NY Dentist Violated Basic Standards of Care; Dental Malpractice Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

NY Dentist Violated Basic Standards of Care; Dental Malpractice Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

The dentist violated the basic standard of
care by not knowing the patient’s anatomy. And as a result, the patient suffered significant
injury. Would you like to learn what this is about? Come join me as I share with you this great
information. Hi. I’m Gerry Oginski. I’m a New York medical malpractice and personal
injury trial attorney practicing law here in the state of New York. This seemed to be basic anatomy 101, dental
anatomy. The patient was 15 years old and was told
by her orthodontist, “Listen. You have some extra teeth in your mouth. We need to do braces so I’m going to send
you back to your dentist so he can extract (remove) two teeth that I need removed, among
others.” So the doctor sent a piece of paper to the
general dentist outlining exactly which teeth needed to be removed. Very, very simple. He said I need the following teeth removed:
a, b, c and a couple of other teeth as well. So the patient goes in — she’s 15 years old
— goes to have the extractions done and during the course of the extractions everything goes
well, supposedly. And now months go by. The patient then returns back to the orthodontist
and he’s wondering why there’s missing teeth in the bottom jaw, they have not come in yet. Kind of ironic and kind of unusual. So the dentist takes x-rays and looks at the
x-rays and realizes where are the teeth? Where are this child’s permanent teeth? They’re missing. They’re gone. How did this happen? And he goes back and looks at the paper that
he sent to the original dentist and he said I wanted these baby teeth removed, this way
it will allow the patient to have more room in the teeth so we can begin treating her
for braces, putting on orthodontics. But instead what he found was that the permanent
teeth — two permanent teeth — had been removed from the patients jaw. How could this possibly happen? Well it happened because the doctor who extracted
those teeth violated the basic safety rules. He violated the basic standards of care in
not knowing where the anatomy was in his patient’s mouth. And the moment he realized he did not know
exactly where these teeth where in relation to the patient’s mouth do you know what he
should of done? He should have stopped and not done anything. He should have called in a colleague. He should have sent the patient out to an
oral surgeon, someone who clearly had an idea of where the teeth were and that’s what he
didn’t do. And as a result of that, he pulled out two
permanent teeth and now this young woman has to have extended braces for many years to
come. She will now need likely two implants that
will go into the jaw and there is a possibility that those implants will fail and now she’ll
need additional corrective dental surgery in order to fix this problem. So why do I bring this up with you? You know, I share it with you just to give
you an idea and an insight into some of the cases I handle on a daily basis. It’s unfortunate that this doctor violated
the standard of care and violated not knowing what the anatomy was in the patient’s mouth. And unfortunately for this patient she suffered
harms and losses because of that. You know, chances are you have questions or
concerns about your own particular matter. Well if your matter happened here in New York
and you do have legal questions, what I encourage you to do is pick up the phone and call me. I can answer your legal questions. I do this every single day and I welcome your
call. You can reach me at 516-487-8207 or by email
at [email protected] Well that’s it for today’s quick video. I’m Gerry Oginski, coming to you from New
York. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I went in to get my teeth examed at Comfort Dental and they told me that I had only 2 small cavities between my teeth.  When I went back to get the cavities filled the doctor there had literally done fillings on all 8 of my molers!  I did not realize that they had done this nor did they inform me of this until I got back home and could open my mouth again.  I got second opinion from another dentist at a different practise and they had informed me with the original X rays from Comfort Dental that they had drilled and taken off not only more than was nessesary, but other teeth that didnt have cavities!!!! I am soo furious about this and really need your help in receiving justice!  Sorry to post on youtube like this but I need justice and my voice needs to be heard!  Please HELP anyone!!     http://www.gofundme.com/dentalmalpractise 

  2. My daughter got her braces done for about $5,000.00 when she 15 years old. She is youngest daughter who is almost 18 right now, have regular dental cleaning as scheduled by dentist. She brushes her teeth regularly. Almost every time she visit the dentist in norfolk, Va.. the same dentist always give her tooth filling job. I am not convinced about their practices if it is mixed with fishy things.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mdba-vCo5M. Do you know a specialist can help in Brampton ontario

  4. i need your services! I need to come in and talk. this month is the statue of limitaions. im losing 2 front teeth now because of the kids at Manhasset dental clinic. basic standards of care by allowing a non-qualified person who wastn even a dentist but just a student with no degree as of yet ruin my mouth and violated the basic standard of care. a simple post and crown took 34 visists and 64 shots in the same tooth. none of the other approved work that was paid for got done. m,edicaid fraud! 'milked' my Medicaid benefits and WASTED my time and approvals! never issed my dentures after taking 34 impressions and refused me services after I complained about the fraud/incompetence! replaced all my old fillings with new white ones, hurt my mouth woith cleanings I didn't want or need THEN mulitaled my mouth not knowing how to do a basic crown and sealed up the anchor-tooth that was rotting because I was forced to wait 2 weeks for an 'emergency appt when that crown broke and simply needed re-cementing! NOW IM LOSING both front teeth in just 2 year after I was 'dissmissed' for complaining !!! NOW I WANT TO SUE FOR MY OAIN AND SUFFERING AND a report of Medicaid fraud will be reported as well!!!! what recourse do us LOW-INCOME PEOLE HAVE against this rouge criminal dental organization?? who do ireport thie illegal conduct to other than Medicaid frud? who governs their behaviours and who can I complian to????? I NEED HELP IM A VICTIM!!!!

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