: Kevin Mason

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