NEW The Doctors NO DENTIST Mail Order Dental Veneers Online – Seen On TV – Brighter Image Lab

NEW The Doctors NO DENTIST Mail Order Dental Veneers Online – Seen On TV – Brighter Image Lab

What if you could improve your smile without even going to the dentist? There’s actually a more affordable option to veneers and our next guest they’re unhappy with their smile so they wanted to try it out When I was little I was on a swing and someone kicked me in the mouth and my tooth turned grey When I was 16 years old, I preformed on a stage and I went very hard and I just banged my tooth with the mic I chipped my tooth so I went to the dentist to get it fixed I was unhappy with the results because they were so uneven, It bothers me Today I am wearing a bridge and it’s obvious it’s not my natural teeth What I don’t like is you can kind of see the gum line So now I’ve learned how to cover it up and it still bothers me And I want to smile full you know like I’m so tired of this bridge, so let’s put these mail order removable veneers to the test I am really excited to give it a try so let’s do it! The First step is we are going to mix the putty And then you put it in the tray Here we go! Pull it out and put it in the mail So let’s hope I’m going to have a new smile let’s drop it off Both Crystal and Mika who you saw earlier they are joining us in the audience and before I show you their new look, I want to remind everyone Veneers can be very expensive There is a huge cost differential and I know that puts veneers out of reach of a lot of people It’s $795 bucks for an arch versus $1,000 a tooth I want everyone to look at what Mika looked like before with her smile and Mika let’s see now what you’ve got for us wow! So are you happy? I am happy of course I think the way they made them and how fast it was for me I think it could be a great solution for people who really struggle who can’t afford veneers or something With Crystal I know you were really challenged Yes So I was going to ask you to come up here and try them on for the first time So not only do we get to see them but you do as well there you are my dear as you’re doing that Crystal I just want to say one how brave you are coming and do this on national television and also for people to remember that you know your teeth affects more than just your smile it affects your overall health and how easy was that how does it feel (audience gasps) whoa what I notice on crystal is that they are so white and beautiful for a special event or pictures or whatever these might be a solution… That’s what seems like the right option You know your wedding is coming up and you don’t have time to get your teeth done yeah it’s great for that You got your pictures coming up I think it looks great would you wear these for pictures and things like that? Absolutely yes I do think it looks good It looks amazing your smile is so pretty yeah I mean physically it’s awesome

Author: Kevin Mason

4 thoughts on “NEW The Doctors NO DENTIST Mail Order Dental Veneers Online – Seen On TV – Brighter Image Lab

  1. Idk why they make it so costly..there would be thousands more dollars earned if they bring it down some many people would want this ..smh

  2. The male doctor's response though is not good on the actual show… he was a jerk… telling her they are not okay to wear everyday because they are so large and I disagree.

    As soon as she put them on, he turned to the lady next to him and started dissing them. Not a nice guy at all.

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