4 thoughts on “Ohio Lt. Gov. Husted address unemployment site being down on Monday, March 23

  1. I can't even file. Can't get thru on website when it's functioning because I need a new pin number. It's been 15yrs since I last filed and have no clue what my pin was so I need a new one and can't get thru on the phone to get a new one! Plus my email needs changed to get a new one because I don't have the same email I had 15yrs ago so I'm just stuck unable to file in anyway.

  2. Been on job 11 years 15 days so far laid off haven’t got my direct deposit because there saying i put I can’t work on application which is not true i printed the whole application process out in case some lies like this happen i rather be at work i have bills this is so stressful!

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