My instasmile clip on veneers, before and after 1 year on!

My instasmile clip on veneers, before and after 1 year on!

– Hello, I’m Liz, I’m
38, and I’m from Kent, and this is my one-year INSTAsmile review. I’ve been wearing INSTAsmile
because when I was 19, I was in a car accident, and
I smashed six of my top teeth, and many of my lower ones,
which left me with a mismatch of crowns and stained teeth,
and then shortly afterwards, one of my front teeth,
tooth, was so badly damaged, I had to have it removed. So, since then I’ve been
wearing a partial denture, to cover the front tooth that’s missing, and now every 10 months or so, the partial denture gets loose, so I have to buy another one, and that costs me about
250 pound on the NHS, and more if you go private. Now I can’t afford cosmetic dentistry, so as soon as I saw
INSTAsmile, I was like, I need that because I’m paying, literally, the same amount of money, and you know, INSTAsmile will improve my whole smile, rather than just one tooth. So I asked my friends and
family for my birthday to buy me INSTAsmile last year, so I’ve been wearing
them for all this time. So, when I was first
looking at INSTAsmile, I was looking at lots
of reviews on YouTube, but most of the reviews were
really dull, really blurry, and dark, and you really couldn’t
see the product properly, so I decided to make a
couple of reviews myself, so that’s my first and second video, just so you can really see the product, what you’re gonna get. So, I’m gonna show you my smile now. This is my smile. Now, I’m gonna put this in,
which shows you my ugly teeth. So they really are ugly. I’m going to put my INSTAsmile in now, and take my partial denture out. So they just clip in, and then that’s it. This is my partial denture. You can see it covers the
whole roof of my mouth, and then this is the front tooth. 250 pound I was paying
just for this thing. So I’m now, I’m gonna do my
smile with INSTAsmile in, and with this in as well. So they really do look real,
they’re really comfortable, obviously you’ve done an impression, so it fits your mouth perfectly. They are literally the best
thing I’ve ever bought. If I’d ever wanted any cosmetic surgery, it was always gonna be my teeth, so INSTAsmile has made
that come true for me. So I’m really, really impressed with them. In my two other videos, the first one I open
INSTAsmile for the first time, and you can see, you know, I explain the whole process to you, and the second video
is me after five weeks, so obviously can speak with them, I can eat with them, and things like that, so if that’s the kind of
information you’re looking for, please look on my first two videos first. Now, what I’ve bought,
is I’ve bought classics in A1, the shade is A1,
and these are classics. These are only supposed
to be for occasional wear, but obviously, because I’ve bought them, I put them in, and I was like, wow, I don’t wanna be that ugly tooth person walking around anymore. This has improved my confidence so much. I just feel more relaxed now,
I can smile, talk, laugh, don’t have to put my hand over my mouth, I look great in photos,
it makes me look younger, you know, so many positives
of having a nicer smile. I really just can be myself. I feel good in my own skin now. So, I just wanted to
answer a few questions that lots of people have had. Now, one of the questions is, do they glow up in ultraviolet
light in a night club? ‘Cause you know when
you’re wearing a white top, and that glows up bright
in the night club. No, they don’t, luckily. Would be very embarrassing if they did, but they don’t, thankfully. Also, can I eat with them? That’s my biggest question. That’s the biggest question
everyone else has had. Yes, I can eat with them. I eat steak with them,
I eat burgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, salad, but, obviously, these INSTAsmile are
only for occasional use, which means if you are
gonna wear them every day, you do need to be careful
what you’re eating. So nothing really hard, like raw carrot, or celery, anything
really, really crunchy, or toffees, you know, you
can’t really eat them, because you will damage your INSTAsmile. They are very durable, but
they’re not indestructible. So I did damage my
INSTAsmile, my original set, which is here, I’ll show you the damage. Just that bit cracked a
little bit, so did that. I’ll show you the inside of them. If you haven’t seen my other videos, this bit here is a hard piece inside, which is replacing the
tooth that I haven’t got. And then this is the bottom here. As you see, this bit here has come off, and I’ve snapped this bit off, but even though these are missing now, you still really can’t
tell because, when I smile, you know, you can’t really see that back, when I talk you can’t
really see that bit as much. But anyway, luckily, I had
paid for the extended warranty, so I called INSTAsmile up, and I was like, what do I do now? My INSTAsmile is damaged, and I would like a replacement pair. So they said, right, all you need to do, is take a photo of your
upper and lower snap, and email them to us, and we will then, you know, order you a new pair. So four days after I sent my email, I received an email saying that
my INSTAsmile was on order, and they’re using the original impressions that they keep at the lab,
and then two weeks later, my INSTAsmile was here. So I was very, very happy about that. Very straightforward, no quibble, just, they just replaced them,
literally, immediately. So I have some other questions
that people have asked me, is how do I clean them? Now, because I have, obviously, been used to a partial denture, I just followed my dentist’s advice. So what I would do is, I would
get a sterilizing tablet, and a glass of water, put the tablet in, put the denture in, and
then you leave that in there for four to six hours,
but generally overnight, and that will help with, obviously, that will prevent any gum disease, or any other oral infections you can get from wearing a denture, not
that INSTAsmile can cause that, but a denture certainly can, because it obviously covers
the roof of your mouth. Now, other questions I’ve had is, have they damaged my teeth? No, they haven’t, and I can prove that, because I went to the dentist last month, and the dentist said to
me that she didn’t need to scale and polish my teeth,
or do any work on them. They were absolutely fine,
and it’d been a whole year. I mean, obviously they were still ugly, and yellow, and stained, but
they were nice and clean, so I didn’t have to pay for
any work done, which was great. Also, I wanted to tell
ladies about lipstick. Now, when I first got my INSTAsmile, when I smile, my lip curls
in, which I’ll show you. And then, because my lip curls in, I was getting lipstick on my INSTAsmile, which was driving me insane,
so I’ve invested in, I have, thank you, invested in Jeffree
Style Velour Matte lipstick. Now, you put that on,
and it stays on all day, and unless you eat something
oily, it will come off then, obviously, it lasts a really long time, it doesn’t go on your INSTAsmile, which is really, really good. Now, I just wanted to talk
about the freight companies that have stolen my video. Now, I originally posted
my video on YouTube, just to help people that were
wanting to buy INSTAsmile. That was the main purpose. I’m not a celebrity, I
don’t wanna be a model, I don’t want things like that. It was just because I
was so happy with them, I wanted to explain to other people, you know, and just give a clear example, that was the reason why I put it on YouTube in the first place, and then all these
companies stole my videos, and were parming them off
with their fake teeth. So every time I looked at my phone, there was pictures of me on Instagram, Facebook, and always
with these fake teeth, so people honestly believe
this is what I’d bought. So the first one that,
they managed to make lots, scam lots of people, make
lots of money out of this, first one was this, which
is like the zippy smile. It’s actually got gums. I mean, it’s not going to work. It’s not gonna fit you. And then after that when they
realized that people were clocking on and realizing
that if it’s got gums it’s not gonna look nice,
they tried these ones, and this is not INSTAsmile. It looks similar, but it’s not. It goes all the way to
the back of your teeth, capping your back teeth, that’s
not what INSTAsmile does. These products are cheap,
they’re poorly made, they will look stupid, they
probably won’t fit you, and you’re just wasting your money. So if you’re buying something that doesn’t need an impression, and it costs about, you know,
between 25 pound, 50 pound, you know, for it, or 50, 60 dollars, then you’re just being scammed. Please don’t buy it. I mean, obviously, I was
embarrassed at first, having my face on these videos, but then I thought,
right, get over myself, suck it up, buttercup, I
just need to embrace it, and I want to warn people instead. Because, so what I started doing was, is I started commenting on
all of these advertisements, no, this is not the product, you know, this is my real video, this is INSTAsmile, don’t buy this, it’s a scam,
but they kept deleting it. So, I decided to put on the
end of this video just about, you know, I don’t want
people to be scammed, don’t want them to think that I’m wearing these cheap products, because I’m not, and you’re just gonna waste
your money if you do buy them. I mean, if it seems to
be too good to be true, it normally is, so. Anyhow, I just want to
also let you all know that I will be trialing some
platinum INSTAsmile soon, in A1 as well, so as soon as I get those, I’m gonna wear them
for a couple of months, and then my next video will be about how, you know, how they fit,
how can I talk with them, how can I eat with them, and how they’re different to the classics. So, anyway, thank you
very much for watching, and I will see you soon. Bye-bye!

Author: Kevin Mason

12 thoughts on “My instasmile clip on veneers, before and after 1 year on!

  1. Thank you so much thanks to you're review mines are on the way I have always had a problem with my 2 front teeth. Can't wait to try them xx

  2. Hi. I love your instasmile. I ordered mine based on this review and a few others I've watched. Today on Instagram, I came across an ad for a product called instant- smile claiming to have clip on veneers for 15.99, and to my surprise, it has your video and they are claiming your veneers are from their company. I recognized you and your video because it's what lead me to instasmile in the first place.

  3. Ha! Who remembers Ross on Friends with his neon teeth? I have watched your videos and you cover everything I think I need to know, so Thank You 🤗 And I am glad they have given you confidence. WTG girlfriend!

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