100 thoughts on “Networking Basics: 8 Tips to Networking Without Being Fake

  1. this shit pisses me off… I was applying for a job with UPS as a freight pilot. I had recently been honorably discharged from the Air Force as a pilot. and another kid who had just got his ATP certification. now, which pilot would you rather have (I don't know anyone at UPS) this kid knew one of the REALLY higher ups. which pilot 1. ex-military, with a little over 10,000 hours behind the yoke of large aircraft. or a college grad with an ATP certification 1,500 hours, and little to no experience handling the type of aircraft he would be flying?

  2. This was very helpful. I am working on getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people. I am a real estate investor with a new company. Meeting and making business connections and lasting relationships are very important. Thank you.

  3. Hello Marie,

    Thank you. there is rare video on Networking event subject and yours is one of the best.

    You are right networking is not a full day activity in a hotel conference hall. But this is also reality of business life today.

    Can you please elaborate how should we react to people just aim to distribute as much as business card possible ? they approach , smile and after asking how are you , they pass the business card . Or as you showed even you intend to listen them their eyes are watching for others. How should we act then?

    After an event finalized in a hotel , I came back to my room with bunch of business card. that I hardly remember who is who.

    How can we organize AND participate more efficient networking events ?

  4. Remembering names is one of the most important things for networking. Calling someone by their name makes people attentive and want to listen. Here is an example.

    Think back to when a teacher is calling attendance and somebody is not paying attention in school. When their name is called they automatically look up when their name is called (unless they are passed out 😉 .That is because YOUR name is an instant trigger to get your attention. Knowing someone's name will allow you to get your message across (hardest part). It also makes things personal and people are less likely to walk away face to face because it would almost feel rude to do so. The rest is up to you to keep their attention!

    Know the name!

    Like or comment if you find this interesting.

  5. A good technique for being present is to keep eye contact with the person your talking to. Ask open ended questions.

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  7. Good general tips. You should cover more on networking outside of networking events as that's where most networking should occur.

  8. She should have turn down the music, teaching good network and your music is louder than you ….smh

  9. The best advice I would say is to not overthink it and be honest. Even they can help or not. Eventually help comes around full circle.

  10. I love to learn and listen and talk, but I'm afraid of saying the wrong thing and don't know the rules of professionalism. I just feel plain old…"ghetto" :/ Hope you have a video on that!

  11. wow i like the way she talks.. her confidence and radiant.. i want that. im trying to networking atm and i made mistake here and there – my social skill is kind of stiff in front of people i dont know – hope to fix this soon ! >.<

  12. Hey hunny! Thank you very much for this episode. It reminded me that networking is about having fun. With people. I go out networking with an attitude to have fun and be awesome. How I do this is by remembering my confidence. I can be having a conversation in a group of six engaging every person or sitting back comfy to let somebody tell me about their lives and barely open my mouth. Networking isn't about drudgery it's about engaging with real live people. My best network connections were people I simply got along with.

  13. Thanks Leslie: WE are doing a MEGA Networking event at our Women's Success Network meeting next month and your tips will be great to share!

  14. I thought we were going to talk about end hosts, routers, and protocols. What is this? This isn't the type of networking i was thinking of.

  15. Thank you so much the great insight. These things seems so trivial and we often end up doing them, but in really they are Key to having conversations and networking.

  16. Cool, this is a really good value added channel. I used to do Inc.com and read their website. They had good insightful articles but started falling off around 2012. They are now just another clickbait farm. Glad their still well-grounded people out in the business world putting out content like this!

  17. The best networking has happened to me from just meeting people 101 for a coffee and having genuine conversations. Even when we had some idea for a collaboration in mind, conversations are deeper and better when you start on the personal level first.
    Thank you for this video!

  18. I find networking to be less inauthentic simply by keeping the conversation as natural as possible by finding common ground, relating on multiple personal levels

  19. Great Tips for networking but its old now…. Can you advise us Latest Networking tips it would be a great help.

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  21. I love the people who blatantly tell you they want to do coffee so they can try and sell stuff to you. Definitely don't go shoving your card on everyone. Just go, chill and meet people you make a genuine connection with. It's a marathon not a sprint.

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  23. Thanks so much for your insight Marie!

    The most impactful introduction tactic that I use is to ask the person I’m trying to network with a very personal question to cut through the small talk and start building a genuine relationship.

    I’ve documented how I do it:

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  25. This is an excellent video. Not all people are interested enough in what other people have on their minds. I liked the point about your yoga instructor not turning around when you patted him on the back as you left. The person he was talking to appreciated that I'm sure. That's how we should be. I like your sense of humor by the way.

  26. Hi! I'm about to do a speed networking event for my organization and I'm looking forward to sharing your video 4 best networking practices. I'm excited about what you spoke about and I think it would be so beneficial to my community.

  27. Reminds me of Gary Vee's stuff about Jab, Jab, Jab right hook. Give-Give-Give then ask. Great stuff about being present, which isn't easy. So I gave 3 things of value here is more on networking in relations to Social Media..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksRPxQE_Cu8&t=8s

  28. Informative with some demonstrations, love it! Yes, no one wants to be or feel like a "Fake Pants". Great video Marie!

  29. I was hoping to show this to my networking group thought it was some really good advice however, you could have left out the whole boob comments…cant do it. SMH

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  31. LOVE it! So clear, to the point, and FUNNY! The boobs stickers are a killer, made me giggle 😀

  32. Good tips… I do this already. Just one thing. I have to practice focusing on the person who may be saying some very boring things…

  33. Thanks for the awesome tips, Marie. Loved the one about thinking long-term rather than short-term.

  34. 1 – give give give
    2 – presence when person talking
    3 – listen more than you talk
    4 – think long vs short term
    5 – don’t not over commit
    6 – be honest
    7 – take action immediately
    8 – only going to thing that excite you

  35. "Be honest" and then coming up with another fake excuse. I mean the person knows that you dont want to see them for a coffee if you say that but it has nothing to do with your actual schedule, because if you wanted, you could make time for them.
    I critisize that when you emphasize on honesty, because I agree its super important and live from a space of direct and honest communication so..

    Other than that, the video was fantastic and really well summarized, i loved all the points, thank you for the value you add!
    All the best

  36. So I haven’t watched you in awhile and today I was looking for some tips on networking, look who the first video was of……. Marie!!!!!

  37. Great content about networking being a lifelong activity – becoming known as a great networker by giving and connecting others is the only mindset for success.

  38. Great content about networking being a lifelong activity – becoming known as a great networker by giving and connecting others is the only mindset for success.

  39. Great content about networking being a lifelong activity – becoming known as a great networker by giving and connecting others is the only mindset for success.

  40. Great content about networking being a lifelong activity – becoming known as a great networker by giving and connecting others is the only mindset for success.

  41. I LOVE your channel .. you inspire me every day Marie .. incredible advice delivered in a super fun and goofy way .. so frikken AMAZING !

  42. I want to know how to network online such as LinkedIn etc. I am using a career coach as I am looking for a new career and the coach is forcing online networking down my throat as the only avenue to get a job in 2019. And this may be true as I haven't found luck on my own. I feel it is fake though. Any suggestions for making online networking less fakie pants?? thanks!

  43. I’ll try this on tuesday next week. I’ll come back here to tell how it worked for me. Thank you so much Marie 👌

  44. Great video Mam I have also relative information about this industries viewers can also watch this in Hindi…

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