Our Nationwide 5G Network is Here! | T-Mobile

Our Nationwide 5G Network is Here! | T-Mobile

The wait is over. Something big is happening at T-Mobile. We’re lighting up 5G nationwide, reaching more places than any other carrier. While some 5G signals go only blocks, T-Mobile 5G goes miles. Beyond the big cities, to the small towns,
to the people. Now, millions of Americans can have
access to 5G on T-Mobile, And this is just the beginning. T-Mobile: the first and only nationwide
5G network.

Author: Kevin Mason

29 thoughts on “Our Nationwide 5G Network is Here! | T-Mobile

  1. Just for reference, 600mhz 5G doesn't not equal 600mhz 4G LTE… You need a device with band n71 (5G) 600MHz.. You must purchase a new device with band n71 which is not the same as band 71. At post of this video, only 2 devices support n71 (OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren & Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G https://www.t-mobile.com/devices/5g-phones)

  2. give software update control to the flagship devices companies that they are from or directly to google for at least flagships google os device mobiles so the new devices wont eventually get lost in the dust like how the system is currently setup

  3. I was just hoping that with more towers/coverage my 4G LTE would getter better. Not happening. Still very poor at my house.

  4. Your 5G is not here and it shows it is suppose to be here and you say it's lit up Nationwide that's bulshit because no one in my area can't even connect to it with a compatible device for 5G I've even went into a local store and they're having the same issue so what the hell's the problem get it fixed what are the towers down and rebuild a woman with the right equipment that actually works

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