Nahanni National Park Canada – World’s FIRST UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Nahanni National Park Canada – World’s FIRST UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Words cannot describe the first moment we approached Nahanni National Park. Sitting aboard a float plane, Ted Simpson,
owner of Simpson Air, flew us up and over this massive untouched park on one of his
popular 5-hour tours. We flew by jagged mountain peaks, numerous
canyons, massive rivers, hot springs, and waterfalls. It was truly magical, and had the weather
been more cooperative, we could have gone even deeper. We did land though, right next to Virginia Falls, which is twice the height of Niagara Falls, Here we met Parks Canada staff who brought us on a short hike to see the falls from different angles and to capture them with our drone. For those with more time, the trail also leads
down towards the bottom portion of the river where you can witness the falls from below. Absolutely massive. The park encompasses 30,000 square kilometres
and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, it’s the first UNESCO World Heritage
Site, which is pretty incredible considering there are now over 1,000 of them, all across the world. There are no roads for hundreds of miles,
and the only way to come in is via a multi-week canoeing expedition or a flight-seeing tour
such as the one we were on. This is part of what makes Nahanni National
Park so special. It’s virtually un-disturbed. It only receives around 1,000 visitors per
year, which is less than what Banff National Park gets in a single day. You have to really want to see Nahanni to
make it there. You need to crave adventure. A 5-hour flight-seeing tour isn’t exactly
cheap and a three-week canoe trip is even more. Then there’s the cost and time of getting
to Fort Simpson in the first place. You have to either drive all the way to the
Northwest Territories, which includes hundreds of kilometres of dirt roads, or fly with a
small carrier such as First Air. But as I mentioned, that’s what keeps Nahanni
so wild and pure. It’s what keeps the area so mystical in a
sense. An isolated place such as Antarctica or the
North Pole. Yet, experiencing the park is far from impossible. With enough will and adventure, and some money
to back it up, you too can experience Nahanni National Park with your own eyes. A true Canadian wilderness icon.

Author: Kevin Mason

14 thoughts on “Nahanni National Park Canada – World’s FIRST UNESCO World Heritage Site!

  1. Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Can't wait to get there and see it in person! 64 days and counting 😀

  2. Great video and amazing views, thanks a lot!
    Would be great to travel there some day.
    Maybe not camping, according to some Nahanni legends it may be a little dangerous😱

  3. My friend and I are gonna go see little doctor lake, glacier lake and Virginia Falls on the first day and the Ram Plateau, the Kraus Hot Springs, Rabbitkettle Lake and the Rabbitkettle Hotsprings on the second day!

  4. Very beautiful national park Canada is a beautiful country I would love to travel to Nahanni when the plane takes you to Nahanni how can you return to civilization once you finish spending time on Nahanni does the plane tell you when it’s coming to get you I just want to know thanks.

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