Networking for Job Seekers in 2020

Networking for Job Seekers in 2020

Hey guys, I want to talk about probably the most
important thing that you need to be doing in 2020, if you are currently in career transition
or you’re looking for another job. And that is networking. Not polishing up your resume
Not polishing up your LinkedIn profile. Although LinkedIn does work great, but networking is
what you need to be doing. This is key for your career transition, or getting another
job because they say that 80% of the positions filled out there are through networking and
referrals, not by mindlessly sending out resumes by the hundreds. And I want to share with
you an example of something that I witnessed just this past weekend. I thought it was beautiful
and I was like, I got to make a video out of this. So, I’m at this meetup event. It’s
a meditation meetup event, right? It’s a meetup event that I had been attending for the last
couple of years. It meets every Sunday and this particular
Sunday, this past week out there, and there’s always, it’s a free event. Uh, we have new
people coming all the times and you know, they may stick around for a couple of sessions.
They may leave. I mean, meditation, although I believe it’s important is not for everyone.
But this particular day we had these two new people that came, they came separately, these
two women. And at the end of this session, um, we were just sitting around chatting that
the entire group, I think there was six of us that day and the facilitator of the group,
she looked at this one woman, she says, so what is it that you do? And the woman says,
well, I was recently laid off, so I guess I’m looking for another position right now.
And I immediately said, Hey, you know, I’m a career coach. I can help you out. And you’ve got a couple of laughs, Sarah,
when I handed her my business card, but the facilitator said, well, what kind of work
did you do? And she says, well, I was previously a project manager. So then there’s the other
woman who is also brand new to the group and she says, really, you know what, I’m actually
hiring for a project manager right now. Let me give you my card and you can go ahead and
send me your resume. Now. I don’t know what happened after that, but this is the magic
of networking and I’ve got so many different stories of this. I’ve had a client who was
out on the golf course and he just, he loved to golf you, you know a play by himself and
you got paired up with these two executive vice presidents from one of the companies
in the area that landed him an interview. When they started talking about what it was
that he does. I remember one of the first clients that I got when I took my business
full time, I was in a dentist chair and a hygienist, you know, we were talking and she
says, what is it that you’re doing? And I said, I am a career coach. I just took my
business full time and she says, really? Let me get your card. My husband is looking for
a work right now. Networking is where you want to focus on and it’s not all about going
to these events after hours, you know, walking around with a name tag on your shirt, you
know, says hello, my name is bill and you know, the handing out business cards. No,
it could be as simple as going to the dentist or the supermarket to a meditation retreat
or even just looking at LinkedIn and reaching out to some of those old connections that
you’ve lost contact with for a long time. But networking is what you need to do. So
if 80% of the positions out there are filled through networking and referrals, then where
do you think you should be spending at least 80% of your time? This is what’s going to
be most productive for you. So anyway, want to thank you for stopping by. Today is December
31st, 2019 tomorrow is a brand new 2020 and again, if you are in career transition, whether
you’re looking at this video now or nine months from now, if you want to know what to focus
on, it’s not your resume, it’s not LinkedIn, it is networking out there. That’s what’s
going to help you get this job. Thanks for stopping by and I will see you next week.

Author: Kevin Mason

5 thoughts on “Networking for Job Seekers in 2020

  1. All of my hires have been by networking or referrals. Literally all of them 🙂 My team and I have never given a second thought to random resumes that are sent to us.

  2. crazy that 80% of jobs are gotten from networking. Not one of my strong sets ! How is your eye ? That is what golf was made for- Networking

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