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Thank you for joining us tonight on The Real
Deal. My name’s Tom Bryer, and here’s our featured story on property management.
In a world where people broadcast the most mindnumbingly tedious aspects of their lives
on social media, few businesses are more at the mercy of online reviews than rental apartment
owners. In fact, apartment owners are the group most likely to be affected by negative
reviews. Second only to restaurants, which live and die by their reviews. So if you’re
an apartment owner, what does this mean for you? Are you in imminent danger?
53% of renters shopping for an apartment use the internet exclusively, and just one negative
review online can cost a property as many as twenty visits from renters.
We took to the streets to find out if online reviews are really a deadly as the numbers
would indicate. Do online reviews matter to you when looking
for an apartment? Oh yeah! Reviews are everything. I don’t
trust companies. I trust people. People don’t lie. Unless they’re a company in disguise…
So many sites, I don’t know, oh my god…aHA there’s another one! You gotta go, you gotta
go. Um, I don’t believe in computers.
In the face of this figurative plague of reviews, what can apartment owners do to manage their
reputations online? One company thinks they have the answer.
On-site.com, a software company in Campbell, CA has released a new product that promises
to revolutionize the way apartment owners engage with their renters.
Here to tell us about this new revolution is Randy. Randy, what is this new product
that you say will change the rental apartment game?
Well it’s called Reputation Scout. And it starts with a dashboard that brings your reputation
from around the internet into one convenient location so you can see it in a bird’s eye
view. It presents it as a single reputation score that you can measure over time to see
how you’re doing. It’s comprised of a couple different things; it’s keeping track of your
consistency online in terms of your listing accuracy and how people are perceiving your
online presence, as well as how they respond to it with reviews, social media mentions,
and images that people upload online brings them all in so you can respond to them with
a single link. My favorite part of Reputation Scout is that it gives you an easy to-do list
which you can follow and increase your reputation score.
For more on how Reputation Scout has improved the lives of everyone, we’ve visited one
of On-Site’s many happy customers. Meet Scott Jones, a property owner who struggled
to keep up with the veritable sharknado of online review and listing sites
I thought I was an internet wiz. I knew everything there was to know about online interactions.
Turns out that’s not my game after all. People were saying terrible things about my
property online and I had no idea. I didn’t even realize that online reviews were affecting
my search results. Then, I found Reputation Scout and it turned
everything around. It showed me what I had to do to improve my online reputation. It
couldn’t have been any easier. Now, everyone loves me. And I’m rich! Like,
super rich. Like, this isn’t a drink, it’s just melted gold.
By all accounts, Reputation Scout is simply the easiest way for apartment owners to elevate
their web presence and engage with renters via social media and online review sites.
In fact, I use Reputation Scout to manage my personal reputation and I just deleted
someone’s scathing review of my reporting. So take that angry person on the Internet.

Author: Kevin Mason

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