– [John] Basement? (intense music) – Oh, yeah, oh, oh oh oh! Bingo! – [John] Alright, let’s check it out – [Stephen] Look at that,
bingo. Someone’s there. – [Grace] Who is that? – [Stephen] Hold on let
me turn up the brightness – [John] They look really tall – [Stephen] Look, boom! – [John] Oh he knew right where it was – [Stephen] They knew
exactly where it was (gasps) – [John] Did you their face though? – [Stephen] Hold on, go back, go back [Beep] – Ah, what’s going on
Sharers, welcome to the vlog we have literally every single
car at the Share Fam house outside and yes, what can I say Sharers, today is the last day
that the Spy Wagon G-Wagon is going to look like this. That’s right Sharers, take one last look, because the Spy Wagon
is no longer going to be all black with the lime-green logo. That’s right, we have a super special wrap that we’re going to do with it and it’s going to look
so good. I’m so excited. I’m about to take it over
to Mark’s Spy Lab shop to get it done. I mean, this Beetle Bug used to be black, believe it or not, and look at it. It’s super dirty right now
but it turned out to be super bright pink. So if this car can go from
black to looking like this, imagine what this Spy
Wagon could turn into. Hey mom, what’s going on? – Hi! – [Stephen] Oh hey cooper! How are you? (Dog Barking) What are you up to mom? – Watering the flowers! – [Stephen] Cool, I might
go take the Spy Wagon in. – Okay, sounds good! – It’s going to be the
last day that it’s black. – (Gasps) What? – Yeah, we’re going to change it – What are you going to do to it? – It’s a surprise for my mom
and the whole Sharer family – What? (thump) – I actually don’t even really know how it’s going to turn out. We just have a kind of a mock up design and then Mark is gonna
work his magic on the car and hopefully it turns
out absolutely amazing. (car engine running) – Phew, and Sharers, we are
here at Mark’s Spy Shop. Oh, check it out, he’s
got a brand new car, look at this thing. (spy music) Whoa, oh yeah, all
blacked out Aston Martin. This thing is like a James Bond spy car. This is probably the coolest thing. (music stops abruptly) Wait a second, hold on. (zoom) Not a spy? What? Maybe he’s
just trying to trick people and make them think he’s not a spy but I know mark’s a Spy.
Check this thing out. – Hey Stephen – [Stephen] Oh hey Mark! – Hey I see you brought the spy wagon (zoom) – [Stephen] Yup, Spy
Wagon’s all ready to go. You ready to, uh, get that thing wrapped? – Oh yeah let’s do it. Are we supposed to (shocking
sound) keep it a secret? – Yeah we have to keep it
a secret from the Sharers We don’t want them to
know what the final reveal is gonna look like just yet. – Alright my lips are sealed, Stephen (background music playing) – Alright I saw you got a new spy car, this thing looks amazing. It looks really good, what do you call it? – Aston Martín. – [Stephen] Oh wow it’s amazing. But Mark, I thought you were a spy. – [Stephen] It’s a secret? – It’s a secret. – [Stephen] Okay. Alright well Mark, I’m giving you the keys to the Spy Wagon. You take good care of it, okay? – Thank you Stephen – Alright. Sharers, the Spy
Wagon is in Marks hands, you know it’s going to
be really really cool when it’s done. Alright Mark, thanks, I’ll see you later! – All right, see you Stephen – Bye Mark! Oh yeah we’re back from Mark’s Spy Shop, so you know that the G-Wagon’s
going to look amazing when it’s done. Now let’s get this day started. Let’s see what Grace and John are up to. Ooh, oh oh oh oh oh, check
it out, check it out, aha! (bling) $100, that is what I’m
talking about Sharers. Now you know today is
going to be even better because I just found $100 on the ground. And also Mom is done with
the garden, check it out! Oh and there’s John! Hey John! What’s going on? (inquisitive music) John? Why is he going in the grass? John what are you doing? John? Not in the fresh
grass my mom just gardened! What are you doing? John? Hello? John? John my mom just gardened,
what are you doing? What is he doing? No
cars in the front yard! John what are you doing? (truck in reverse) What are you doing? My mom just gardened! – Oops! It’s really heavy
so I had to back up. – [Stephen] John watch out watch out ahh! – Sorry I’m so late,
there was a huge back up, I had to go the back way. There was like a ton of
police outside the bank right down the road. There
was a lot of traffic. – [Stephen] Wait really? – Yeah it was crazy – [Stephen] Oh wow. – Well, I might it
though, so, check this out – [Stephen] Alright so
what was so important that you had to park in the grass for? (tailgate opening) – Look at that! (zoom) – [Stephen] What is…
A safe? What’s that for? – You know how you were just
leaving the money out all over? – [Stephen] Yeah? – Well I bought a safe, (grunts) oh man, I bought a safe and that way we can keep the money in
there so it stays safe, so – [Stephen] Cool! – Let’s see if we can try to
get it out. It’s really heavy. – [Stephen] Really? – Yeah. What’s cool about
this is safe is that it has a combination lock, unlike your safe, and it’s really armored
which is why it’s so heavy. – Know what? The safer the
better. Bring that thing out. Can you even lift it? – No not by myself – How much do you think that thing weighs? – I don’t know, 200 pounds or something. (playful music) – [Stephen] Hold on, if you can’t get it I can probably get it. Here, do you want me to get it? – I need some help – Here I can probably get it by myself – Okay we’ll see about that – Let’s see, ready? – 3, 2, 1, oh yeah, (grunts) is there money in this thing already? – I don’t know I got it
at a garage sale so maybe. Let’s check it out. – Okay let’s bring it to the basement. Oh man, this thing is really heavy – [John] Oh yeah – Quick, John (indistinct) – [John] Go as fast as you can – Oh my goodness okay
open the door quickly, it’s really heavy – [John] Yeah, one second let
me just get a deep breath, I’ve been working hard. – John, quick, today please. – [John] All right (door creaks open) – Opening up – Okay, let’s go, all right This thing is mad heavy. Okay. – [John] Alrighty – Perfect (clink) (clink) – [John] Uh oh don’t break the table – Oh wow, it’s so heavy it
already scratched the table. It sounds like there’s a lot of money (coins falling on the table) – [John] Oh my goodness – Oh wow And it came with money Well, a safe that, uh, has
money in it already, perfect. Do you think it’ll hold the rest of the million dollars though? I don’t know, it looks like it’s already
got a million in it. – Ah! (coins clattering) I think it’ll stack in, look how thick these walls are though. (thudding knock) – [John] Nothing can break through that – [Stephen] That’s what I’m talking about This is, it’s fire safe too. This is what I call a good safe. – Well there’s only one way to see if the million dollars will
fit in here, so, Stephen? Do you want to go grab it and load it in? – Yup! It was right here,
hold on, Grace might have it. (drumming on safe) Um, (clicks tongue) Grace? (ominous music) No actually, do you have it? – [John] Grace has it, I don’t have it – Grace? – [John] Where did Grace put it? – Probably in her room Grace? Oh by the way
Sharers, check this out, John this is what I was
thinking for the safe. The safe is heavy so we could put it in one of these secret doors. – [John] Oh – Put it right in the bottom there? – [John] Yeah that works – That’s pretty cool, right? – Okay, let me go get Grace – [John] Um, that handle is
super neat. It’s like super, how do you even open it? – [Stephen] Isn’t it cool? It
hides and then you press it, boom and you pull open Secret hidden trap door – [John] Not bad alright, we can use that technology
for our safe, Stephen. – Exactly – [John] Alright – Grace? (knocking) Grace? Oh she’s not in there. – [John] That’s weird. Where is she? – [Stephen] Grace? – [John] Maybe she’s outside – [Stephen] Check outside real quick – [John] Um, no we were just
out there so I don’t see her – Maybe she’s, like, playing a game to try to hide the money from us – [John] Maybe she wants
to keep it all for herself. – Grace? Where is she? Oh wait here’s the safe, right here. – [John] How’d it get behind
the couch? Alright, grab that (ominous chime) – Oh wait – [John] Let’s go put it,
how’d it, is it electric? – Nevermind, this is a, uh, speaker (boing) – [John] Speaker of some sort, alright – It looks just like it though – [John] Yeah that’s not gonna work Where is everyone? – Otter? Grace? Cooper? – [John] Anyone? – Where is Grace? Huh. – Um, maybe we should go
search around the whole house? – Oh wait there’s, boom,
bingo, Grace spotted – [John] Oh what is she doing? (zoom) – [Stephen] Twelve o’clock Grace spotted – [John] Alright – Grace! – [John] She looks like
she’s going on a walk – Oh there’s the camper that my mom moved – [John] Oh gosh – Oh goodness that was crazy. Grace! – [John] She’s hiding! – I see you! Grace! – [John] Grace we know you’re right there! – We know you’re here – Grace? What is she doing? – [John] What is she searching for? – Grace! What are you doing? I’ve
been calling your name. – Oh I’ve been investigating. I’ve found a lot of
stuff happening down here – Like what? – All sorts of things Well one, we thought this was a snake (zoom) – [Stephen] Oh it looks like a snake – [Grace] Yeah it does – [John] Oh – [Grace] But it wasn’t But over here, we have all
of this stuff in this mud It’s kind of suspicious – It looks like, just like fresh mud to me – I don’t know, it looks a little, odd – It looks like someone’s been digging – [Stephen] You think? – That’s what it looks like – [Grace] Yeah like why
is there no grass growing? – [Stephen] Yeah actually
that’s a good point – It’s all like, fresh mud – Oh, by the way, John,
brought this huge safe over for us to transfer the money
from the old dinky safe into this big one. – [Grace] Oh cool let’s
go transfer it over – Can you grab the money real quick – I’m not sure where did
you leave it off last? – Uh, remember it was in
the basement, on the table? – Did you like, move it somewhere? – I didn’t move it, last time, I checked it was right on one of those tables, like in the last vlog,
come on I’ll go show you. (ominous music) – [Stephen] Okay – Yeah guys I can’t
believe you don’t remember it’s right in here. It was… Uh, (glass door sliding) It was right behind this safe (ominous chime) Oh, wait it’s gone – [Stephen] See that’s where I left it too – Huh – Yeah this is the new safe – [Stephen] Check out this thing now – Ooh that’s cool (safe creaking) – [John] Not bad right? And
there’s money in it too. – Oh wow, where’d you
get all this money from? – [John] I don’t know it
was from like a garage sale or something. – Whoa – [Stephen] Isn’t that cool – Let’s see if there
could be special… coins – [All] Oh – [Stephen] Look at that
thing, what is this? Oh it’s heavy too That’s a big coin – [Grace] There’s a lot of stuff in here – Well we need to find
the other safe so we can stick the money in it. Where is it? – Alright, so where’d you guys put it? – I don’t know – I found some money – [Stephen] Whoa – [John] Two dollar bills?
Those are super rare – [Stephen] Two dollar bills – I think these are instinct right? Whoa – [Stephen] Two dollar bills Sharers, comment down
below if you’ve ever seen a two dollar bill. – I definitely haven’t. – [Stephen] That’s so cool. (phone ringing) – Oh wait I have a phone call. Who is it? Oh it’s mom. Should I answer? – [Stephen] Yeah answer (phone picks up) – Hello? – [Voice From Phone] Grace? Grace? – Yeah it’s me (suspenseful noise) (music intensifies) – [Stephen] Yeah, Mom? What about it? – Yeah we’re right here, we’re like, looking for the safe right now. – Uh, okay, yeah let’s
check the security cameras. Thanks mom, bye! – Check the security camera footage, to the merch room let’s go. – Here we go – That’s where my computer is Oh yeah okay Pull up the cameras, let’s see Searching for the last sense
of motion of the cameras captured in the basement – Come on, hurry Stephen – We have that, let’s see,
let’s see, uh, motion, there was motion detected today – [John] In the basement? – Oh, yeah, oh, oh oh oh! Bingo! – [John] Alright, let’s check it out – [Stephen] Look at that,
bingo. Someone’s there. – [Grace] Who is that? – [Stephen] Hold on let
me turn up the brightness – [John] They look really tall – [Stephen] Look, boom! – [John] Oh he knew right where it was – [Stephen] They knew
exactly where it was (gasps) – [John] Did you their face though? – [Stephen] Hold on, go back, go back (rewinding sound) (pause sound) – [Stephen] That’s the best
shot I have of their face – [Grace] It’s green – [Stephen] It’s a green mask or something – [John] Alright – [Stephen] Boom, they
came in, they went out – [John] All right, where’d they go next? – [Stephen] And, they’re looking
around, they close the door and boom they’re gone. – [John] Oh they ran right
around the side of the house Alright go to the next camera – John this is was a professional job – [John] Yeah they knew right where it was – They knew exactly
where it was, they came, and they went out in less than 23 seconds. – [John] Alright, let’s
check the next camera – Does that mean they’ve been
spying on us and seeing when we weren’t home to come in? – I’m checking. There’s no
more motion around the house. – [John] Nothing? – Nothing. There’s no other motion. – That’s it? How come the
outside cameras didn’t get them? – Hold on there’s no other motion – [John] Isn’t there a couple
of cameras on the front? Can we see it from there? – There’s no other
motion, they must’ve known where the other cameras were. One second, I think I
might’ve found something. – Let me zoom in a little bit – We have so many cameras
that they can’t escape without being seen – Bingo, front yard right camera – [John] Where would they go – [Grace] Where are they going? – [Stephen] They are going quick – [John] Oh he’s running, where’d they go – [Stephen] I think that’s all I have – That’s all you can see? – That’s all you can see. – There’s no more recording? How come the cameras can’t record it all? They must’ve hacked the cameras. – This person’s a professional. They knew exactly what they were doing. This was a professional inside job. – Wait Stephen, what do you
mean it was an inside job? – An inside job like they’ve
been around the house before. I just put a request in
for neighborhood watch, should be here soon (doorbell chimes) – Oh, the doorbell, we should head up. – [John] Alright let’s go – [Grace] Guys we need to get
this money back super fast We gotta hurry guys – [Stephen] Oh gosh, I almost fell sorry – [Grace] Let’s see who’s at the door Someone’s here, should we open it? All right then – [Stephen] Oh hi Miss Karen – [Grace] Hi Miss Karen! – Hi kids, is everything alright? – [Stephen] Um, yeah, so,
I put a request in for the neighborhood watch
because we had an issue and something got, um, taken from our house. – You kids are always
up to some shenanigans, are you sure you didn’t just misplace it? – No we’re pretty sure it’s
lost, it was a lot of money too. – Sorry, it was a lot of
uh, it was a big heavy item. – [John] Yeah – [Miss Karen] Hmm – It was just like a
large brief case with, uh, my, uh, computer in it. – Sounds peculiar, tell me a little bit
more about this incident and let me look into my pocket book to see if I can take out my clip board and take some notes about this incident – [John] Alright – [Stephen] Okay so – [John] Basically, – [Stephen] A person was a wearing, uh, all black, they had their,
what color was the mask? – It looked like it was green – [Grace] It was either
a mask or face paint – It looked like it was a green mask or they painted their face green (notes being taken) and then they came around
the side of the house and I wasn’t here – They broke in through the back – Stephen were you here? – [Stephen] Oh no I was at,
so I had taken the Spy Wagon to Mark’s shop, so it’s gonna get, it’s gonna be changed colors. We’re changing it to a different color (clang) – Oh what color? – Oh it’s a secret I can’t tell you yet – Ah, interesting – Somehow they knew to
go through the back door and knew the prize was downstairs. And then, where did they leave after that? They opened the door and kinda left and no camera spotted them,
which was kind of odd. – [John] Yeah – Hmm, this sounds like a code 7058C, I’m gonna have to call
headquarters and report this. (phone dialing) – Hello? (indistinguishable) – Karen speaking, yes
we have a major issue here at the Sharer House. Yes, this is gonna be one
for the professionals. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Yup. (indistinguishable) See you soon – [Stephen] Oh, okay, bye
Miss Karen, thank you! – Oh she’s just a sweet
heart in the neighborhood, she’s always got our
back like our grandma. – Yeah – Yeah, alright smash that
like button for Miss Karen for helping us out. Let’s go, I guess we’ll go back inside, we’ll just wait for the
security agency to come – Yeah, we’ll see – Yeah, bye Miss Karen, thank you! – Bye Miss Karen, thank you! – Thank you! – Hit that subscribe button
if you haven’t already, get ready for the next vlog. It’s gonna be crazy, turn
on post notifications because you don’t want
to miss it. Until then, – [All] You know what to do, stay awesome and share the love. Peace! Woo!

Author: Kevin Mason

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