PROPERTY NETWORKING | Get the Most Out of Networking | Simon Zutshi

PROPERTY NETWORKING | Get the Most Out of Networking | Simon Zutshi

– Hello, it’s Simon Zutshi here. I’m the founder of the
Property Investors Network and author of Property Magic, the Amazon number one property bestseller, and in this video, I’ll explain to you how you can get the most out
of attending network meetings. Now, why might you go to a Property Investors Network meeting? Well, here’s the key. If you wanna be a more
successful investor, you don’t have to work out
everything on your own. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel because there are lots of
people in your local area who’ve already done what you want to do, and by attending a network meeting, you could learn how to save money, how to save time, how
to get the shortcuts. You could be inspired by
other people’s success, people who’re just like you
who’re achieving what you want, and if they can do it, well, you can absolutely do it as well, and also, you can learn
from their mistakes. Instead of making the
costly mistakes yourself, if you learn what other
people have done wrong, you don’t need to make
those mistakes yourself, which has gotta be a smarter thing to do, and the other thing is you can
build your personal contacts. Now, let’s say you’re
looking for a good plumber or you want a specialist solicitor
or you want an architect. Well, rather than just
finding one on the internet, you can go and meet other people who will have used those people and get recommendations from them ’cause what you need to understand is when you go to a network meeting, it’s not just about the
people you meet in the room. The whole point about networking is tapping into the networks of the people you meet in that room. So let’s say you go to a network meeting, and there are 50 people there. Now, the average person’s gonna know at least two or 300 people themselves. Some people know a lot
more people than that. So you’ve got 50 people in a meeting, and you think about all
the people that they know, they’re gonna know 10,
15,000 people amongst them. So if you’re looking for, I
don’t know, a specialist lawyer who can do purchase-lease options, and you go and ask
someone at that meeting, you’re very clear about
what you’re looking for, someone there will know a lawyer who could do what you want to do or whatever you’re looking for. So again, it’s a great way of you getting recommendations for trusted people who could help you in
your property journey as well as you can learn
about the latest strategies. Very often, these network meetings, they have speakers who are
successful investors themselves, or maybe they’ve just started themselves. They tell their journey about how they got their first property. Again, you can learn from
them, be inspired by them, and really save yourself a
huge amount of time and effort because you don’t have
to reinvent the wheel and work it out yourself. So how can you make the most of your networking opportunities? Well, the first thing is commit
to your personal development and your personal growth. Work out where your local meetings are, put them in your diary,
and commit to attend. Before you attend each meeting, you wanna think about
what do I want to achieve by going to the meeting tonight, or it might be at lunchtime
or even a morning meeting. What do I wanna achieve? So you might say, well at this meeting, I wanna find someone who
maybe is a good plumber. That’s what I’m looking for. That’s what I need right now, or maybe you’re looking for
someone who can guide you on a deal you’ve got, or maybe you’re looking for
some joint-venture funds. Whatever it is you’re
looking for, get really clear because when you go to that
meeting and meet people, you can talk to them and
ask them specifically what you’re looking for. Now, the best phrase to use
when you go networking is who do you know who, dot dot dot. Who do you know who is a
great plumber in the area? Who do you know who is a solicitor who understands purchase-lease options? Who do you know who might wanna get a better
return on their money? So it’s by asking these questions, you’re not specifically asking
the person you’re speaking to if they can help you. You’re saying who do you know, which gets them to think
about their extended network, and you’re tapping into
these 10, 15,000 people that collectively, the people in the meeting
are going to know. So get really clear on
what you want to achieve before you go to the meeting. What’s the outcome you want? Don’t just turn up and see
what happens ’cause guess what? Probably not much is gonna happen. The other thing you need to do before you come to the meeting is get yourself some
business cards prepared. Now ideally, these could be very simple. They have your name on, and they have your phone
number and what you do. So you might be a property investor. You might be a plumber, and you wanna get some more
business and you go along. So take your network. You got to let people know what you do, and it’s really good
idea to have a picture on your card as well because if people see a
picture and they see a card and they might come home from networking, put their cards on the shelf, and a couple of weeks later
or a month or two months, they see this pile on the shelf, one of these dusty piles, and they see these cards
and they flip through, and they have cards with
no pictures on them, which is what most people do, and they don’t remember who
it is or where they met them, whereas if you have your picture there, they might think oh! Yeah, I remember, I met that person at one of the PIN meetings, and so, having a picture will
make you far more memorable and will enhance the possibility of people coming back to
you and contacting with you. When you actually attend a meeting, plan to arrive early
and plan to leave late. The Property Investor Network meetings, they start at seven p.m., but you can arrive from
six p.m. in the evening for a full hour of networking,
connecting with people, and then, the meeting
finishes at nine p.m., but you can stay after. So many people stay at the bar
to have a drink and connect. So if you’re gonna make the
effort to go to a meeting, why not maximise your
opportunity by going for six and planning to leave at
10 or 10:30, whatever? Really maximise your opportunity. Take the whole evening to
go and connect to people who can help you on your property journey. Now, you do wanna connect with new people. A common mistake that people make is they recognise someone
and go and talk to them, someone they already
know because that’s easy. I don’t really wanna have
to talk to a stranger. Well, a thing you’ve gotta remember is that at these network meetings, everyone’s got something in common. They’re all interested in property, and so, you can go up
to someone and say hi, my name’s Simon or whatever your name is, and say, so, what are you looking to, why are you here? Or are you investing at the moment? Are you local? You know, and just by being
friendly and chatting to people, and everyone’s got a name badge, so it’s okay to go up
and introduce yourself and say hello to ’em, and, if you’re two people talking
together or three people, you can go up and talk to them. They want to talk. They wanna network. That’s why they’re all there. So don’t get stuck with one person. Connect with as many people as you can, and when you meet them, don’t just give them your business card. Ask them questions. Be interested in them. So where are you from? What’s your investing strategy? How long have you been doing it? And if you show an interest in them, they will probably reciprocate and say, well, that’s great, but what about you? Where are you investing? What are you doing? And you’ll start to form
relationships with people. Now remember, you don’t wanna get stuck on having one conversation
with one person all night. You wanna connect with people. You wanna exchange business cards, agree to maybe catch up or follow up at some time later in the week, and then go and meet someone else, and if you find yourself
stuck with someone, say look, I know we’re
at a network meeting. It’s been great to meet you. Maybe we should go and
meet some more people. So you could even go with them and start chatting to someone else, and then, you could
eventually park that person with the other person
if you want to do that. If you’re going, connect with good people. It’s not just about saying
hi, what’s your name? Can I have your card? You wanna have quality connections, and three to five really
quality connections is better than just collecting
cards from 10 random people who you didn’t really connect with. Now, when you leave the meeting, you wanna follow up with the contacts, the cards you’ve collected. Let’s say you spoke to someone and someone was looking for a, someone wanted a great
architect to work with, and you know someone who’s
used a really good architect. You may not know the
name and number yourself, but you contact your friend,
get the name of that person, and then, go back to that person you met, call Bob and say, Bob, we
met at the PIN meeting. You were looking for a good architect. Well, I’ve spoken to one of my friends who’s got a really good architect. Here’s his name and number. You can follow up. So you’re just being helpful,
helping other people, putting stuff out there. I’m not expecting anything to come back. It’s called Givers Gain. You give stuff out. Just that’s the spirit of networking. Now here’s the point. If you do help people, if you do introduce
people and connect people, people will like you, and trust you, and you never know. That person might have 100,000 pounds that they’re looking to
invest and guess what? You’re the most friendly
person who they’ve met. You’re helping them and they say, well, do you know anyone who might wanna do some deals with me? And guess what, you might be that person, or maybe they’ve got a deal, and they don’t really
know what to do with it, and they wanna come to you and
get some of your expertise. So when you go to a meeting, don’t just focus on the people you know. Go and look for people
you don’t recognise, and if someone’s never been
to a PIN meeting before, we generally underline their name so you know they’re there
for the very first time. So why not go up to them and be friendly and make them feel at home ’cause remember what it was like when you went to your
first network meeting, or maybe you haven’t been yet? It can be a bit daunting,
but you know what? We have a team there, and their job is to make you feel at home, make you feel welcome, and introduce you to people to
really help you get the most out of your networking opportunity. So when you do this follow-up
and you share contacts, you know, with people you resonate with, maybe you could go and
have a coffee with them, or you have a Skype call or something, just to build the relationship because if you are looking
for people to work with, who you can do deals with
or borrow or lend money, you’re not gonna just,
metaphorically speaking, jump into bed with someone straightaway. You’ve gotta build trusting relationships, and you must always do your due diligence and check people out, and I’ve done another video
all about due diligence, how you check people out
and check projects out. You know, take responsibility
for decisions you make. Always make sure you’re careful because there are some
people in the property world who maybe aren’t as
genuine as you would like, so just always be careful
and do your research. As long as you do that, you can achieve far more by
working with other people, and the more people you know, the more likely you’ll
bump into the people you can actually work with. So just to summarise, how to make the most out of a networking. First of all, think about
what do you want to achieve at the network meeting. Set an intention before you go. Make sure you’ve got some
business cards to take with you. Arrive early, and plan to leave late. Speak to lots of people. Connect with them. Have a proper conversation. Be interested in them. Take their card, and then follow up. Don’t get stuck with one person. Speak to new people, and don’t spend too long with
people you already you know. If you follow these, you’re gonna be far more
successful in your networking. You’re gonna be adding value
to other people in the room, and if everyone does that, it’s just gonna continue
to build the incredible, friendly, support environment that we have at PIN meetings. So if you wanna book your PIN meeting, click on the link. Go to Book your local meeting, and wanna commit to come regularly and just build your property
investing knowledge, your contacts, and your confidence about what you can achieve. My name’s Simon Zutshi. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. I look forward to seeing you at some point at one of the PIN meetings in the future.

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