Periodontal Disease Treatment at Home With Dr. Belean an Austin Dentist

Periodontal Disease Treatment at Home With Dr. Belean an Austin Dentist

If painful gum disease and deterioration
has you feeling uncomfortable and frankly hopeless then pay close
attention. Weldental CEO Ron Welch and Dr Cami of Cedar Valley Dental here in
Austin are here with what could be a life-changing solution. I can’t wait
to hear about this tell me what this is and how it works. First of all it’s
a lot easier than people realize reversing gum disease. 85% of Americans
have gum disease and that’s an epidemic. It’s caused by an acid and plaque
producing bacteria that thrives in our gum pockets and it’s fueled by the sugar
in our everyday diet. There is one other thing this bacteria loves as much as
sugar and that’s natural Xylitol. However this bacteria cannot metabolize
Xylitol so it starves. What you’re going to find with our product, a very
natural way to reverse gum disease. So I see a few different parts here how does
it work. Well basically its a water flosser tip
that will fit at any existing water flosser. We have a patented tip. It’s designed to
house our Xylitol rich toothpaste tablet. You put at the end of your water flosser, put a nice temperature of water, sixty to ninety seconds and
you’re done. It’s a maintenance thing. All right Dr. Cami how did
you learn about this and how prevalent is this problem with the gums
with your patients would you say? It’s a lot more prevalent that you can
imagine a lot of patients have Periodontal Disease without knowing that they have it. I have a small office where we focus a lot on
prevention. We know that every patient wants to be healthy and happy. So
we try to help them be healthy and happy. Especially with the dental problems. We recommend water flossers to patients that have Periodontal Disease and one of
our patients actually went and did her research online. We recommend gum with Xylitol so she said I found this water flosser
that actually is using Xylitol tablets. Three months after she had her
initial treatment she came back and we were surprised on how healthy her gums
looked. Wow! We said what did you do? So she actually came back and
she showed us the tip and the Xylitol tablets. I went
ahead I purchased it for myself and we’re recommending it to all our
patients. Fantastic. So Ron are these the kind of results in
testimonials you’re hearing about? It is. It really is. This bacteria first of all does not discriminate it affects everybody the
same way and same with our product. It doesn’t discriminate if you do it the
way it’s recommended which is at least once a day twice a day if you already
have severe gum disease and what it does is it it stops the gum disease in its tracks and that’s basically what we find with all our customers and patients is
that they have the same result. They go to a dental practice and then all the
dental practices that carry our product to this day were unsolicited based on
that experience. Wow. So and it’s people who are who are caring for their
mouths this is just a hereditary thing or a genetic thing that can happen right?
It really is, it’s no longer about how healthy your mouth is or how pretty your
smile is it really is how healthy your body is and that’s what what it’s all
about. If your mouth is healthy your body is gonna thank you for it and your body is
going to be healthy. Thank you all so much. Really interesting. we appreciate it.
Cedar Valley Dental is located on Highway 290 across the street from Nutty
Brown. To learn more about the water flosser tips and how Weldental can
help reverse gum disease call 206-596-8881
or go to

Author: Kevin Mason

7 thoughts on “Periodontal Disease Treatment at Home With Dr. Belean an Austin Dentist

  1. Just purchased this product and I see amazing results already….I'm so grateful I came upon this post…

  2. Do you all have any promotions or deals going on right now? Also,can regular toothpaste be used? Can the water flossed tablets be used with other water flossers/water piks?

  3. Several teeth were loosening on my left side. I was using clove, tea tree oil, oil pulling, Pau d Arco on my teeth and it wasn't working this time. (I used these before with awesome results, but they didn't help this time). I happened to see this ad, ordered the product, got it today and after just two uses, I am already experiencing positive results!

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