Photographing Secret Sites and Satellites | Meet Trevor Paglen

Photographing Secret Sites and Satellites | Meet Trevor Paglen

Author: Kevin Mason

52 thoughts on “Photographing Secret Sites and Satellites | Meet Trevor Paglen

  1. The thing I love most about the creators project is actually seeing the imagination of these amazing people who find a new way to think.

    It's very inspiring to imagine what else is possible just seeing how people create their tools will then be used capture their works of art.

  2. He realizes that these things can destroy the US military.  Frequencies of radio, position of satellites, and locations of secret installations will be easy for China to embark on.

  3. My only question is how did he get in Area 51? I know someone who has land in there, protected by a law from the 1800s, and that's hard enough. How did this photographer get in?

  4. Dude, get your subwoofer off of the shelf and put it on the floor. If your SoundSticks' cables are too short, then hop on over to Radio Shack and get extenders. For fuck's sake. Cool photos, btw.

  5. This guy should go take pics of the Dulce base in New Mexico. If you havent heard about that base you should google it. Crazy shit

  6. I would venture to guess his efforts are actually serving to help the surveillance state as a whole. He's testing their boundaries and in turn the government will respond – covertly, mind you – by developing more secretive means of surveillance 

  7. interesting, adventurous and still somewhat original compared to the slightly similar urbex-hype, who are total copy cats, kids with a camera and have zero % artistic talent.

  8. This should have been a Vice video instead of all these crappy episodes about egotistical fuck heads they've been uploading.

  9. I have tremendous respect & admiration for Trevor Paglen; not just for his photographic abilities, but especially for his mature and balanced position on government secrecy and black projects. He understands and totally respects the need to protect legitimate military missions, our soldiers and our intelligence needs, but seems to equally understand and see how absolutely essential is our right as taxpaying citizens to know about and retain ultimate control of our government, our military and our 3-letter agencies within the constraints and controls of our US Constitution and Bill of rights.
    I see a tremendous need to expand on what Mr. Paglen is doing in the areas of voice, video & data surveillance and oversight of what our collective government is doing, as so thoroughly proven by the numerous criminal antics that have occurred within this current Presidential administration as well as the previous one in which we were all lied to regarding the need to invade the Middle East, about who actually carried out the attacks we call "9-11," the attack on the Alfred E Murrah Building, the so called "Fast & Furious" debacle, as well as many, many other illegal, immoral and equally un-Constitutional acts carried out by different rogue groups, starting with the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his entire family.
    It should be clear to all but the very dumbest that our government has been hijacked and is actively, consistently and quickly carrying out it's own agenda, on OUR money; quite probably an attempt to establish a centralized uber-government that controls and enslaves the entire rest of the world.
    Unless we have some kind of a MAJOR catastrophe in our country or world to where we are involved in nuclear war, an invasion, the loss of our national electrical system, our monetary system crashing, a pandemic with a very high death rate, or something like that, I don't see the ordinary citizens of our country rising up and taking back our country.
    I therefore can only pray that there are enough clear headed, intelligent and constitutionally loyal men and women left in our military, Federal service and law enforcement who have the courage and conviction to take our country, possibly even our world, back from these usurpers. It would be the bloodiest, most deadly war this world has ever seen and would possibly last for years, potentially wiping out 3/4 or even more of this nation's or even this world's peoples. Even then, how do we know what kind of society and world we would have, even then.
    Suddenly the return of the One we call Jesus Christ starts to sound like the ONLY hope we and this world really has.

  10. You do realize you are also overtly spying on and doing what is open recon on national security sites dont you ? I mean you seem to try and say that you incorporate Art into that as well but I dont what you are doing is art. Im an artist……I sit down and I draw things, sometimes I draw fictional things but I do not take images of secret areas. Its one thing to look at these places out of curiosity I think everyone does or did that at some point but it seems you have a lot of images, documents and information in the form of graphs, reports, DOD papers that you habe amassed.

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