New Teeth Now – Why Dental Implants?

New Teeth Now – Why Dental Implants?

(Emily)Good evening everybody and thank you for
joining us here at new tooth now we’re shortly we will be talking with none
other than the Dr. Kirkpatrick who is very well known for the new teeth now
procedure. We will be doing live questions so please please please send
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on hand for the next 40-45 minutes to answer those so welcome Dr. Kirkpatrick
how are you this evening? (Dr. Kirkpatrick) Doing great Emily good to be here tonight. (Emily) Good good
so what is new teeth now for people that are just joining us or that are logging
in so new teeth now is a procedure to help patients who have basically lost
all hope with their natural teeth or have no teeth and they’re wanting to get
some type of option to where they can have fixed teeth in the mouth. They are
screwed in, they’re not you know they’re not like your natural teeth but they’re
very very close so it kind of gives us a way to help patients get their teeth
back for looks and function. So what is the difference between having a denture
and having something like new teeth? Well you really can’t even compare them so a
denture is removable it’s big its bulky its plastic the new teeth now procedure
is you know they’re very thin horseshoe shaped bridges we were screwed into the
implant so they can’t come in and out they don’t cover the roof of the mouth
there’s no wings that go up and underneath the lips or the cheeks like
people are used to seeing dentures when if you’ve ever seen one you know exactly
well it’s really big and it goes up into sections against the roof
these are screwed in in their permanent waiting place that getting more popular
we’re seeing more and more places open coming attempting the procedure and I
use that word just because how long have you been doing this I’ve been here 11
years the office has been doing the procedure about 30 years so it’s been
out for a very long time but saying that it is a I guess in the public and even
with a lot of general dentists it is a new procedure to them and you know that
was one of the reasons that we started advertising and it was really cool when
we started doing this that you know the reason we did it was to get the word out
to patients but at first we attracted more professionals so we would have you
know we’d have a dentist call us and be like you guys really do what you’re
advertising and say you can do so you know and then that started making us
think that geez if the dentist doesn’t know that then
the patient’s not going to know that because they can’t even offer it to
their patient if they don’t know about it so you know it just kind of is
something that just slowly has grown and call it on and you know it has become a
lot more thankfully it’s become more popular and and we love to hear other
places and people doing this as long as they’re doing a good job with it because
it’s helping patients how often do you get second opinions or people that have
been somewhere else and offered a similar or you know this sort of Zija
all the time and we love one of my favorite patients the type of patients
or the patients that have been other places and then come here for a second
opinion or third opinion and if they come here first you know patients will
kind of look at me strange when I’ll be sitting in a consult with them and a
lady yesterday and I was like you need to go
because you need to be as educated as you can before you make the commitment
and decision to do this and the more you know the more my patients know the
better patients are going to be they end up coming back and getting the procedure
done with you always so what separates new teeth now and the
way that you do this procedure from these other offices that are offering it
well I think just the way we approach patients from from day one from the
consult to how they’re handled to where they’re picking out their teeth to you
know what they ideally want them to look like to getting them through the scary
part of the procedure you know you’re completely asleep here so we have our
anesthesia team which that to me is one of the major separating factors between
us and other places that try to do what we do we’re you know what if a patient
that ivory treated that have had something like this done somewhere else
that ultimately didn’t work or failed and then they come here for me to fix
that when we finish the procedure they like Josh there was something here first
because let’s totally sleep I look up and it was finished and you know I had
no not a lot of pain after it maybe a little swelling you maybe a little
bruising but nothing like the experience that they had at another place that is
what and to be honest I don’t even know how they do it without in general
anesthesia it’s so hard to try to think about doing that on a either in a white
patient or a halfway sedated patient that here you’re completely asleep and
it’s the safest way because we have an anesthesia team providing the
season and the other thing that really separates us from other practices is we
ever announced lab so the teeth are made on side and that you know from a patient
standpoint it may not seem like a big deal at first but to have the ability
for the lab technician to come out and actually look at your face look at you
look at your expressions look at your smile and be able to make your teeth and
knowing what you look like it does make a big difference other than just you
know if you have to send it to an outside lab we’re sending the
impressions you’re singing maybe a photograph of the patient and that’s
what the lab technician has that worked in the past with it’s such a better way
to do it to have them here 100% and I think one of the other things that is
one of my favorite things about new teeth now is you’ve had so many patients
that have been told by the facilities that they don’t have enough bone and
probably several of them watching right now what would you say to something that
says they don’t have enough own you know it it happens every day
patients I had yesterday morning the patients are sought for consult today
and one of the first things they say to me well I came here because you say that
you’ve got different ways to do this to where if you don’t have a lot of them
and they’re like that’s helped me you know I went to two other people may come
get your signature or you know you’re partial and you know I sit down and go
through the CGC and I’m like ooh you’ve got plenty of to do this we may have to
you know use some special techniques that we do here but I’ve never had a
patient in 11 years that’s a big deal because patients look sometimes they
look at me with a lot of skepticism that they’re kind of like what can you do
that they can’t do or why are you so confident that you can do this and you
know something I mean I do this every day we know where to go to find stable
though I love that you said that that you do it every single day because it’s
very much so you know if you have heart issues where are you gonna go to heart
doctor if they’re having teeth issues they need to come to you and have a
consult definitely and if you’re having heart
issues and TV issues you need to come here definitely what is the connection
between the heart and the mouth yeah there’s a huge connection you will
probably get to it I’m going to slide that slides coming out of it you know
your periodontal disease decayed teeth it’s just it’s a what great infection
that can get into one stream where does the blood go straight to the
heart so it’s all connected and it really does make a big difference
because I mean we get we’re consulted all the time from the heart surgeons at
the hospital or local hospital here and God Novation true only needed a valve
replacement and they will not put that patient to sleep to do that valve
replacement until we clear them from an oral health
standpoint so that tells you how important it is and the relationship
because they know that heart valve in a year ago put in has the possibility to
get infected from the same bacteria that causes infection gentleman T and you are
a board-certified oral I’m gonna butcher this maxillofacial surgeon I have I
still stumble on my words so talk to me a little bit about that so it is
something that you know I’m proud to say that I am board certified and it’s
something that is very difficult to get in the beginning it’s a it’s a
comprehensive written exam that you have to pass to be qualified to sit for the
they call it the oral examination which it’s basically you’re you’re sitting in
with a bunch of other board certified all circuits and they’re in españa and
it could be you know sometimes there’s a plastic surgeon that’s passed into
questions or but they’re going over cases and basically it’s snares what
would you do and they want to know what you would do and then they take an
account down the road and you know they want it
basically if you’re gonna be safe or not and if you’re not then you don’t get
your board certification and if you are then you get that so make sure whether
you know if you’re watching and you’re going to come here that’s great because
both me and my partner are more 35 but if you’re going to go somewhere else
make sure that that doctor that’s going to be treating you is more certified
because that means that they went through the appropriate steps and if
they pass the boards so we do have a question in there was somebody that was
wondering how long or how many is I go my envelopes have replaced already first
question is a healthy fact about a giveaway is you know it would be hard to
say like a number the last time I looked a few years ago I was putting together a
presentation to do a talk on zygomatic implants in Chicago and at that time it
was around 500 and I can tell you I’ve done one or two every day on average
since then so I mean I push in 2000 which there’s in that you know a
thousand tonight may not seem like a lot but we there used to be one company that
made these so we ordered from them they knew who else is doing them and
there was no one else in the country even coming close to the numbers Wow
so you know a thousand is a lot of these things didn’t new teeth now win an award
for having the most zygomatic implants place and now it’s getting more popular
you know there’s other people doing which is a great thing as long as
they’re trained into it but you know there’s some issues and some scary
things on the internet about the zygomatic implants that really should
not be there because that may be like having a warning that gets smoking with
a gas can in your car you know that’s right stupid that no one should do you
know no smart person is going to do that if you’re trained to put in zygomatic
implants then there’s nothing scary about them there you know there’s you
know how to a lawyer’s office call me and want to know how to be an expert
witness against another person who put in a zygomatic implant and you know the
implant went in the eye and I kind of thought about the case like I don’t even
know how that’s possible yeah like you’ve got to be totally not paying
attention or closing your eyes or just hoping that you really put it where it
needs to go but somehow it went to the where the eye socket is and that is just
you know it’s so and that’s on the Internet as like don’t get a zygomatic
implant it can go into your eyeball it can’t go into your eyeball
you’re going to somebody who knows what they’re doing for the exam it is
impossible I mean how that happen so it’s safe to say even never placed a
zygomatic implant not in this I go yes so let’s take a look at the diagram
really quick this is an upper jaw and it’s got the traditional four implants
in the door no palate which is great for people that are going from a denture to
implants and and then what those are screws that go now that do me retain me
yeah yes so those are small it is immense
okay so though these are small titanium screws that actually secure embrace the
bridge against the implants you know I love this picture because it shows all
of that shows the implants kind of submerged in underneath the gum in the
bone shows the bridge with the screws and how
it would lift up on them be seated what I hate about this picture is it’s a very
old picture and it’s showing four implants and the procedure if you guys
at home watching have ever googled this or you know done your research on it
that used to be called the all-on-four technique and that’s what that picture
is what people did they put four implants on the top four implants on the
bottom secure these bridges on now the more we know about how these work and
have followed patients that have had the procedure if a patient had a problem it
was usually always in the top and it was so they started looking at why that
would happen and there’s a big difference between the bone quality of
the the lower jaw lower jaw really thick
hard dense bone for implants that’s perfect
you know you can put four implants and those things will last forever you do
four implants on the top the upper jaw is a little bit more spongy so they’re
really the new research is really recommending more support so you know my
99.9% of the cases I’ve done over the Levin years they have six implants on
the top and that’s becoming more of a gold standard I try to do it the way
that I would want it done in our six the only time that I really don’t do six is
if a patient needs you know when we talked about the zygomatic implants if
you have no bone in the upper jaw nowhere then we totally support and
anchor these bridges with the succubus so we would do four in 24 zygomatic
implants it’s called a quad zygomatic case Wow
it would be where most people would put that in a really complex procedure I’ve
done a lot of those and they work really well so it gives patients hope who have
no bone and basically have been told a man that patients come in from other
universities that you know a teaching hospital that should be able to do this
but you know that’s how I’m like all you need I can we need to take its bone for
their hip to put there let it heal for nine months and and then hopefully
enough bone you took to be able to put the implants in but with the quads our
comas the way that we can do this without the
graphene and you do it in one day so that that’s the only one time that I
would not put six it’s what I do the quads automatic case so new teeth now
has basically taken the all-on-four procedure and just perfected it and
advanced it to you it is it’s it’s all on whatever it takes and it’s and that’s
really what it is you know there was a guy a friend of mine who does similar
procedures he Kenneth he was writing a book and he what he asked me about
Rotter tuck do the section on zygomatic endpoints and his book is titled all on
X and I think it’s a great way to put it because it is in the you know it’s all
on X it’s just how many can you put spaced them out and use as much memory
as you can to give the patient as much support as you can get so that’s what we
did well I’m glad they explained that it leads me to my next question because
that sounds like a lot of work and somebody did write in and they wanted to
know is it truly done in a single day the procedure is totally 100% done in a
single day what patients have you know obviously you can’t walk in and in the
morning I’ve never met you shake your hand taking them back and throw in some
acquaintances mu T that’s there’s things that we do leading up to that day by the
consult the impression is to make your temporary teeth so that part takes more
than a day but the procedure once we get that you
know what you’re looking forward for your temporary teeth and what you want
them to look like then you come in and you better we walk in the way you are
with whether you have no teeth or you have a mouthful of bad teeth you come in
that morning we do the procedure you’re done around lunch you hang out the
recovery room we screw your teeth so you leave that afternoon that is an
incredible procedure and I honestly understand where they’re coming from
because before I saw it done yeah I’m witnessed patients coming in that
morning and leaving the same day with an amazing smile and a new personality you
know you don’t believe it until you see it and it brings me to a
lady that you treat it really singling well not recently actually how long has
it been since you saw Beth so Bethany was your patient and she had a denture
and was told that she had no bone oh yes because I believe she contacted me and
we were talking and she’s worn out of state which a lot of your patients are
even out of the country and let’s go ahead and watch her testimonial I have a
top denture and it does not stay in place and it rubs my gums constantly and
even when I was in my 20s I had bad teeth so it was always you know when you
would smile you would cover your mouth it just becomes a habit and I guess as
I’ve gotten older I’ve just learned how to smile without showing much to the
morning of a surgery I came in I was nervous and they talked to me and they
tried to put me at ease and we went back and then she says okay
I need you to count backwards and that was it that’s all I remember
and when I woke up I was actually just I don’t it was amazing you know you look
up and they’re like you’re done but it felt like I’ve just gone to sleep
they handed me the mirror and I was I was just very happy it was like having a
full set of natural teeth that was given to me new teeth now gave
me the gift to be able to look in the mirror and actually see the Beverly that
I haven’t seen in a very long time the one that I missed dearly and I’m glad is
back I feel like I am the Beverly I should be her transformation her
before-and-after is one of my favorites it makes me walk right because I
remember how emotional she was when she came into this office yeah she was she
was to see how amazing she looks and it’s from how she feels you know one of
the things I love about her is she knew she needed it she thought she couldn’t
get it because she’d been seeing other people and she was very skeptical coming
in and that took a lot of courage so I love that about her because she did come
from out of state to a place that was that she was putting all of her chips in
her corner hoping that we could do this and you know to see her even that first
day when she’s she’s still little drug you because she’s been under anesthesia
and but we put those teeth in and you see her that day I mean that’s that’s
probably do it she has commented on how much it’s changed her relationship with
her husband her personality her confidence and I mean I don’t blame her
she looked incredible did you see that after they’re just amazing and you know
it’s kind of easy to think if you feel really good then you’re
going everything around just gonna be better and that’s that’s what we see
with these patients and you also do other procedures that help improve
self-confidence don’t you is there some cosmetic procedures that you yeah we we
do that’s a kind of an added benefit that patients can get when they come
here part of my training in tale full facing neck cosmetics so you know
patients that are seeking it when you literally can come in and have all your
teeth replaced facelift and necklift liposuction of the neck a laser for face
Botox lip tours you know or on a plasti eyelids that’s a really cool procedure
to throwing of this because it all goes hand in hand with you know if patients
who have either been missing a lot of teeth or missing all her teeth over
years us bones and when you lose the value orders basically support of the
mission of soft tissues if you have a lot of bone loss and Socrates but you
have bad parry disease and your bones kind of receded away from the teeth you
lose that bone which can you know I can start seeing it caving in to parents
here and you know with some little cosmetic procedures cheek implants
they’re very quick and simple that can replace that volume and you know it
makes a significant difference on the outcome can you do cheek implants on
zygomatic implants yes Wow oh yeah no they’re totally – I wouldn’t recommend
doing it with the same sin but they can be done on top of each other now Beverly
had like magic implants yes nobody would be able to tell just looking at her no
that’s we get that question all the time like oh you’re gonna put those like
anchor them into the lower part of the cheekbone so I’ll be able to see them or
feel them or touch over well you know and I’m like no you can’t
you will never know they’re there even your general dentist if you’ve moved you
know as far away from me as you can get and go to see somebody else to have them
clean they take your teeth out and they’re
looking in your mouth they’re just gonna see six implants I mean they can’t know
in your mouth on an x-ray it looks really weird and funny because they’re
longer and they go different ways and what a traditional implant would go but
you know looking at your mouth there’s no difference go back to that one
picture now okay so here so this is showing you know this is six implants
okay you can’t tell the difference between this one this one this one this
one listen listen they all look the same in the mouth with those two in the back
or zygomatic implants really so when you go to our most skip through a lot of
these slides to get this x-ray right there and going back up okay that’s what
they would look like on an x-ray so you can see these are traditional implants
in good bone that the patient had and then on the side and kind of the front
part of the upper jaw no bone in the back and you can totally see it the
sinus comes down just drop straight down so the bone goes from this thick to this
thick so the only option that patient has is to really do a large bone graft
which would take up to a year before they can possibly get the implants put
in and then do the implants or you put these in they go into the lower part of
the cheekbones she’s got a minute you can’t see them on her she can’t touch
them they’re totally under every all the soft tissue in the bone you wouldn’t
even know that they were not hotties yeah you look and they are big and they
are wide and exactly the way she wanted him you know
we we kind of toned her down a little bit like not go that that’s big imply
you know they were her teeth at the end of the day so she has traditional crown
and bridge okay that had been placed a long time ago a very good general
dentist you know but they just they failed over time she got recurrent decay
under the crowns and you know that’s what she ended up with a bunch of
failing teeth you can actually take that bridge and move it in and out with your
hands totally failing how did the Centaurs run off and her middle on is
off yes so we fixed that and gave her pretty new smile that’s amazing so we do
have another question that came in and we have somebody wondering if this
procedure cures periodontal disease 100% so that is the cool thing another cool
thing about this and that’s one of the main reasons that we do this you know is
to treat the disease you know the added benefit of the appearance of the bridge
or you know getting to pick out your teeth what you wanted to look like
that’s that’s kind of like just icing on the cake but the number one goal is to
cure the disease that’s present and do what you have the ability to function
and shoot and eat what you want to eat again without pain without worrying
about if if something’s too hot or too cold you know you want to be able to
choose foods and you want to be able to go out to dinner with friends and family
and not worrying about food getting trapped underneath a denture or partial
or your teeth falling out you know that happens you know there’s there’s videos
on Google if you go go like digitally so you know it there’s all kind of like
where somebody’s giving a speech and they’re talking about in d’etre
it’s a microphone did you see the one the ladies blown a birthday candles oh
yeah Oh didn’t teeth come out onto the cake yeah yeah you know and that’s
that’s something that this does take care of but the the first goal is to get
rid of disease so from day one your periodontal disease is gone the day
under the procedure the periodontal disease is cured so that I mean it’s
just we eliminate the source by taking out the teeth then we basically clean up
everything and get rid of any infected tissue so it’s gone that day let’s take
a look at this before and this is one of your patients that was a schoolteacher
wasn’t she yes if you want an opinion an honest opinion and she came to you what
were her concerns her concerns you know I took she was very apprehensive about
coming she was a scared it’s you’re scared to come and but what really come
was the final straw that drove her head was some of the kids were asking oh my
god little wife behind your teeth so brown or what are the black spots or you
know and that really started to bother her
at home she knew she had there’s something about it and you know she’d
gone to see some other providers and she never met bum gremlin so she came here
and she was one you know Ted is one of the guys behind the camera with us
tonight I mean he was there that day that this happened because I’ll never
forget and he’s you know he probably like still holds this against me but you
know I’ll walk out and he’s wanting to fill me and talk about help her case and
because we all knew it was gonna be really difficult and he is like how are
you you got like that but it’s the talking about this and I’m like Ted this
was one of the hardest cases I’ve ever done
I just want to sit on the couch for a minute look but you know with that and
and he wanted to capture some of that and and he did and it turned out you
know he’s the mastermind of course behind the camera but with her she was
really difficult but to watch that transformation that day and then to see
what she did in the parking lot and she said I forgot here she said that’s it
did she post it on Facebook she posted on Facebook there sent it to us so she
posted on her Facebook and then sent us a copy but she had posted on Facebook a
selfie and she said that it was she talent like the first selfie she’d ever
taken because she never wanted to do that before so you’re talking about
somebody come in and she was in the state that she was in feeling bad about
her team goes to sleep we take her teeth out you put in implants and we put on a
new set of teeth that day and she leaves and gets in her car and she’s awake
about and smiling enough that she can take this selfie and post
place look like that’s why we do this right I mean it’s just until you witness
it firsthand you don’t realize the emotional impact and then to know again
she’s also disease for you from the tongue when she gets her car to leave
she’s no longer has periodontal disease or decay or you know she’s smiling even
get hit chase know so you can look at the picture and tell like that’s going
to have an effect on her definitely and we see that impacting several people
visible that’s the first thing that anybody notices is the teeth and the
eyes yeah that’s well known the two things that people notice first when you
know you’re meeting somebody for the first time or run into somebody that you
know in the grocery you’re looking at their attitude okay that’s just what
people are focused on so to be able to change that for the better is we have a
lot of patients that are scared we have one gentleman we’re so scared he would
call the telephone line regularly and then hang up and we knew it was him
because the same number would keep coming up okay and and then finally one
day he spoke and it was to me and he wanted to do the procedurally default
throw at it yeah so you know I just love the new technology company when you meet
that person you’re very involved and you are very understanding a lot of people
are scared because they’re scared to be judged or looked at and I love that they
can sit in a consult with you and they feel like you know like they’re a family
member by the time they leave that cons and try I mean I do just that I did try
to treat everyone like they are family member really close for it or me you
know I really do which is probably more important than a close friend but how I
would want it done is how I’m gonna try to do it to you and you know so you know
you want to get the best I agree yeah it’ll be the way that way
but you know one of my goals not just to do it the way I would want it done to me
but I never want you know it kills me that when I see a patient that has had
extensive dental work done with implants like this procedure that was done with
somebody who maybe didn’t really know what they’re doing or had a bad day or
or whatever happened but they had they need it redone and that is or retreated
and that’s one of the things it just it really does bug me and I do feel for
these patients because my goal with whoever I’m doing the consult on when
they choose to come here I never want to treat you again right like I don’t want
to have to go back and fix something or redo it I want to do it
the best way that I can the day one so we so you’re done and we don’t have to
worry about that now have I ever had a new client fail sure you know if you put
in thousands and thousands of any plan then statistically you’re good you have
to because you know implants and that’s it you know one thing to mention that
you know implants they’re they’re really really good they’re not a hundred
percent success but they’re close here across the United States there are like
95% of successful and if you think and that’s across everybody putting them in
across the u.s. so that includes the bad people putting them in so you know so
that if you really are trying to do the best you can you know your success rate
it’s going to be really high but you can have them fail and the good news with
that is every implant that I have that feeling hybrid the patient never had to
go without the teeth they never lost their hybrid it was something that we
could usually fix really quick and simple and you know a very short time 30
minutes and you know then they’re done so it’s it’s something that it is a very
successful procedure that I guess you can count on the results you know
something you’re not really estimating like oh yeah you know I think you
probably go to 70% chance of this or you if I’m operating on you you have a
hundred percent chance or I wouldn’t be doing it and that’s the way you know
that’s I don’t want to jump into something that I don’t think I think
that’s right because this is that final solution new teeth now is a final
solution there’s nowhere else to go right exactly
you have no teeth or you have teeth that need to be removed this is what you want
what is the final material made of good question so you’re you get two sets of
teeth with this procedure the teeth that we put on the same day of the procedure
is you know we call them your temporary teeth they’re made of they’re made just
like the bottle of t 10-15 years ago used to be
they’re made out of acrylic it’s the benefit of that is they’re very easy to
adjust and you’re going to need adjustments during that first you know
six months of you know I’m just gonna do the surgery and then send that person on
my way no and and if you ever go to somebody that says that oh we’re going
to do the procedure to get your final teeth the next day and your life’s going
to be great okay think very cautiously about that because you know I’ll do this
every day and I don’t know how that’s possible because so when we let me run
through and how we do it so we do the procedure use your temporary teeth
they’re made out of acrylic so they’re put in they go up and just go up and
kiss and touch the gums as you heal your gums will shrink that you can’t stop
that from happening because from surgery from if you have periodontal disease and
now they’re they’re going to be healing and some of the swelling is going out of
the gums they’re gonna shrink so they’ll shrink and you’ll get a little space in
between your teeth your bridge and your gums you’re gonna hate that and I’m
gonna love it because it’s gonna be very easy for you to clean it but you’re
gonna tell me about it every day and pretty much every patient tells me and
it gets pretty funny because a lot of patients they’re you know once a week
I’ll go in for a post-op of it and I’m like a you know much Jones how you doing
like entertainment problems how’s it going no no you know I’m not every pain
everything’s great but you know and they’ll kind of get that like wisdom
look like I’ve got this space between my and I’m looking at him work yeah you
mean that space that I told you I’m a concept and that you would tell me about
it and you would hate it and oh I remember you telling each other and you
know in there so and then they become bad with it and it’s just something that
it’s going to be there while the implants are healing and so it helps you
keep the gum tissue during the healing process as clean as possible when it
comes time that when the implants because it does take you know you get
your teeth on day one but your implants still take six months to fuse with your
bone that process hasn’t changed from how it used to be thirty years ago the
way we put the teeth on is everything is tied together so you get the teeth the
same day once your implants in fused to the bone your gum is healed
now we make your final set of teeth they’re made out of zirconia
this is showing a puck of zirconia and it’s something that we do here and if
Ted oh if you can zoom in on that okay so this is a puck ups are coming in I
love it and you know you can see like this is a bridge like this that is being
milled out of this by milling machine here in our lab a very high-tech thing
that we have here with lab technicians that are very skilled to be able to do
this and you know that is a process that takes a little bit of time but it isn’t
right in the product because the zirconia is very cosmetic and very
strong there it’s the strongest material that we have and this is a great picture
if you can see that where it’s shown the six screw holes and then four rotated
down it shows the teeth with a little bit of
the gum material and that gum materials are coming it’s all one piece that our
lab technicians which are basically like artists told you when they can come out
and look at your teeth or what I mean look at your skin look at your face or
get your smile look at your gums and then they can paint this to get to the
tooth color you want and the gum material to match everything I mean
that’s as good as it gets and then this material this is designed
to last you you know actually we don’t know how long it will last use honest
answer because it’s been out for about nine or ten years to be able to do this
and but it’s designed to last you forever the implants are designed to
last you forever as long as you’re taking care of this and maintaining it
which is another question that we haven’t got asked yet but you brush them
every day you know morning and not just like I do my natural teeth and then you
go get your teeth cleaned you go get them cleaned professionally
every six months because the way your spit glands operate is you will develop
plaque in calculus you can’t stop that process from happening and it will
adhere to these bridges it’s a lot harder for that to happen over natural
teeth but it does happen so you need to go get them clean the cool thing about
cleanings with these is you’re not setting what
dentist or hygienists scrape on your teeth and that icky feeling that a lot
of us yeah you basically go in they unscrew and take the teeth out take them
in the back and clean them steam clean them get all the stains off put them
back in and they’re like brand new again I mean you can’t get you know easier
than that that’s and I love it the way one of a close friend of mine who I work
with on a lot of these Duncan Apollo he he made the comment one time to me that
you know it’s like patients when they’re brushing their teeth it’s like washing
their car you know you wash your car they’re washing their teeth every day
and then every six months they come in and not detail their to you and that’s a
really good way to look at it because he’s really taking it back to their
original state knocking off because these do stain but they’re treated like
natural teeth so if you drink a lot of coffee over time they’re going to get a
little bit of darker shade the cool thing about it is when he takes them out
and steam clean them it goes back to the original so it is like detail on it so I
mean it’s it’s a really easy thing for a patient to go through with a clean even
if people are scared to dentist I mean you’re not having anything
I sent the tea-things screwed there’s no nothing with that there’s no you know
something quick and easy it takes like five minutes to think about there’s
definitely never a cavity no I’ve had that question before you know will will
I ever need a root canal or a crapper you know it can be filled and I’m like
no they can’t get the cave you’re not gonna need a root canal
you’re not gonna need a cavity filled the dentistry is done this truly is the
final solution yes we met and designed to be the final solution and we have a
question asking what the actual implants are made of so the implants aren’t going
to the door securing it which is our Konya and what are they made of
so the implants are made of titanium which is a really good material for your
body it’s the same thing like a hip replacement knee replacement would be
made so it’s it’s a it’s the most biocompatible material that we have so
when they go in and and it also is a material that you love and wise so
that’s what makes the bone actually views to the implant is the material
it’s made of it’s just like you said a knee replacement and is that why is it
because the body doesn’t reject titanium it is I mean is it possible for that
I’ve never done a patient to reject an implant okay but they you know obviously
they didn’t get infected it’s a four that you’re putting in so it’s possible
to get an infection but of all other materials have been trying to kind of
studied titanium is so far with standard I think we don’t – mostly everybody’s
questions let’s just take a quick look at some before afters okay because I
think that the pictures really speak for themselves
this one is amazing so this one and you know that picture the after picture
that’s in her temporary teeth and it’s probably about four weeks out of her
procedure and that’s just a great comparison I think it confirms as well
that there’s not a bruising more swelling that people are anticipating no
works out you can get bruising and swelling but if you get it you know it
may last four or five days but you know if typically we know who may be more at
risk of getting some bruising and swelling and that’s typically someone on
you know blood thinners take a lot of herbal supplements drink a lot of you
know red wine or some alcohol me you know it’s just you know but it’s
you know so anything that would cause you to bruise easier probably got some
bruising and swelling with this procedure but it lasts two or three days
and then it goes away but yeah with her you know totally healed you know great
before and after a result and then another one who very self-conscious
about the way his teeth looked and the pre-op and you know I think these were
great and it’s something that if I were gonna have this done and then you can
get them as natural looking as you want you can get them with as much character
as you want you can have our gold tooth put in if you want a space between the
two front teeth if you want you know he wanted them really nice and straight and
really white and I think they look good do you know my favorite thing with all
of the before-and-afters is that genuine smile you can see the first one is just
very forced just like just like this lady and that’s something I do I take a
lot of pictures and you know patients will learn that about me but take a lot
of before and after pictures take a lot of you know up close pictures of how
your turn and if you know with her before picture that I was like come on
smile really big and she was like well I don’t ever smile and I look we’ve gotta
give me something and you know and that’s her just basically opening her
mouth to show me what your teeth look like but then on the after picture she
didn’t have problem at all smiling you know if you look at that you can really
see she’s got all of her muscles are working to bring her cheeks and lips up
and that’s a you know it’s a good thing and this is one that we may should
finish on her before-and-after and her story was
incredible as as well you know she had been down a long road with a bunch of
them dentist a lot of treatments you know where she had multiple dental
procedures done that it ultimately ended up failing and she’s a sitter what’s in
with our industry and she did not want anything more and that’s what she has
been offered so she came over you know she was out of town came over for a
consult we talked about it we got her set up and you know she was like man if
you guys can do this like it’s going you have no idea how much it’s going to
change my life and if you look at that picture she it truly did change her life
like now she is like the dedicated does she and it’s and it’s a cool thing
because you know she’s so happy with what she ended up with and the entire
process that you know her one of her goals now in life and she tells us all
the time like if you ever have a patient that’s thinking about it that wants to
talk to somebody who’s been through the process tell them to call me I wanted to
tell them my story to tell him exactly what happened the day of surgery exactly
what happened during the recovery so so they can hear it from somebody who’s
been through well impacted her life so immensely I remember she would come into
the office and and you know leave her number with me and she would say you
give me a call if you know you get anybody that’s worried about this or is
questioning this it’s an investment to yourself and your happiness and even the
people around you if you think about it because you know how many family photos
are you skipping how many and holidays are coming up too or with a smile mm-hmm
yeah when people do avoid it and let’s go ahead and answer the question that
obviously everybody is asking and that is about the price so the console if we
want to just talk about the console is $50 I would recommend the console to
anybody even wondering about this would you yes oh yeah no if you’re
thinking about this you need to come in at least know your options then you get
the information you’re not you know you don’t sign up for anything when you come
in for the consult you you need to know your options are you a candidate for
this do you need a psychometric implant do you mean to Zacks back implants you
know what it’s going to take to do the procedure and and during that consult
its we try to make that appointment as informative but at the same token laid
back so we’re looking you know we’re talking you’re telling me you know what
your goals are with the procedure and we actually look at your CT scan which we
obtained during that day together and we treatment minute so the you’re looking
at everything I’m looking at and I’m showing you okay you’ve got this much
bone here I’m going to put an implant here you’ve got this much bone here
multiple what you don’t have it here so we’re going to do this and we treatment
plan it so when you leave here you know exactly what I’m gonna do you write when
you come back and then you turn people away I just wanted to make oh yeah
because if you’ve sat here through this webinar there’s a reason for it and you
need to just come in and get the x-ray because fifty dollars for the x-ray the
console all the treatment that you’re going to detail out you know even if you
get told you’ve gotta go see a regular dentist get your problems taken care off
and you know the patients are talking about that turned away it was you know
patient they had no infection no Medicaid nothing wrong with the teeth
they just want has one with the appearance they’re they’re crowded and
they didn’t help I like the way they looked that patient needed orthodontics
you know this is not a procedure that you want
and just purely for cosmetics have all your teeth taken out and get nice pretty
white teeth but that is typically not the case when we see patients for the
consult but you know you take that information that we go over by me doing
a really quick oral exam looking at the CT going through the CT together and
talking with one of our implant coordinators you get all that
information and you take it home you tell friends talk to family do research
on one go for another opinion and then if this is for you then you come back
right that’s the way we do so $50 is for the consultation and that covers like
dr. Pat Patrick was talking about the treatment plan the CT scan everything
it’s not for somebody that is just looking for orthodontic treatment or
anything like that below you are looking at the full mouth restoration which is
usually 45502 49,500 that’s our prices and it’s on a special right now
discounted to thirty nine thousand nine hundred the higher-end forty three
thousand nine hundred is for somebody with side o matic implants so really
severe bone loss usually quite rare but again it’s seen in the consults you may
come in thinking you need a full mouth and it’s just an upper or it’s just a
lower so that’s what is determined for that one $50 consult you do pay that
over the phone when you call and you know somebody will walk you through that
and it’s definitely worth the investment to yourself like I said the holidays are
coming up if you are sitting there and you’re miserable and you’re hiding from
family and you are not participating in the holidays because of how you feel you
need to come see dr. Patrick and just talk about your options who knows you
could have teeth by Christmas you know that is a possibility I know it sounds
like a dream but it’s true so please please please feel free to call us thank
you for watching our webinar thank you dr. Patrick
or answering all of the questions thank you for having me and hopefully a lot of
these people will be in to see you soon we hope so
thank you if you would like to view more informational videos on new teeth now
please click the subscribe button here thanks for watching

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