My instasmile transformation, I bought them to cover my gaps.

My instasmile transformation, I bought them to cover my gaps.

– Hello. I’m gonna be doing a
review today of InstaSMILE clip on veneers. It looks like this,
and a little background of why I decided to try these. I’m 42, and since I’ve gotten older, my teeth have been spreading, getting gaps ’cause when my teeth go bad in the back, instead of paying all this money, I got three kids to worry about my teeth, I would just have them pulled. Cheap, get it done, move on. The older I’ve gotten, now my
teeth are starting to spread, and I’m not gonna wear braces. That’s not for me, and veneers
are really, really expensive, so I was looking online to see if I could find something, even Invisalign. I’m very busy. I’m out in public a lot. I needed something to make me feel a little more secure about myself just because my teeth have changed so much in just 20 years, and I
don’t know how much further they’re gonna keep going,
so I seen this online, and I thought, I’m gonna try it. You go online, you do a little test, a little survey of what
you’re looking for. It’s 319 for the classic. I got a top and a bottom. It was 479. They send you an impression kit. I got it with two days. Now I took impressions and
I had to do it three times. Don’t let that scare you. That was just me ’cause of my gaps. My teeth kinda stick out in the front, so to get a good impression, I had to get my husband to help me. I had to have him help
push up into my mouth. I E-mailed ’em. They E-mailed me back if this
was good, if this wasn’t. Go ahead and send ’em in. We’ll look at it. No, these weren’t good. They didn’t charge me for any of that, and they had sent me an impression kit that charged me nothing. After the second time, I
bought an extra kit for $25 just to have because I knew at some point, you have six months to get your impression after you’ve paid for them to make it, so I was like, how long
is this gonna go on. Of course it would be me
that would mess this up or something would go wrong,
so I did purchase an extra one. After they sent me the third one, I did. I took pictures. I got on messenger. They messaged me back. They said, send them in. We’ll see. Three days later, I got
the E-mail that said, they look great. We’re gonna go ahead and proceed. You will have them 28 to 30 days. So this whole month, I’ve
just been so excited. Could not wait. Was watching the videos. Knew I had to be realistic. I knew that with gaps,
that my teeth were gonna be bigger or there was
gonna be more teeth. Something was gonna look different. It wasn’t gonna be the same. So today, went to the mailbox,
and I had this awesome. And you do have to sign
for it when it comes in. You have to be home, and
you have to sign for it or they won’t leave it, so I was here. I got it. Opened it up, took it
out of a little package, and then it comes in this
little thing like this. Has a little mirror on it. I opened ’em up, and I looked at ’em, and at first, they’re gonna look shocking because I shoulda took pictures of what they looked like
when I first got ’em. They didn’t look like this. This is my bottom. The edges are all kinda rough. They’re like the jank. They look scary. Don’t let that deter you, but put them on. Make sure they fit. If you don’t have the extra insurance, you’re not supposed to alter them or mess with them or
anything, but I watched another video of a guy that got ’em, and he actually said to file them ’cause it seemed like they would go way down into my gums, and they actually kinda weren’t fitting
on my teeth all the way, so I thought, well, that’s it,
because I need to file them. I need to file them down
and make ’em look legit and make them hit my gum line,
and so that’s what I did, and now I’m gonna show you. They’re thin, but they’re pretty strong, and you’ll hear them when I put them in. They clip in. I don’t know if I can. ‘Kay. That’s the bottom. And I will have a little bit of a lisp. Don’t let that deter you, because after 20 minutes, it’s gone. You don’t even notice it. The lisp, anyway. (veneers snapping onto teeth) Hear that snap? And they are in. And you look, they go
around your teeth here, but they do things like, if
you even have teeth missing, they can still do them. You hear my little lisp? It makes my accent sound even worse. My teeth. I notice now that I do have a little bit of an overbite that I
didn’t notice before, because I really didn’t
look at my teeth a lot. I would always smile and
try to cover everything. Yeah, sorry for that crazy face. I’m just trying to show everybody ’cause I watched so many
videos trying to find. I wanted to see if anybody had
the same issues that I did. They are so good, and they are white, and they have indentions on ’em. I love them. I absolutely love them. Some people probably could go wrong. Some people don’t notice
how big their teeth are. In the back it’s kinda thick. I’m sure you could file that down too as long as you didn’t
mess with the snap on part which I think I’m gonna have my husband take a dremel and clip up here. Towards the roof of your
mouth, there’s extra plastic, and I think if that was gone,
I wouldn’t have the lisp that I do so much. They’re awesome, and I recommend them. Of course, you still have common sense. You have to take care of
your teeth underneath. Hygiene. I’m sure that you gotta
keep your teeth brushed and take care of yourself,
but for cosmetic, to save you some money,
to just give you that extra something that you need
to make yourself feel better, oh my god. I am so happy. Do yourself a favor and
get ahold of InstaSMILE. Spend the money and do this. Customer service is amazing. They will help you. They are positive. They will tell you, we will get this done. We will do what we need to do
to make you love your teeth, and it is so worth it. I do believe that in a
year, I will probably get the platinum, ’cause
I think they are thinner and stronger ’cause I’m
not taking these off ’til I go to sleep
because they’re awesome. Anyway, that’s my review. Good luck, everybody.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Se ven muy lindos…. Podria ser que los testimonios que hay los podrían subtitular…. X favor…. Para saber que es lo que dicen…. No muchos hablamos ingles…. Gracias…. Aunque este lejos de obtener el producto

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