Obsidian Conflict DEV blog video #2

New HUD, with focus on placing the information at the sides and top. Weapons with secondary ammo are now displayed on top of each other. The score, lives and team are now at the top left for better visibility. The HUD can be set to fade when it’s not in use, fading back in only when required. If chosen, all the elements can be displayed again on reload or by an assigned key. The Suit and Health HUD elements can be set to be displayed either together or separate. Radial menu with preset messages. Text-To-Speech system, which voices chat messages ( voice language dependent on OS language ). Viewmodel sway can be chosen to be static or dynamic. New playermodel selector, with 3D viewer and options to choose the skin and bodygroups of the model. Taggart’s Human Grunts and Enhanced Citizens ( from Bloocobalt, LT_Commander, Nirrti, Taggart and Rusty ) have been added as official playermodels. Modders can either let the mod automatically generate the list of the bodygroups and skins, or define proper names. Damage symbols ( like in GoldSrc ). Custom loading screens. Each map can have its own loading background, or the mod can use default random backgrounds. ( Obviously this one is just for demonstration ). Backpack feature. Allows to preserve weapons and items after death if it is picked up again. Can be enabled or disabled with mapadds or server CVARs, as well as setting the despawn time. Fixed and improved Cloak and Shield modules. They’re easier to use now and are more useful for mappers. “L4D Glow” implemented. Can be set to different colours and with several I/O for mappers. Works on brush entities too. Two render modes can be used: outline, or just a full render of the model / brush. Redesigned the Grapple Hook to be safer, easier, quicker and more useful ( placeholder model in use ). Now supports two modes: “Pull” to climb, and “Rappel” to descent safely. The beam can be colourized as well. Added horns to the Buggy, the Airboat and the Jalopy. The horns from other players can be disabled if desired. New models for HL1 Barney, Hgrunts and Scientists by the Half-Life Improvement Team HL1 Barney and Scientists talk again, among other fixes and improvements like healing the player or screaming. HL:S campaign now uses the “classic” HL1 AI for the HGrunts, like using the grenade launcher or throwing grenades at your cover. Implemented and improved the Long Jump module. Makes sounds now and jumps into the direction the player is looking at. Added the Gluon Cannon, the Snarks and the Hivehand, with HD models by H.I.T. Added a flag for func_tankmortar so it behaves like in GoldSrc. Gluon’s beam can be colourised as well.

Author: Kevin Mason

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