Pageant Queen gets New Incredibil™ Smile Makeover w/ No Dentist Dental Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Pageant Queen gets New Incredibil™ Smile Makeover w/ No Dentist Dental Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

how long you been wearing these veneers
I’ve had these now for I’d say about maybe eight to ten weeks they look
amazing thank you I love them like, it was shocking to me because they look real yes and they look so good so I think you probably have heard that yeah if you didn’t trust them you probably wouldn’t be using
them to compete in yeah and the reason why we’re here today is because I think we can do
better okay you know I think they can yeah hey guys today we’re live in Las Vegas
and we’re going to improve someone’s smile with dental veneers I’ve never met
her she’s never met me but I think it’s gonna be pretty impressive when I was little I knocked my two front
teeth out they have been crooked ever since and I
have been really self-conscious about them and had always wanted them
straightened but I guess I was always gonna be left with my small yellow teeth
so I’ve always been looking at doing something about it being a pageant girl
especially being on stage and being self-conscious about my smile was a big
thing for me there’s obviously so many other things going on so to be thinking
about your smile while you’re on stage is shattering After a lot of research
and I found brighter image lab online and continued to study brighter image lab
for a long time before I actually proceeded thank you so much for coming
out to me actually it was mutual you came a long ways too yes I mean from
understand you’re very busy yes you’re a mom you’re married yes Great guy yes boys love their mom yes How old are your boys six and four oh cool how’d you hear about
us um so I found Brighter image lab on Google but I had been researching for a
long time there is a similar company in Australia but it does involve the
dentist so it is very very expensive yeah so I had originally been looking
into orthodontic work but it would still mean that I’d still be stuck with the
same shape teeth so that’s when I started looking into veneers and I don’t
know about here but you know in Australia they are so expensive like
front ten teeth across the top only no bottom teeth $30,000 but I have virgin
teeth so I was really apprehensive about shaving down my teeth and obviously the
cost came into the equation When I found out that you became a client of ours we
sent you some veneers we didn’t have any communication with you we just kind of
did it one shot yes I don’t know what made you send us the letter back saying
thank you for this design or whatever well because I’ve changed my life I I
feel so much different and so in a good way even though your smile would have been perfect by most people yeah exactly people used to even say to me
if I ever expressed you know the fact that I wanted to have my teeth
fixed they’d say why there’s nothing wrong with
your teeth but it’s just obviously everyone has things that they’re
self-conscious about as a compliment to me I am really sitting here kind of way
impressed good like just perfectly impressed you know like you look at your
own work and you go oh God she’s going to be in a pageant? if I would have known I would have just put them up there you know I don’t know
do you wear them like that or you just wear them during a pageant yeah no I wear them
all the time I have taken them off at home at times when I’ve been cleaning
the house or whatever and gone to school pick up and realized halfway to school
that I forgot them and I’ve turned around and gone home to get them I look
at every veneer that goes out the door yes when you see it plastered somewhere big then you go I wish I could have done this yeah like man if I would have just
known I would have done two you see what I’m saying yeah yeah and so I wanted to do
you know like I had a little fit like I mean why did they tell me or why did she
mention that or something I’m sorry well because you will do the best work and so
I still didn’t know you but I’m like I would love for her to see this
translucent white you know what shade you went with um this is number two
which is our natural shade yes because there’s an ultra white yes I was scared
of that one because I do wear them everyday so yes I was a good I always
ask people please be afraid yeah because it’s only for people who can carry it
yeah would you change back to veneers No way were you disappointed no I wouldn’t I think from looking at them no one would ever know no and actually I was just
saying that one of the other Queens the Australian Queens is a dental nurse
and she she actually couldn’t believe that they were not real veneers so they look amazing yeah she she nearly died when I took them out I’m she was like wow I
thought they were real what what just happened so she’s really intrigued by
them now you do know there’s always a possibility that these aren’t better
than the last ones yeah and I always tell everybody when I meet them for the
first time there’s even a chance they may not fit yes No Worries I want to show you one thing I don’t know if I want to see this when people tell you your teeth weren’t bad they really weren’t bad at all no
every day I have people who would love to have that smile yes but they have
some gaps and they were pointed yes what you want to do is make your
teeth a strong feature instead of a neutral or a negative yes oh wow
the other thing about these is these have a coating to where they’ll
always look wet yeah let’s try these one sure this is always
the part I don’t like is taking these ones out let me get these
here thank you that way you won’t mess those up they’re probably covered in lipstick thank you
wow it is lighter I can feel it If you can let me just see the difference with the one
that’s in there now wow they look amazing let me get a mirror for you thank you
let’s see what we look like is that strictly a sleeve yeah You see what I’m saying but nobody that’s so thin it barely even feels like it’s in my mouth
yeah so they feel a little tighter that one feels fine they feel the same or thicker or less or
just tighter the top one is a little bit tighter but no they still feel the same
they’re amazing giving the possibility they are the whitest natural tooth color
you can see Wow I don’t think they look fake white No they just look extra white yeah and can you notice the gloss yeah I like it yeah it looks
pretty cool yeah and so if you had two you’d basically have a choices it may be
I guess would be like other things you’d have days you’d go hey I want these
hey I want these yeah but you have to tell me they’re so amazing
I can’t get over the feeling they’re so thin they’re incredibly thin yeah yeah you can I can see the difference the translucent is beautiful any cosmetic said he
would do them for free if he had to grind your teeth No I don’t think you
let him grind them no way no and I’ll admit even the dentist was apprehensive
about it tell me about it he didn’t want to do it he literally said why do you want veneers
your teeth are virgin yeah why are we gonna shave them down and he said you
know that if we were to do this you’d be signing waivers because there are risks
involved in this process you know how many people don’t get told that risk yeah a large
amount of calls that come in every day say can you take these off yeah and I do man we can’t take them off yeah can
you work around them can you work over them They’re not your teeth anymore yeah you have to be stay with what you doing but no one told them no no one told them anything
um I will tell you that the makeup and all the things you do more than
compliment the veneers but it lets the veneers complement the makeup yeah
definitely and you had so much confidence in the first pair yeah but
what would be the difference now the feeling these is just they’re not there there nothing yeah it just feels like second to none they’re not there yeah almost like it
went lint literally but from what I understand a lot of what you do comes
down to one tenth of one point oh yeah not even the point
yeah and so one little bit makes a difference absolutely this is a little
whiter a little more chiseled a little more detailed but more reflective
yes and you go then think I would make that choice if it was
afforded to me and you know I must say considering their whiter I actually feel
like they look more natural I love these I would definitely purchase these if you
knew in advance yes and again they look so real like I’m seeing them now for the first time
I honestly I can’t believe it we don’t ever like to get into a win or
loss it like we don’t think people should have to win a smile yeah so we
don’t try to get into oh you can win a smile or win a pageant but we do think
it’s pretty important that they have a chance and a choice the biggest thing is we try to give them a choice look I like to think of it this way that I won my
national final without these mmm but this gives me so much more confidence
it’s not about winning or losing with or without the teeth it’s about the
confidence that I have when I walk on the stage it’s about how I carry myself
how I hold a conversation and I’m not self-conscious about people looking at
my mouth I guess what we can say is are we really getting close enough to be
competitive with the doctor absolutely I think you’ll be an example for people who
are sitting on the fence and I appreciate you choosing us yes thank you
and and and to have a brand that someone can say I can make any choice because if
we were a bad choice she would have made another one yeah you would have went to
someone else that’s right I get to see them do you need to see them again
yes I love them! yeah I’m super impressed every time you see that rebuild your confidence yeah literally I was like I said I was scared of how white they were going to be but I
actually loved them I can’t imagine anybody doing a better job they look amazing I’m feeling weird saying it because I did it yeah but the design is perfect it is
nothing is too big everything works yeah they feel great I think you can see that it was a good
find for me to pick you yeah like I had to put these on somebody it was worth
the day for us to come say let’s catch her on this side of the water thank you
because we want to introduce them on the other side yes you’re going into competition
that starts literally hours like it’s just a few hours away yeah the the big
thing is is I think people are going to want to ask you somethings so you’ll get some feedback on social media they’re just it’s just gonna work and we are going to link you below so with that we’re gonna wrap it up and I’ll say thank you more
than you know thank you so much I always do this to end my videos I’ll see you soon thank you bye guys learn more at

Author: Kevin Mason

13 thoughts on “Pageant Queen gets New Incredibil™ Smile Makeover w/ No Dentist Dental Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

  1. I need to get a veneer too…but i dunno it’ll be how i want it to be. My teeth are real short and i’ve no smile at all. I want to get consultation before getting it just to be sure its what i want.

  2. This was such an amazing video. I can't believe Mrs. Australia has the same veneers as I do. You rock Brighter Image Lab 😙😙😙

  3. Absolutely Beautiful. I use to have perfect teeth but since ive been on dialysis my teeth has taken a terrible turn. And I am always smiling so it hurts me to be self conscious now. I need a job to afford these but these videos give me hope. Hopefully I can get my smile again prayerfully.

  4. man!!!everytime i watch the brigthimage videos my heart pounds like crazy i just hope mine will come out like this fashion lady

  5. Question to Brighter Image Lab
    So the fact that they’re thinner does that mean they’re a completely different kind of veneer then the first set she had? Or that’s something you can request when purchasing them. I also wanted to know if the “bilveneer” ones were being used and if they are actually thinner or how that works. I have a small mouth and I’m concerned of them being too big for my face or not natural looking enough up close.

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