Obama has not caused the Trump economy: Art Laffer

Obama has not caused the Trump economy: Art Laffer

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Obama has not caused the Trump economy: Art Laffer

  1. Obama has been zero watt bulb for 8 years in white house. Now he boasting as if he is th sun of usa economy. What a joker!!!!!!!!????????????🤔🤔

  2. Former President Obama was not advised well on how to deal with the economy at all. I grew up during his 8 years in office. His advisors was complete idiots.

  3. Numbers don’t lie! Obama pulled us out of the corporate mess! Give him a little credit! Trump caused his economy until he is in office. Talk to me after election and he will show the Ponzi schemers out in barefoot. Markets don’t talk about regular persons life.!Thats for rich people. How many people have retirement savings? Gmfb —— Why do we keep the interest rate so low when we have a booming economy?

  4. Congratulations, this show brought out the biggest bunch of lefty losers in YouTube history, vile, vicious and vacuous as ever.

  5. No. Cutting the brake lines and removing all the governors has, though. Is this school bus supposed to stop… It’s filled with children…

  6. 20 Trillion National Debt when Barry left office which doubled during his watch and was bigger than ALL presidents combined. My health care more than doubled and I had to reduce my choice of plans. Dig a little deeper and look at cash for clunkers, the Chrysler fiasco where conservative dealerships were removed. And how many BILLIONS were spent making the obamacare website that still doesn't work? Now, some community organizer some how made the economy we have now? The magic eight ball says TDS. Trump Landslide Victory 2020!!!!!!!!!

  7. Trump has every right to boast about the economy…He has done it…The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes….You CORRUPT…HATEFUL..JEALOUS Democrats have done NOTHING but try to obstruct everything that he has done….He is a GREAT GREAT leader the way he has pushed through it all….Not one of you RADICAL.. DERANGED Democrats has the guts and stamina he has…Get used to it… He will never give up…NEVER EVER….Sams wife

  8. This is laughable !!!! So President Obama gets zero credit for his 8 years in office and Trump is the genius !! Come on People, just stop it !!! If Obama gets no credit for the dow going from 6600 to 20,000 , then Trump cant take credit from 20,000 to 29,000

  9. Rid-X that Obamamite. Their racial breed is pure idiocy, fungal-assed, snoopy, or simply mentally cheated, bribery into publicity's heads scared with no one to talk to. I don't blame anyone not standing them.

  10. Office of Presidential Visits and Vacations

    $2.1 billion in free vacations for him and up to 24 members of his family plus staff and even a dog sitter until the year 2036

  11. Inherit a economy that's in the worst recession since the great depression turn it around and at the end of your term the stock market up 166%, 11 million jobs, saved the Auto industry, the Banking industry, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Stabilize the Housing industry insured 8 million people with health care that was uninsured be respected around the world for be intelligent and a goodwill ambassador. When you can do that then you can talk.

  12. Obama is not as communistic as this crop year of democrats, and Obama was mostly a puppet of Clinton's Chicomm lovers giving away the keys to the candy store, like BJ bubbah didetting China into the WTO, and gave them our guided missile technology for a few BJ's traitor family must die before they add more to the body count

  13. Basic Democrat logic.
    They will accuse people of something with only opinions and accusations. Then Ask you to prove them wrong.

    How do I prove a ghost wrong? It was never right to begin with so how can we prove it wrong?

  14. Obama should not be given credit for what our CREATOR'S people have been praying for !!! We prayed and are praying that the Trump administration do their jobs properly and make wise decisions !!! Wisdom and knowledge is being used by the Trump administration !!! But our CREATOR receives all of the credit !!!

  15. At best, Obama managed to hold things together long enough to dump it in Trump's lap. Fortunately for America. Trump had the knowledge and experience to fix much of that. Can you imagine the deep crap we'd be in if he'd handed that poor economy to Hillary?


  17. Devil worshipers can’t carry on sucking the country dry with Trump in charge. That is why they HATE him. It will also put a stop to there new world order plans. You surely know all this.

  18. Barrack Hussain obama
    The worse president in history he was an imposter and a puppet for the Dems
    What a joke to the African American people and what a let down to a democratic process

  19. We got 5 more years of Prosperity under President Trump.
    Then in 2024, Mexico and East of Missouri River, we have a Full Solar Eclipse passing through Mexico up into the U.S.
    I believe we will have 7 Lean years, and I don't know who will be President. I just know it will be good to have an emergency supply of food and water stored up.
    (Proverbs 30)
    "There are four small creatures that are exceedingly Wise, the ant stores up food for the Winter (3 months); the Badger makes his home in the rocks (protection from Forest Fires) ; the Locust have no leader, but stay together in swarms ( Civil Defense Groups), and the lizard/spider can be found in King's Palaces.
    Note: Jewish Bible uses lizard
    King James Bible uses spider
    Just for your information…

  20. Bloomberg you don't have what it takes your money is nothing God forbid any socialist democrats be ever president president Trump is cleaning the swamp 2020 for Trump he deserved great job God bless you 🤩🤗💯😁😍😇💯

  21. Job recovery? LMAO. What job recovery? You mean part-time fast food minimum wage jobs? Hahahahahahhahahaha! Hardly a win for Trump.

  22. The answer of 61% people being better off now than three years ago unfortunately does not include the unfortunates who caused their "worse off" situation by their own stupidity (which they wouldn't often mind to admit). When you realise this, the 61% figure is the more amazing.

  23. YES HE IS! If Obama hadn't done such a great job in tanking America, we wouldn't have elected Trump! Therefore, he gets the credit!

  24. Its a shame nobody discusses Quantitative Easing program when goverment poured trillions of dollars in to banks.
    Last QE3 ended in 2014, and immediately wall street went south in red… Just check SP500 in 2015 and 2016.
    Last year in Obama office economy was definetly down.
    All that mr Obama did was not building economy it was just printing national debt thats it.
    25% of budget -4 trllions of dollars was added not because recession. It was because business was out.

    Americans must thank God for Trump

    Its funny how when TRump was saying that economy is in mess in 2015-2016 nobody was challenging him for hes words.
    Now that america is doing good job everybody says its not hes merit.

    Check hes interview in 2016 before the election.

  25. @ 53 seconds “continuation and surge in the economy….” BHO is not taking credit for the economy – he is simply stating that the growth started under his watch – DJT has taken the baton and ran with it. I dont understand why the right cant give BHO any credit – the same numbers that DJT brags about (unemployment and the stock market ) improved from 2008-2016

  26. When Obama or democrats take credit for Trump's economy, the first thing that came to my mind are those numerous economists that predicted the economy would tank if Trump wins the election or Obama saying Trump would need a magic wand to bring those jobs back and so on and so forth. But now that the economy is booming and even though eggs are thrown on their face, they are so shameless to still want to take credit for someone else's booming economy.

  27. If you compare Obama's last year to Trumps 3 year, Obama doesn't look so good. You can say that 2017 was Obama's year because it was his budget. So if you compare 2016/2017 to 2018-2020 Trump looks real good. Bottom line? The economy is good and has been for 10 years after a recession, Life is good now

  28. Obama spent 8 years blaming Bush for everything ,No Surprise He will spend the rest of His life taking credit for anything good …I remember the clip Where the idiot said We would never see 3 percent growth again …and that WAS under His policies

  29. Soon as this man said obama is a fine man..I knew BS and PC was all that was going to come out of his mouth. What democratic socialist planet did you grow up in man?

  30. Obama had 8 years of failure….all of a sudden this is his economy….wtf…..anybody who really believes this is a dope

  31. Art Laffer , you are sooooright!!!!! Obama & Demo Mob just keep trying & lying !!! They just can't get ahead of Pres. Trump 2020 landslide!!!!!!

  32. the Dems need to worry about China, and not keep saying…"Russia,Russia,Russia"…..China is owning the USA….remember Lebron James and owner of Golden State Warriors comments?……they wanted to "limit' our free speech so China would keep on paying their paycheck……that's why I stopped watching basketball…..where's the media covering this disgusting turn of events?….oh yeah, they are too busy signing their checks from China….

  33. The economy was recovering, recovering at an abysmally slow rate I might add, despite Obama's policies not because of them. It just proves how robust the capitalist system and the American producers are to have survived the failed Obama economic policies. In fact the anemic Obama recover only started picking up towards the end of his 2nd term when his administration ended many of their disastrous economic stimulus efforts. It is obvious, even to the casual observer, that the current economic boom is a direct result of President Trumps deregulation, tax cuts and monetary policy. The very same policies that Obama era officials (and Obama himself) claimed would cause a stock market crash and another recession. Obama is simply delusional if he's claiming that President Trump's economic policies are ruinous but that the current economic prosperity is somehow due to his past failed policies.

  34. Strange how Islamic TERRORISM GREW under Obama and has now stopped.
    Obama grew international embezzlement of charity money and taxes, degeneracy, unemployment, sanctuary slums, and a path towards global depression. LYING ALINSKY TOOL.
    Communists are psychopaths! Just clinically mentally ill.

  35. Let's see… Odumbo years= thousands lost in actual economic purchasing power to the amount of 10s of thousands in my home finances!

    Under President Trump….. a complete turn around! My personal income has increased at least 15k and only had to pay 600$ tax bill!

    Hell I'll pay 600$ for the opportunity to earn a additional 15k!

  36. You don't get to spend 8 years whining about how the previous administration is responsible for your crummy economy then take credit for how awesome your economy was.

    You spend 20 tril. you're bound to have some activity.

  37. It was a good try by Obama to stick his head out of his hole, I think the reaction from the public will help him decide to lay low for the rest of the campaign

  38. obumma is a joke but this is the lefty story theyre trying to spin according to the likes of batshit polony LOSER       obumma was a useless good for nothing subversive traitor he put America into DEBT   period

  39. Doesn't take an economist to know that Democrat's pillaging America and selling American workers out to China to fill their pockets was the most obvious cause for our decline and the shortage of menial and blue collar factory jobs, which many young people desperately need to start out. Then along came a true American named Trump that has started correcting that and you foolish liberals just keep hating anyway. The DEMOCRATS ARE THE PROBLEM. I was one..

  40. Technically it was Bill Clinton. According to Trump's Whitehouse department of labor and statistics that teen began under Clinton. Same trend never really strayed under HW or Obummer. Along with Obama inheriting an almost 11% unemployment rating and bringing it down to 5.2 then the trend continuing under Trump he's gotten it down to 3.8. So if he litteraly gets it to zero he can't do better than Obama. According to the Whitehouse.

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