New Season Coming to Paramount Network | Wife Swap Trailer

New Season Coming to Paramount Network | Wife Swap Trailer

– The new mom. – Oh my gosh. – [Boy] Should expect torture. (blows raspberry) – Oh god. – Hours and hours of torture. Lord help me, Lord help me. – [Man] “Wife Swap” is
back on Paramount Network. – Oh my gosh am I in a circus family. – [Man] For an all new season. – Do you want to drive? – Uh uh, I drive a mini van. – We’re gonna get tortured today. – Hey hey. (laughing) Medic. – We’re professional wrestlers. – We’re about to see how
tough you really are. (yelling) – We specialize in casting out devils. – I’m a witch. – What is this, they got a witch broom. I wonder if she ride it. (laughing) – Building a wall is just
what we know who’s here. – My head’s going to explode. – Women need to be seen and not heard? – Can you get me another one? – I can’t, I cannot. – You’re calling me a
liar in my own house? – How ’bout you bring it down? (gun firing) – Jake will pull the trigger on everything that is in here. – It was just mind
boggling that this child is holding these weapons. – The children they’re
starving for affection. – That’s a lot of change. I don’t do good with change. – This experience has changed me forever. – That TV needs to leave the room, that’s where the magic happens. – Magic happens in that,
what kind of magic? – Well. (laughing) – [Both] Mommy Nicky. – You believe that the Earth is flat? – It just makes more sense to me. – Okay. – Holy moley. – [Man] “Wife Swap,” new
season premieres February 13th. – Fat people die when
they do stuff like this. – [Man] On Paramount Network.

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