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Today I want to show you the new Sucker’s Channel website! It can be found at: or just [in Portuguese] Woooow, that’s coooooool! The website was completely restructured… and it’s much easier to navigate and to find informations that you’re looking for Beyond this, it’s totally responsive… i.e., it fits automatically to different screen sizes or devices.
So, if you’re using a tablet you’ll see like this…
Or this, if you’re using a cell phone! Well… i’ll take a brief tour with you! In the main page or homepage, we can see a general summary of everything that you can find in the website… Like last videos, censored videos, which now occupy a featured position here in this side! So the people don’t need to look for or trying to remember which videos were censored. It’s everything here… there’s also a followers or subscribers counter on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The last five news of the blog, beyond random notices that were posted on the blog in different times! There’s also a space for the last tweets or retweets that i’ve done in my Twitter Here we can see some people that liked the Sucker’s Channel page on Facebook. There’s also this summarize of pictures posted by the fans, or pictures made by me
and some posts of the session Fantasy vs. Reality This here is a Instagram photo gallery,
so you can see the pictures from Instagram, without the need of access the
Instagram, but who wants, can follow me on Instagram, it’s free! And in the footer of all pages you’ll find
this structure with censored videos. Here it’s a icon for who wants to help
the channel financially through donations by paypal the most popular posts on channel, my last tweets, including some answers i give. And here you can subscribe to both three
YouTube channels, simply clicking in these buttons,
and you can also subscribe to the website to receive new notifications always when it’s done
any post or atualization at the website, for this, you can just write you email and click
in ‘Assinar’ [Sign in] And down here there’re all the social networks
that i use to Sucker’s Channel. Then, back to our main menu,
on the session ‘Videos’, we can choose the session of the Main Channel, Channel without
Swearing, Sucker’s Channel Answers or the live streamings that i’ve made
I’ll access the main channel to show how it’s,
besides subscribe the channal, if you’re not already subscribed, you can choose
which video to watch in this mosaic of images So, clicking in one of the images, you
can access the video page, where you can watch the video, share in the social networks, and comment. This can be done anonymously or by social networks In the pictures menu, you can see all of the posts
containing photos such as: fan’s art, photos uploaded, Fantasy vs. Reality.
Let’s take a look how it’s the ‘Fantasy vs. Reality’ Here, there’re all the posts done
about this subject! Here in the ‘Blog’ menu, you’ll find all of the posts
that i’ve done on the website… And the newness that now another people like people as
bloggers, vloggers, journalists, and so on… . people that probably you alrealdy know,
once in a while’ll write some posts, putting their opinion about some subjects
that i approach on Sucker’s Channel, like misleading advertising, deceptions in general or censorship.
And this’ll be a veru interesting opportunity to increase our knowledge and hear
different opinions. One thing that i haven’t said yet is that,
all pages have a sidebar with some posts or highlighted subjects,
some categories… Finally, it’s just to facilitate the people
to find informations From the main menu it’s possible to
access the Sucker’s Channel Store, where you can find adhesives, toys,
keychains and other products In the ‘Contact’ menu,
besides u sent me some document, complaint or denunciation in writing to
may mailbox, you can send me a message,
through this form Oh, i almost forgot,
there’s this top menu up here, where it’s possible to access the download area,
and download the Sucker’s mask, or assemble the Sucker’s paper toy, all for free!
Later i want to add here the android app for the Sucker’s Channel,
up there you can also access the games area of Sucker’s Channel, that for the moment
there are 3 games… Like this one, remembering Pac-Man I’m still thinking in create
a forum of Sucker’s Channel, that i’ll leave here in this top menu…
With this, it’ll be possible you help me with a slightly more active way with researches of even
in the elaboration of the new videos scripts! But i need to search more
how these forums work, or what would be the more appropriate to install on the website Oh, and there’s also the researches area, here you
can search any subject that you’re looking for in the Sucker’s Channel…
For example, if you write ‘interviews’, you’ll see al posts related to this subject. So, check the new site! [==translation Vitor Utrila==]

Author: Kevin Mason

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