NO on Prop 23: American Lung Assn (TV Ad :30)

NO on Prop 23: American Lung Assn (TV Ad :30)

Our mission at the American lung association
is to protect public health and the air we breathe that’s why we’re strongly opposed to proposition
twenty three prop twenty three is backed by to Texas oil companies that are among the worst
polluters in California they design twenty three to repeal portions of our health and
safety which would result in more air pollution and
more cases in the past month in London please join the American lung association
voting no on prop twenty three

Author: Kevin Mason

17 thoughts on “NO on Prop 23: American Lung Assn (TV Ad :30)

  1. You should not vote for prop 23: the rest of america should copy AB32 and… If you say "well, what about job lose"…It just made no economical sens to have a linear line of production in a circular flow of whealth. Will you burn your own cash? Well, this is what we are doing by taking ressources, transform it, sell it and trow them at the garbage… But we work for business against wage and by this stuff from business against cash. This is what I call a majors externatility of cost.

  2. Insults are so load they drown out the wisdom. One side says it creates jobs and cleans the air -the other side says it kills jobs and pollutes the air. the pros and cons are exactly contradictory. so whos lying? I dont trust Texas or Oil men. nor politicians. California is the leading state in efficient living (which is sad) but Texas would love to kill anything that is not oil. they want to get California ander their dirty belts.

  3. @Daveh69 what do you mean "protect us from lies?" Anybody who is for prop 23 are the liars. "do you really think that Texas Oil Men would out of the goodness of their big black oil hearts, spend millions of dollars to protect jobs in California?

    theres not much oil left. 20-30 years at the rate we are using it. what happens when oil runs out. as it does the price of EVERYTHING will rise, more will lose jobs and we will have to turn to clean green anyway. but it might be too late then.

  4. Prop 23 suspends AB-32 the "Global Warming Final Solutions Act"
    It has nothing to do with air pollution. Carbon Dioxide is not air pollution, it's human exhaled plant food.

    I love oil companies they make life fun. by providing race-gas for my jet skis and sandrail, av gas for my airplane, diesel fuel for my Chevy pickup and motorhome. Oil is God's gift to modern industrial society with all of its creature comforts.

  5. "Prop 23 is backed by oil companies." Ok, who's backing a NO vote? Thomas Steyer, a venture capitalist. Prop 23 will kill his investments. This isn't about health, it's about money. It always is.

  6. type in obama cap and trade skyrocketing..

    video of him saying " under my plan electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket!"

    34 to 40 seconds….hmmmmm did they tell you about the cost of our fuel n electricity skyrocketing because of voting…n…o?

  7. Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket

    name of the video

    please watch n pass along…try an extra 3.7 billion a year in gas an 60% increase in electricity and 57% more for natural gas…..hmm who is making money off of us? without changing anything??

  8. Of some of the more harmful pollutants
    Texas emits higher levels than any other state
    & Texas emits more carbon than any other
    state. Texas has 1 of the highest rates of some
    of the lung & cardiovascular diseases that are
    caused by, or made worse by, air pollution. For
    many years asthma rates in Texas children have
    been rising strongly. In addition to the many
    harmful effects to the children, over the course
    of their lifetime the health care costs for each
    of them will be enormous.

  9. From some of the comments it is obvious
    that many people mistakenly think that Prop 23
    is only about carbon emissions. If it passes it
    will allow increased emissions of a variety of
    pollutants, 1 of which is sulfur dioxide, which
    has long been the single largest cause for the
    rise in asthma in children. It is excessive sulfur
    dioxide emissions that is the primary reason
    for rising asthma rates in Texas. I imagine that
    some of the comments are by folks working
    for the Texas companies.

  10. @LoneTinaja Prop23 was to put AB32 on hold. AB32 relates specifically to GHG emissions. Nothing about SO2 or particulate pollutants – the controls on which would be unaffected.

  11. @MMGWsceptic You must not be a Texan who has seen what I've
    seen over the decades. I'm familiar with pollution control methodologies.
    I also know both of the Texas oil companies. They used to be my
    customers. The changes at refinery level that Prop 23 would have allowed
    would have also meant more sulfur dioxide & particulates escaping,
    whether legal of not & CA would have big problems wrestling with it. & I
    know chemical engineers who obviously know far more about it than you

  12. Also, MMGWsceptic – Approximately 97% of U.S.
    climatologists agree that human activities are
    causing global rise in temperature. While you
    choose to go with the 3% of skeptics, you are
    already paying for the change in your pocketbook.
    Russian, Indian & Chinese agriculture scientists
    say the rise in temperature is the largest factor
    in the early maturity of their wheat, thus reducing
    yields, which raised world wheat prices. Yields
    will continue to fall. MMGWsceptic, open your

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