Network Radar Monitoring Application: Scan And Secures Mac

Network Radar Monitoring Application: Scan And Secures Mac

Network Radar App is a secure network scanning
and managing tool that everyone can use. It finds out which devices are attached to
your network, identifies intruders, troubleshoots network issues, and get notified upon changes. Before heading to the details, if you are
visiting this channel for the first time, then please subscribe to our channel and click
the bell icon to be notified whenever we publish a new video. All you have to do to use Network Radar is
to click the Scan button. No configuration is needed. But Network Radar is more than a simple IP
scanner. It comes with useful network tools, such as
Ping, Portscan, Traceroute, and Whois. Moreover, you can transmit commands to your
devices with the click of a button. Use Wake On LAN with each Wake On LAN capable
device and shutdown, restart or send other Mac systems to sleep, even if they are not
in your local network. Once Network Radar has scanned your network,
it lists all devices – even those that have been online before you began the initial scan. Select a device on the list to see more details,
such as IP, IPv6 and MAC address, vendor name, DNS names, mDNS name, NetBIOS name, NetBIOS
domain, open ports, response time and more. Let Network Radar monitor a scan and get updates
on changes in your network. All settings are logged, so you always know
what happened when. You may also want to receive notifications
when a device enters or leaves your network. With the possibility to configure custom rules
and actions, Network Radar can send yourself a mail as soon as a particular server goes
offline or play a sound when an FTP Server appears in your network. The possible configurations are endless. It organizes your hosts in folders. Do you want all your iPads in one folder? Just create a smart folder and let Network
Radar do the work. By binding scans to networks, Network Radar
always knows if a device is reachable or not, making it easy to refresh or monitor a bunch
of tools even from different networks. Network Radar offers many features in a single,
elegant interface. It scans your network and retrieves detailed
information about network devices. It runs useful network tools and commands
with the click of a button. Additionally, it monitors devices and gets
notified about changes in the network. It uses the simple rules/actions system for
the automatic processing of devices. Moreover, It establishes a connection to a
device by simply double-clicking it in the list and Customize the widgets by assigning
the names, icons, type, and vendor names. It organizes your hosts in folders, and smart
folders also create scans with custom IP ranges. Export a scan to XML, CSV, TXT, PDF or NETRADR
and import back to Network Radar.

Author: Kevin Mason

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