Network Marketing Lead Generation | How to Generate More Network Marketing Leads

Network Marketing Lead Generation | How to Generate More Network Marketing Leads

To really excel at Network Marketing Lead
Generation requires that you keep in mind 3 essential keys – Position, Value, and Structure.
Hey there. I’m Dan Pine, and in this short 3 minute video I’m going to share with you
three of the essential keys to highly successful network marketing lead generation.
The benefit of mastering lead generation is that you will never run out of people to talk
to about your business. This makes it one of the core skills that every network marketer
must learn to survive. Let’s jump in. The first key that we are going to talk about
today is position. Now positioning can have many facets, but I’m just going to touch on
three of them briefly. First, and this should be obvious, you need
to go where the fish are so to speak. Wherever your target market hangs out, spends time,
congregates, or socializes is where you need to position yourself and your message. This
should be a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many aspiring marketers I see get this
wrong. Everyone in the world is not your ideal prospect
– I don’t care how great your product or company is or what your upline tells you. There is
a certain type of person that is going to be predisposed to buy what you are offering,
and that is the person you need to target. The person most likely to buy is one who has
a problem, knows they have a problem, is actively searching for a solution – and your offer
is the solution to that problem. The second part of positioning is ensuring
that your message is seen or heard. This means getting your message to actually show up where
lots of people will come across it, and making it stand out from the flood of other information
your prospects are constantly inundated with. Don’t put up the equivalent of a garage sale
sign on a dirt road. Go to the busiest intersection and invite them to a banquet.
The third aspect of positioning is psychological. You MUST maintain control of the interaction
with your prospect from beginning to end. And you must do this while at the same time
providing your prospect with the very comforting illusion that THEY are the one in control.
If that sounds sneaky or manipulative to you, it’s not.
If you want the new iPhone coming out, or whatever the latest tech gadget is, you go
down to the Apple store or your mobile service provider or wherever to buy it. No one is
twisting your arm and making you go, and you can walk away any time without making the
purchase, so you feel like you are in control. That is your illusion of control.
But the truth is, if you want that phone, you will have to get it on Apple’s terms,
not yours. You must go during the store business hours, you must get it through an official
company representative, and you must pay the price the company sets. You do business with
them on their terms, or you don’t get the phone. They control the interaction.
You must position yourself in the same way – as having something your prospects greatly
desire, and they must come to you on your terms to get it. This brings us to the second essential key
of network marketing lead generation – value. To successfully generate leads for your network
marketing business it is not enough to simply position yourself as a person who holds value
– you must actually deliver on that promise of value to your prospects.
We live in an age of extreme skepticism, coupled with an overabundance of information and a
population that is too busy to sit still for more than two minutes at a time. So you essentially
have a bunch of ADD skeptics who have too many options on where to get their information
and you must hold their attention long enough to get them to engage with your message and
actually listen to your offer. Easy enough, right?
The best way to cut through all the noise and nonsense is to whisper the truth. Deliver
on your promise to give value, and if at all possible, over-deliver on that promise. Always
go for quality over quantity. Offer to help your prospect out, and then deliver on that
promise by actually helping them out. This creates trust and goodwill and all kinds of
other good stuff that will cause them to spend their valuable time with you because they
now want to get their information from you. This makes you stand out as unique and special
in the marketplace. The third and final key to generating leads
that we will touch on today is that of structure. You know that you must position yourself properly,
and you know that you must deliver real value to your prospective leads, but how will you
accomplish these two things effectively? The answer is to have the right structure
in place- one that will provide the proper positioning and give value to your prospects,
something that will effectively and consistently deliver these results repeatedly over time
with the ability to track results and continually make improvements.
What you need is a system, which is just a fancy word for a set of steps that each prospect
will be led through consistently and predictably each time, to take them from their first encounter
with your message all the way to signing up under you in your business.
Your system could include all different methods for lead generation such as making a list
of friends and family, cold calling, handing out flyers, hanging door-knockers, plastering
windshields in mall parking lots, and confronting random strangers that you meet in public.
And all of these things could work to some degree.
But you may prefer to take advantage of the leverage technology affords today and deliver
value directly to thousands of people who are asking for your help. Using electronic
distribution methods allows you to get your message out to thousands at the push of a
button and multiplies your effectiveness by allowing you to help many people at the same
time. No matter what system you choose to implement,
it should start by meeting the prospect where they are now and take them step by step to
the end goal, providing real value to them and preserving your position at every step
along the way. Remember these three keys – Position, Value,
and Structure – and you will be way ahead of the game in network marketing lead generation.
If you’d like to learn more about how to position yourself effectively, how best to provide
value to your prospects, and how to implement an effective lead generation structure, just
click on the link below this video or type in the url at the bottom of the screen for
more free training.

Author: Kevin Mason

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