Oakland to shut down huge homeless site at Home Depot

Oakland to shut down huge homeless site at Home Depot

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Oakland to shut down huge homeless site at Home Depot

  1. Oakland will probably be shut down as well, what comes around goes around , Why isn't the politicians you voted for fixing the homeless problem in the US?

    I know why, cause they can't profit

  2. During most of the last century 1900 thru the 1970’s citizens, city councils, mayors and the police had no trouble calling public display of bad behaviors not acceptable. The single biggest thing they did was simply to tell someone “ No, you can not do that! We will stop you if you don’t change your behavior”. Guess what, people changed their behavior. We have always had poor people, drug addicts, alcoholics and schizophrenic people in society. Maybe we were not so nice to them at times but a successful and safe society has to have boundaries. We have to relearn how to tell someone “No, not allowed here!” Helping people in. difficulty is fine and necessary but it is a two way proposition. There must be rules and limits for each side.

  3. I drive by that Home Depot every day. There’s a McDonald’s that Home Depot shares a parking lot with and the McDonald’s is always packed with homeless people. It’s horrible!!! I actually upload videos on Instagram (@lou415_) of the homeless in San Francisco.

  4. Why dont all these bums just get jobs building the Lockheads new F-16s? Another 1.12 billion in taxpayer funds and technical advancements sent overseas.

  5. round em up & put em on work crews, picking up highway trash & cutting away brush in the fire hazards. you can start w/ the one’s camping in my back yard.

  6. cruel stupid sadistic government is in bed with the billion dollar drug dealers, why else would they give free needles to drug fiends so they can better preditor us all, thus making more money for the drug dealers, while not giving < drug testing for services> to help those who are trying to help themself and would if given a chance.

  7. Kind of Telling how Liberals can be okay living amongst feces and urine and used hypodermic needles while complaining about a President that is trying to fix this place.

  8. Load all that trash up and take it to Nancy and Mad Max’s house. They have Hugh mansion with plenty of yard space. They can park the camps out front. Fill free to hack into their water and power .

  9. And no one saw this coming????? Really? Absolutely ridiculous. Please, please vote Republican for years to come, and let’s try to save this state!

  10. It's called control give freebies and you can control the people then at some point you take it away. Now you see why the DEMOCRATS want health care for all, and living wages they want all Americans to bail out the DEMOCRATS cites and states. While they bring in more illegals and keep wages down. They want to drive out the businesses. Tax them so they leave and prices for goods go up. I'm mean seriously do you want government to run businesses lmao.

  11. Nobody seems to get it. California does NOT have a Homeless problem. We have an OUT of STATE VAGRANT CRIMINAL Problem. 95% of those Homeless people are NOT even close to being California Residents. They come from out of State. So Send them back to where they came from and We no longer have a problem. Simple huh?

  12. California is ripe for epidemic. Democrats wanted Sanctuary cities ,Open borders epidemic drug use. Americans take back your country don't vote Democrat.

  13. The problem is , it doesn’t snow in California.

    Here , in the east , we keep big wheel loaders with 16 foot snow boxes on them to clear our parking lots😎

  14. Like a drinker who complains of getting drunk California bemoans the homelessness that their Sanctuary status and laws have created. If you don't wan't something, don't ask for it ! ! !

  15. Most of these homeless are just drug addicts. I don't have any sympathy for California , they are the idiots that voted for these democrats . Reap what you sow.  Other States should be careful , the ones leaving California are the ones that screwed it up , they will do the same to your State.

  16. Home Depot ain't leaving. Not as long as people need drills and hammers. They can afford a $100 an hour security patrol.

  17. 🚨⚡💅💅🔰💅💅⚡🚨 I find it amazing how sent you worry cities and states have all these agencies and all this money 2 troll on illegal aliens with rent assistance utility assistance transportation one shot deals even vouchers to furnish Foley in Apartment or house but they don't have the money to help needy homeless American citizens but they're going to wind up paying the price real soon because this virus is here this virus it's already in the sanctuary cities and states like California Chicago Illinois New York City pretty soon they going to pay the price for their ignorant ways because even them I'm going to be affected when does virus start consuming their States and sanctuary cities they're going to have the biggest crisis in the United States in the next couple of weeks when the virus starts to spread even them I going to be infected this country is going to face difficult times and dark days😷👆👆🇺🇸?💀

  18. 2:25 your safty is not the responsibility of the government. Your safety is your responsibility. With that said the government needs to stop limiting peoples ability to defend themselves.

  19. Why is the city behind in their work. The send citation for over watering their lawn.. We should get those people accountable

  20. I say build a little metal fence around it about 8 foot tall and one night just lock the gate and set fire to everything inside the fenced area…bam, problem solved

  21. What is any business or person waiting for?
    Isn’t it obvious by now that the liberal politicians don’t give a sh*t about them?
    All they care about is lining their pockets, virtual signaling the other idiots and ruining this country!

  22. This is what you voted for california. Enjoy. This is what democrats want the country to be by letting in everyone over the border, this shows it is not sustainable.

  23. How many are senior citizens because obama cheated them out of social security. He said they could take it early and pay it back to get the full amount and then laughed in their faces when they tried to pay it back to get the real amount. He made them pay for useless obamacare. He kicked hard on those who were just making it, and knocked them off the ladder.

  24. Did she just open with "Tackling the groin crisis in California"? Slurred a word, and made a bad pun at the same time. cool.

  25. Must be raider fans
    If the football team can’t even win or be successful what hope do the people have .
    The raiders have abandoned the city like the city abandoned the people

  26. The LEFT wants open borders but just imagine with that coronavirus that would have spread across our country in no time with hundreds or even thousands dying from it. The LEFT are completely insane!

  27. Governor of California always garbage from Democrats!! All they caress corrupted careless for the city or country!! Democrats top of corrupted!!

  28. You're giving one side of the problem for the homeless ppl. First of all They can't get good paying jobs, and yeah some are on drugs. Their still humans, and need a help up. All the churches, ACLU, the governor and your. leaders are To busy taking care of the illegals To help our ppl.

  29. Most homeless people aren't dangerous. Rents are so high that people are forced to live like animals. All they do is push people from one place to another

  30. I wonder why the government doesn't gather them all up for FEMA buses to take them to FEMA camps? The camps are still sitting there waiting for those who need help, WHY NOT open up for these?


  32. CA has been promising to help with the homeless and mental illness. They ask for more and more money and then pocket it.

  33. Who are the Lawmakers of California? Aren't they mostly Democrats? So why are not finding solutions to this problem? Will they wait until a plague start killing people?

  34. Haul them over to Pelosi’s Vineyard Estate. I’m sure she feels it’s the least she can do for being a do nothing this last 3 years.

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