NEW TEETH NOW Candidates get DENTAL IMPLANT Supported Teeth

NEW TEETH NOW Candidates get DENTAL IMPLANT Supported Teeth

(Bianca) And now let’s hear Dr. Kirkpatrick
explain who’s a candidate for a full set of implants imported teeth. (Dr. Kirkpatrick) So basically
that there’s three different types of patients that we see. People who are
missing teeth like maybe the person that asked that question and been missing them for a long time. Who’ve just been wearing dentures and tired of dentures and want
something that’s more fixed and it doesn’t come in and out and something
that would look good and that they can chew and can basically eat anything they
want. This second group of patients that we see would be people with just bad teeth, you know. People that have a mouth full of bad decay and you know to try to fix
them. If, if fixing them would be an option, would entail lots of root canals.
Lots of crowns. Lots of time. Lots of money. You want, you know and going
through all those procedures. There’s no guarantee that you know they would last
so those patients would be good candidates for this procedure and the
third type would be people that are just you know severe periodontal disease so
gum loss. The bone loss. Gum loss and you know
they get into that wheel where they’re going in for cleanings every you know
two to three months and they have continued bone loss and the only way to
truly cure that and get rid of it is just to remove the source. So you take
out the teeth that gets rid of the source. The infection clears up and
what’s cool about that is that we can do that in one day. So we can take the teeth
out and essentially cure the infection in one day and put the implants in and
give the patients new teeth that they leave with which is a really cool thing.
To be able to provide for patients. (Announcer) If you would like to view more informational videos on New Teeth Now, please click the subscribe button here.
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