Natasha Defends Her Role in Romeo’s Life | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

Natasha Defends Her Role in Romeo’s Life | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I heard you guys
are concerned. And I’m basically
going to show you guys what our daily living is. OK. So show us. So Monday, I wake up
at 5 AM to get my mother ready for her daycare. I get her dressed. I give her a shower,
brush her teeth. Because you guys know,
my mom, she’s bedridden. My mother had a lot
of health issues that I don’t think a lot of
people would have survived. She had a major stroke. She’s diabetic. Everything she
can’t do for herself I have to do it for her. After that, I wake the kids
up, get them ready for school, out to the bus, at 8:15. All that, and I’m still not
ready for myself to go to work. I have to be at work at 9:00. So that leaves me 15 minutes
to get dressed, get ready– This is the same
job I tried to– I mean, that I hooked
her up with and she quit? No. I couldn’t work at that job
that you hooked me up with. OK.
OK. And that’s only
because they want me to be there at 7 o’clock. I can’t do that if I
have all these things to do before 7 o’clock. I go to work from 9 to 5. OK. By the time I get home from
work, this is all over again. This is every single day for me. Wow. That’s a lot. This is kind of– This is mind boggling. I had no idea
that that’s what she was up against on a
daily basis, you know? Down to my mother’s finances,
I have to take care of, just like I take
care of those girls. I cook for them. I put them to bed. I wash them.
You hear what they call me? Mommy. They call me mommy. So for you to question that,
I felt kind of [INAUDIBLE] in which you said that. [SIGHS] Girl, but I
ain’t got time for that. As a grandmother, I am
going to question it. I’m going to question any
woman who is in Romeo’s life. Those girls are the most
important thing to me. They are the most important
thing in Romeo’s life. We have that love, that bond. It’s been there for five years. It’s not going anywhere. [DRAMATIC MUSIC]

Author: Kevin Mason

38 thoughts on “Natasha Defends Her Role in Romeo’s Life | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. The prospective mother-in-law was very rude in this clip. She could have at least shown some gratitude for the care given to her grandchildren and some empathy towards the bride regarding her mother. Hopefully, she was nicer in other parts of the episode.

  2. The mother is rude, childish and petty, to say the least. This woman has a mother who's incapable of caring for herself and she steps up, as the loving daughter and takes care of her mother as well as 2 children, plus her soon to be husband and 2 out of the 3 of his family responds in immature ways🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  3. That mother is disrespectful. Honestly, I think I'd just tell her to f off and be done with it. I like to be respectful but don't push me.

  4. Romeo’s Mother attitude and spirit is awful! Period. She is the quintessential bitter, hateful black woman stereotype. However, Romeo’s fiancée should be respected and honored for being a loving caregiver for her mother and trying to be positive female example in word and deed to Romeo’s daughters.

  5. Romeo’s Mother must realize that her son is her son only! Not her husband, boyfriend or baby daddy. Her intentions regarding her granddaughters well-being is not sincere. She has a hidden jealousy against her future daughter-in-law. Romeo’s mother needs to stay in her lane and place as a mother.

  6. If her grand children and important to her why doesn't she know their circumstances and why is she not helping them and their step mother is..

  7. This woman needs a whole weekend in a spa with everything she does daily being paid and taken care of. She's a true definition of a rock.

    Pity I can't say the same about the sour mother in law, she left an ugly taste in my mouth. Somebody needs to switch off her lights

  8. Some times you have to draw people a whole map Goddess and they still can’t see 😑❤️. I heard you say you take care of your mother. I immediately heard compassion.❤️

  9. Again buffoonery at its finest. He is not a prize she should run because marrying him her load will get heavier
    Run sis run.

  10. The brother still throwing shade after she explained her situation"Is that the same job I tried to hook up with and she quit" 🙄

  11. Did the mother just dismiss her like that, or did OWN edit it that way? I find it hard believe she responded the way she did. Ignorance at its finest.

  12. The only thing this taught me was that her soon to be husband doesn't help her. The only person who needs to see this schedule is him.

  13. mother is very disrespectful" girl bye"i wudda put her in her placed yall mamas need to let go of yall sons n let dem be a man on their own dat includes making mistakes as well stop tryna controll a grown man won't you as a mother would like to see what your son has learnt after all u instilled in him wen he ws under ur care? let dat man go let him fly and be great u will always be momand if you were a good mom nobody can ever take your place

  14. I wouldn't even acknowledge the mother she's rude and disrespectful for no reason I'd just act like she isn't there may be petty but hey sometimes it's the best way to be

  15. How dare he say “ is this the job I hooked her up with and she quit “ nooooooo and then the way the mother treated her saying “girl bye “ noooooooooo

  16. I've only seen the clips of this episode so maybe I missed some other information. I understand the bride feeling some type of way about what the grandmother said but she has a point. If she doesn't know the person around her granddaughters at all, it's only right to have questions about her and want to know how she is towards them as a loving grandmother

  17. His family is VERY disrespectful and it sheds light on WHY he chose her. She was already a caretaker for her mother so why not take care of my kids too because I don't want to do it …(HEARTBREAK OMG THAT'S A LOT SISTA, MY HEART GOES OUT TO YOU). COUSIN REALLY? Did you just interject in her life about some damn job, LITTLE MAN BYE!!!! As a grandmother myself I'M HANDS ON assisting my daughter with her kids and it's hard for me, WHY AREN'T YOU THERE GRANNY? I would have planted my foot right in your back for being disrespectful. 5 years she's been in these kids life, where were you? You talking a good game but not living it, I love my brats to death and I tell my daughter me assisting does not mean you make my life harder and yours easier GET IT DONE, you don't have the luxury of rest. As grandparents we tend to take over or do too much and that puts a strain on us. Sink or swim, you gave them the tools to be independent, let them and gradually take the safety net away. This dude sounds like the poster child of a mama's boy and this mammy can take him back. The only one with sense is the best friend and he needs a voice of reasoning and compassion because these 2 clearly don't have it.

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