our time in ajijic is coming to an end

our time in ajijic is coming to an end

What’s up Manderinitas! Que paso Tangerineys! We’re just grabbing a quick bite here at one of our favorite restaurants around the Lake Chapala area called restaurante, No, Frida restaurante. No, Frida’s Restaurante or Frida’s taco I think it says on Google Maps. We really love this place! Great tacos, great food, good price, good feelings, Village Inn. I’m just kidding. [Laughter] What? Good food, good feelings, Village Inn. [Laughter] This is not sponsored by Village Inn or
anything, anyone else. Oh my gosh. We’re here because we need to fuel up.
We’ve been doing insanity every day basically for the past few weeks. It’s a workout program. Yeah, I’m starting to feel like sore is the new normal. [Laughter] Yeah, so we have travels coming up. Maddie: We really need to get our… Jordan: That’s going to involve swimsuits, so we need to get in shape! I’m running into a problem now. Since
I’ve been working out, my appetite’s bigger and now I need more food to fill
me up. [Laughter] So anyway, gotta get our booties in shape in the most literal sense of the word. We
decided to bust out insanity again. We used to do it for something like six
months before leading up to Mexico. Five times a week or so, but it’s been rough. Getting back into it. We told you guys in some previous videos that we had a big
trip coming up and we were going to tell you where it is. Can I get a drum roll
please? Ah crap. He’s gotta work on the drum roll. [Laughter] Okay, we’re going to tell you but by the end of the video because we have
some fun stuff coming up! Hello. Hello. We’d like to make an appointment. For a cleaning. Do you have time now? Today? Yes. Okay, let me ask. Is there an available appointment for both of us? Yes. Oh, very well. And how much is it for a cleaning? 190 pesos. For each. You can put your things here. This is also your first time here, right? Yes. Do you speak Spanish? I’m learning. You guys are learning? The two of you? Do you go to classes? Just online and audio courses. Well don’t your teeth look clean! How did it go? For about ten bucks, I would say it’s a pretty good value. To be honest, it was
a little bit more uncomfortable than other cleanings I’ve had. In the US. I mean
that’s probably the only place you’ve ever had cleanings. Exactly. But maybe I had more plaque buildup or whatever. But how do you think it went? This is definitely
cheaper than any cleaning that I’ve ever gotten done in the u.s. even with the
copay that you have with insurance, but I thought she used this little like pokey
water pick that was – yeah pretty uncomfortable and splashing water all
over the place. On my face, up my nose. So it wasn’t ideal. And we both came out of here with two cavities, so kind of upset about that. We brush our teeth really
well but the cavities, to take care of them, are 490 pesos each, like per
tooth. So, that’s not going to be too bad, we’ll just come back another day and
take care of that. But as far as dental experiences go, they had a really clean office, they were very friendly, and they spoke English and Spanish so that
was really nice. Each cleaning was 190 pesos and she got one x-ray which was
120 pesos. Well right before we came to Mexico I
got royally screwed by a dental office. Like literally the worst experience with
any business that I’ve ever had. They screwed me out of thousands of
dollars. So I wanted to do an x-ray, not because I was doubting their ability to
tell whether I have a cavity or not, but because one of the things that this
previous dentist did was say that I needed a bunch of work done when I
actually didn’t, so I just wanted to get that x-ray to be double certain. So with one x-ray and two cleanings, we were out of there paying 500 pesos total. Now we
are waiting for the bus and we are on our way to do something that’s been
recommended to us but very few people here know about it, and we hear it’s a
pretty cool experience! Yeah I was kind of shocked to find out that this is
something that people, even who have lived here for years and years, have
never heard about. So we are going to show you guys! You’ll have to stick
around for at least another 20 seconds before you find out. [Laughter] This secret place that we were told
about is the San Antonio Malecon near Ajijic, but it’s in San Antonio Tlayacapan. I think that’s how you say it. But we were told that the birds are gone
right now, they might be back pretty soon. But at some point there’s like hundreds
of thousands of birds around here. Which I think is excessive – hundreds of thousands? He might have said Millions. Millions!? Oh gosh, I don’t know about that! It’s a white herron! WAH! So these boats right here have seen better days! But it’s kind of like – It feels like a bit of a nature preserve back here. We first came down San Jose from the Carratera. And we came up upon the malecon
here. So far, what do you think? The water is really high right now and it seems
like there’s quite a bit of trash. Maybe that’s from recent storms or lots of
rain or something. Yeah like dredging it all up. But based on that pile of boats back
there, I feel like the water was much lower and so that’s where they were
storing them. And now that the waters come up it has sort of engulfed them. But
yeah, it is really nice and peaceful. There’s like no one here and I’m pretty
sure that this path doesn’t even appear on Google Maps. No it doesn’t. So you would have no indication that you could come back here and there would be something. Unlike every
other malecon that we visited on the north shore of Lake Chapala,
you can’t even see the lake because of all these reeds or whatever type of
plant it is back here. But I think of all of them San Juan Cosala, Jocotepec,
Chapala, Ajijic, this one is the most tranquil of them all. Yeah, I agree. The sounds of bugs maybe? Birds? I don’t know. [Laughter] For the trip we
have planned coming up, we had already booked our flight there and back on two
separate airlines. Because it was cheaper that way. Yeah, and we had our hotels booked. And then I just happened to go onto my bank account today – I had a refund from Viva Aerobus, Which I asked you – because personally I don’t check my bank often unless I have a reason to or I’m paying
it something, like paying a card. Yeah, I don’t either. So I was like “Uh, what the heck?” So then I went to the email to see if there
was any notification. Nothing. If this would have happened and I didn’t check my bank. We would’ve showed up. And not had a flight! In this situation, is this something to call PROFECO about? Because that’s
messed up! I’ve flown lots in my life and nothing like that has ever happened! Because yeah, if we went to the airport and expected to be on this flight, and then all of a sudden
that flight’s not available, there’s no seats on another flight, and we’re
supposed to be checking into the hotel that day, I mean what do we do? So we had to book a new one. On a different airline because were not messing with that again! So we booked a new flight. It was more expensive, thankfully not that much more! Let us know below if Viva Aerobus is something to watch out for? Or if this is common with Mexican airlines? So now we’re walking the other way on the Malecon and we
passed by some playground equipment. All these benches out here and behind me
is like probably the most scenic view that I’ve seen of Lake Chapala with all
these plants coming up and kind of framing the mountains. There are some
trash cans over here though, way out there. Which makes me wonder if all of
this is normally not under water, and the lake is just so so high that it’s sort
of flooded this whole area. Do you have any final thoughts on this malecon? Well I’m glad we came. It’s so much nature. I think if there was any malecon that I
would pick to do a picnic. Pick for a picnic. [Laughter] It’d be this one. I would love to come back when
those birds are gonna be here. The hundreds of thousands, or millions.
Allegedly! [Laughter] Millions? Oh my… So we’re walking home now. Walking
through the La Floresta neighborhood and within about 50 feet, we were stopped by
two people in cars who recognized from our YouTube channel. And no, that it’s
not a humble brag, that is because we wanted to ask, no we don’t want to ask. We’re answering the number one question that everyone asks us when they meet us, and
that is how long are we going to be in Ajijic and also where are we going to be
traveling next? So, first we would like to ask you guys, where do you think we
should travel next within Mexico? What city? What state? Where should we go? We are also going to tell you some ideas that we have for places that we might
want to go. On my end, I would really really love to go to Puebla City. And
then continue traveling farther down south to Oaxaca City. And perhaps Puerto Escondido after that. Because Puerto Escondido was the number one place we wanted to visit before our travels in Mexico. And Jordan? If I had to say one
place was calling my name, it’d be Mazatlan. Which we’ve already been to but we loved!
Or the Baja Peninsula. But I’d also love to return to Zacatecas, I’d love to visit
the Yucatan (Peninsula), see more of that. What else? So as you can tell, we’re all over the
place! [Laughter] We have these ideas of places we think would be cool but nothing is set
in stone. As for how long we’re going to be in Ajijic, probably about a month or so. We just got word that the owners of the
house that we’re living in are getting pretty close to selling their house in
Europe. And at that time, we are going to have to vacate the premises and have a
plan! Vacate the premises. Vacate! It’s not that serious. They’ll just politely tell us “Please
leave in a few weeks, or else!” I’m just kidding. [Laughter] We’re walking through La Floresta right now. I already said that. And I have to say that this neighborhood is my favorite that we’ve seen in all this area. Yeah the cobblestone roads, although they
still exist, are much easier to walk on Everything is perfectly manicured
and perfectly well-kept! It’s gorgeous! Nice sidewalks, super tranquil. Yeah. As for this big trip that we have
coming up that we’ve been excited for for weeks now. Planning, and emailing, and researching, and watching. [Laughter] Stuff to figure out. Drumroll please! [Jordan doing a drumroll] We are flying into Cancun, and going down
to Tulum, and then up to Play del Carmen. Our first time on the Yucatan Peninsula and I am
freaking stoked! We have so much planned there, and we think it’s gonna be awesome,
and make for some great videos! So if you guys have any recommendations, things
that you want to see in these videos, things that we should do, let us know
in the comments. Does dad have a treat bone? A bone treat? Do you want your new bone? Big thanks to Annette and Mike, our patrons. We had the chance to meet up
with them recently for breakfast which is a lot of fun, and they gave us, Oh jeez! You little derp! [Laughter] They gave us this treat for Laska! Do you want it? Do you want the bone? Okay, sit. Go fetch. Laska, you look adorable! They also gave us one more fun
thing, but we first have to say thank you for watching this video! If you enjoyed
it, please give it the old thumbs up, and subscribe to our Channel to see more videos we’re putting out about our travels. And Life in Mexico. AND! GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified the next time
we put out a new video and we’ll see you there!

Author: Kevin Mason

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