Netzwerktechnik Grundlagen #9 – Adressierung (IP & MAC-Adresse)

Netzwerktechnik Grundlagen #9 – Adressierung (IP & MAC-Adresse)

Welcome to cyber elfer security and beautiful you that there are today we look at the module number nine andy address and that is the namely internet device happens that is used as much as anyone computer has its own mac address and only hear it, if the data packet his name appears at the transmitter are doing a destination address to which the packet just down to, for example, for address 2 and nevertheless it is more the also sent and the sender two flat his address from the message reads he knows it did is data package for him that calls itself then acceptance filtering just as does the principle as said it is getting to the ip and mac address seen who the message to receive and then pulls values just out otherwise I hope you have again what is learned and then we’ll see us next module [Music]

Author: Kevin Mason

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