Paano Kumita ng 3$ to 20$ in 1 Hour sa Online Jobs Philippines – Legit sites 2019

Paano Kumita ng 3$ to 20$ in 1 Hour sa Online Jobs Philippines – Legit sites 2019

In this video I will share with you legit websites this 2019 like full time online jobs part time online jobs extra income online Is it your first time to be here and want to earn extra income online Click on the Subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads We categorized it in to 4 based on earnings First is full time online jobs 20k to 80k per month next is extra income online around $100 per week or $80 or $40 Third is a bit smaller extra income online for students and cellphone users like around 1000 per month extra on your free time 500, 1000, 2000 per month just around that extra income online last but not the least is affiliate marketing The number one that I am recommending as long as you have online job experience I recommend FreeUp mainly I’ll explain it together with Upwork FreeeUp and Upwork are freelancing websites where you’ll sell your skills clients will hire you for specific skills like product listing SEO Social Media Sales Assistant Virtual Assistant Lead Generation and many more If you know how to be a virtual assistant or client’s social media manager they’ll hire you they’ll hire you through these websites FreeeUp and Upwork The difference between the two in FreeeUp if there’s job posting like email support hiring or graphic designer hiring there’s just 2 or 3 of you and sometimes just yourself that the client is going to interview While in Upwork for one job posting for example graphic designer, email support you’ll compete with 60 applicants or even 100 competing for the position another difference is there’s fee in Upwork which is 20% initially which decreases as you work for your client longer for $100 salary, they’ll cut $20 from that while there’s no fee in FreeeUp You’ll get the whole $100 another one is Fiverr the difference of Fiverr is it’s also a freelancing site but it’s the other way around for the first two, where the one looking for client, here, clients are the one searching for freelancers You’ll create gigs For example, you’re selling graphic design as your skill like logo making that’s what you’ll sell another one, chat support you’re selling your skill which is chat support then you’ll put your prices there and that client will look for freelancer another one I highly recommend especially for students and mothers is Acadsoc you’ll teach English here to Chinese Kids up to working adults the salary is good plus they have lots of bonuses and it’s also flexible time this second part extra income online but you can earn much here like 1k to 5k per week depending on how long you will work these are free time extra income online here in GoTranscript for those looking for data entry jobs or typing jobs this is good for you and not whatever you find in Facebook You will transcribe here meaning, the audio you’ll just type what’s in the audio it’s $2.33 per 10 minute audio another I highly recommend is Remotask you’ll label cars here if it’s a car, truck, stop light So, it’s labeling I am recommending for you to do the Lidar task where car’s AI you’ll be teaching and helping it work on what’s around them if it’s a car or a person Do the Lidar tasks here My viewers mostly earn $100 to $200 per week next is this is not just a wallet, but you can also earn here first, to earn here, buy and sell Bitcoin buy low then sell high another one to earn here you can invite your friends per succesful verified invite, you’ll both get 50 pesos each the also have promo here every month If you’re able to invite 5 persons that’s 50 each then you’ll get 250 total plus you’ll get a bonus of 500 pesos depending on their promo This December it’s 500 but mostly it’s just 250 Overall, if you’re able to invite 5, you’ll get 750 pesos you can also sell load if you want another extra income online are survey sites you’ll take surveys in exchange for points that you can convert to cash they’re both paying via paypal the 2 survey sites that we’re recommending are Global test Market and toluna I am more recommending GTM because it’s easier to earn points here and every time you get disqualified in a survey, they’ll still give you small points the minimum payout here is now 250 pesos and 250 pesos in Toluna too for those who are asking where to invest their money best I am recommending just one currently Stock market research before entering this field watch our video about stock market you’ll buy stocks from like Jollibee BPI Puregold BDO and many more once you buy stocks the price goes up and down if the price goes up that means that if you sell your stocks you’ll get profit from it another extra income online I am recommending this to those who like to shop online like in Lazada or Shopee If you buy an item like worth 1000 pesos you’ll get certain amount in cashback the cashback is real money like around 10 to 50 pesos that goes to your shopback account once you go shopping in Lazada or Shopee through shopback you’ll get cashback there’s just a minimum withrawal once you reached the minimum you can get a payout via paypal Postloop is also nice you’ll post in forums different kids of forums ever post in forums it has equivalent points points can be converted to real cash they are paying via paypal Usertesting is really nice too you’ll test websites here and applications or any test then they’ll pay you it’s fixed even if the test takes 10, 15, or 20 minutes you’ll get fixed $10 there are also live test here where you’re talking live the pay ranges from $30 to $70 the con is if there are no test available, then there’s nothing to take I am recommending that once you register here every time you use the computer to do other jobs, open your Usertesting dashboard it’ll notify you if there’s a test available instaGC is also a nice extra income online it pays instantly once you request payment you’ll get the payment in less than one minute through your Paypal you can do lots of things here you can take surveys I am not seeing watching videos currently I was able to take some before for watching videos I haven’t tried the shopping online feature too other tasks I see here is where you’ll determine the item if it’s food or thing different kinds of tasks here it’s legit and paying The next ones are for cellphone users with a litlle bit of earning only legit and paying you’ll have task to do here like visting websites take surveys you can also invite your friends then they’ll give you points like this points you can convert it into cellphone load and gaming pins another nice application is pera swipe you’ll just unlock your phone swipe up and down in exchange to points you can convert points to load gaming pins lazada e wallet you can use it to shop in Lazada and Sodexo mobile pass you can use that in SM Bench it’s available there that is legit another legit application is snapcart you’ll take pictures of receipts here every picture of receipt has a cashback depending on the amount real cash you can withdraw it via bank account wire transfer If you like answering trivia questions I am recommending 2 applications Kumu and Paydro they have cash prizes if you answered the questions correctly you’ll get cash prize you can do more in Kumu they have more livestream and more games with cash prize they have 10k quiz mo ko Quiz mo ko is for their primetime they have other games with other cash prize they are paying via paypal and LBC peso padala next is paydro live their cash prize is 50k in January 7 they’re paying via Western Union and wire bank transfer If you want affiliate marketing I am recommending just 1 the platform just changed recently Lazada Affiliate marketing at the very bottom you’ll see affiliate program since the platform is being upgraded they are not open for registration of new accounts yet but hopefully it gets done this 2019 you’ll just choose your item here and when someone bought that item using your link you’ll get referral commission but as of now, it is not yet available because they’ve just upgraded their platform make sure to click the like button if you liked the video share this to your friends or family members if you know someone looking for online job or earn extra income online that’s legit thank you for watching see you next time

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Thanks sa mga nag Like and Share 🙂 – Happy new year din sainyo!! Samahan nyo ako sa isang bagong Taon at ma ka diskubre ng mga Bago at Legit na Online jobs / extra income online!

    Please watch nyo muna ang full guide bago kayo mag register sa sites para hindi kayo magkamali.
    A. Full time Online Jobs ( Higher income online P20,000 to P80,000)
    Acadsoc: ( 85 pesos nalang ang Minimum per hour )

    Dito madalas nag babayad ang full time online jobs
    Payoneer (recommended):

    B. Extra income online ( mas ok ang kita P1,000 to P5,000 ++ )
    GlobalTestMarket: ( Lifepoints na ang name )

    Online Investment Philippines
    Stock Market:

    C. Extra Income Online (Lower income)
    Freenet: ( NOT AVAILABLE NA )
    Pera Swipe:
    Snapcart: ( may update coins na ang nakukuha – need ilaro pra maging cashback)

    Trivia games that pays real cash
    Paydro: ( not available sa ngayun – not sure if babalik pa )

    Lazada Affiliate marketing philippines:

    Other site na nakalimutan ko sa video
    Vuewin (upgrading)

    Equipments Used on this video
    Mic Holder:

  2. Hi thanks po dito sa videos mo. Ginawa ko po siya isa kong fulltime employees at nag oonline selling ako on my free time.. Plus part time financial advisor ako sa pru life uk. Sarap sa pakiramdam ng my extra income..

  3. Pwede po ba mgsuggest gawa k nmanng video on how to be a virtual assistant like kc andaming gustong mg online jobs but they don't know how to start

  4. Question lang kuya, kailangan ba ang paypal bussines account? If yes, have you experienced being locked out of your paypal? Love the video kuya very informative and helpful.

  5. Hi sir.good evening..nagtry po ako sa remotask..thru fb account lang po talaga ang pagsign up?and hindi po ba sya applicable sa android phone..thanks po

  6. Boss, thank u sa info! Ask lng sana ako kc and2 aq sa abroad, if panu cla mgrerelease or cash out ng pera if hnd paypal? Thanks

  7. Sir James, Good day po, ask ko lang po kung pwedeng mag online job yung mga katulad kong 14 years old?, need lang po talaga ng pera para maitulong ko sa tita ko. Salamat po

  8. Interisado po ako dito full time mom po ako eh.. Ano po kaya pwede sken.. Thank you… Nakaramdam ako ng pag asa gusto lo oc kumita khit sa bahay lang ako.

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  10. Mag susubscribe sana ako. But na surprise ako nakita ko dati papala ko naka subscribe sayo. Thanks dito sobrang laking tulong

  11. Sir pwede ko ba subukan yan kahit nasa abroad ako pos pag bakasyon ko sa pinas saka ko nalang ireredeem di po kaya maglalaho yun kahit matagalan?
    Salamat sir

  12. Kung sino mag like, pakiPuntahan nyu bahay ku, puntahan ku din bahay nyu.. Siguradu. LEGIT to. Sabihin nyu lang pag natapik mo na. Tulungan tayu mga kapamilya. Super LEGIT!

    I'm looking for a virtual assistant for our youtube channel – A Skillz Basketball.

    We prefer someone who loves basketball. Why? So that this job will not feel like a job for you and that you will enjoy the process.

    My goal is have 1000 subs before December starts. I'll give bonus pagnaattain ito ng super fast. Currently nasa 222 subscribers pa. Ngayon pa lang kami nagrevive sa channel and work on promotions like this one.

    Ang job is to go the basketball/sports youtube channel, make relevant comments and encourage other viewers to go and visit our channel. If you have insights how to grow the channel, please tell me so.

    This is part-time. 2 hours a day, 3 times a week. Tell me your rate please.

    Also, please visit our channel now and subscribe. Kahit po hindi kayo interested sa job… 🙂 Highly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    ~Ms. Coach

  14. This is very helpful idol, nag i start nadin ako ng aking vlogs patungkol sa earning online, investments at anti scams, pa notice sir hehe salamat mabuhay tayong lahat AMEN!! AMEN!!

  15. This is very helpful idol, nag i start nadin ako ng aking vlogs patungkol sa earning online, investments at anti scams, pa notice sir hehe salamat mabuhay tayong lahat AMEN!! AMEN!!

  16. This is very helpful idol, nag i start nadin ako ng aking vlogs patungkol sa earning online, investments at anti scams, pa notice sir hehe salamat mabuhay tayong lahat AMEN!! AMEN!!

  17. hi sir James.. Gusto ko mg Home base online Job poh.. pwesi help.. paano.. I really want this Gotranscript Services.. thanks poh

  18. Boss ung insta GC parang d recommendable d ko na ma log in ung paypal account ko paki sagot kng ano nang yari dun pumapasok mga payment ng ibang trabaho ko.

  19. subscribe ka sa channel ko subscribe din ako reply ka sa comment ko kung tapos mo na parte mo at gagawin mo na parte ko…

  20. Sir salamat sa video, tanong ko lang regarding GTM (Global Test Market). Pano di ako makapasok sa site nila. Patulong lang po. Salamat

  21. sir james bat gabu po s instagc it keeps on saying your paypal account needs to be virified kht nverify ko na.tumtanggap prn bcla ng subcscribers?

  22. Thank you for this and I'm just going to plug the app Bigtoken it is also legit I already got my first payment through paypal Get points just by answering surveys.
    Referral code HTB7I7AHI just enter referral code to have extra points in the beginning. Thank you God bless

  23. Ang gaganda ng videos nu bro.. napaka helpful.. sana mabisita niyo rin yung channel ko at nagshi-share dn ako ng mga tips paano kumita ng extra income online. 🙂

  24. Suspended kasi upwork ko due to applying too much. Ano marerecommend mo for CAD specialists? Atleast magkaroon lng ng stable income n $600 per month.

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