Wow, that’s the birds that I’ve been waiting for careful. Oh you see that? Hey guys, it’s a beautiful day once again and you’re here back at Dexter’s world channel. Maybe you will ask next or what happened You’re armed with a bolo well I’m going to get some bamboo and I’m going to use this bolo for our trap meaning I’m going to get some bamboo sticks here and I would like to make a trap for this bird that is really disturbing at our fish pond and you know guys, I already have lost more than 100 breeder’s of goldfish and It pains me a lot to say this bird really eating and I don’t like to kill this bird because of course I’m a pet lover and I understand fully understand that the nature of this bird really is to get this fish and that is why I decided to just make a trap and Catch this bird alive and that’s our mission This stick is really best for our trap We will test this one if this will work That’s right just like that My grandfather is a fowler and he taught me how to prepare a snare for this birds and I don’t know if I could still recall the mechanics about the This trap, but I’m quite sure that We can still make it Let us assume that this is your bird and your bird will trample upon this one you see that You see that? Your bird Will certainly be caught by his legs So we will use this again So we will assume that the bait is here so this is the mechanics of the trap that we are going to set up Beside the pond and I hope that we can catch the bird tonight. I Said tonight because during daytime this bird will not come out is a nocturnal bird Which eats only during nighttime, so this can be an exciting moment for us guys, please watch this one So this is now the best place for us to set up this trap Because this is the usual place where the bird hides Soon as the bird the step of this boom This is it, so the bird will attempt to escape but he can’t escape because of this nylon. So this is what we are going to wait for tonight Hi guys, this is now the result of our trap and actually I’ve hear the sound of this dogs the dogs are really barking and it is as if something happens, so I Decided to go out and look at what I have witness We actually caught this predator bird by means of the trap that we have Set this morning And you will see this guys Wow, that’s the bird that I’ve been waiting for and he was trap this bird was trap and We had a good catch of this bird Oh, this is your time Wow He was trap and maybe this will oh This is a fat bird. This heart is really beating Well, I will not kill you bird Maybe I will Make this to every or what? I don’t know. Oh You see that bird. The eyes is really that red it’s an indication that this is Wow look at the wings It’s very fat. I Don’t know how to handle this one. I’m sure that this will Wow, you look at the wings perfect bird Wow, it’s a nice bird I will take care of you. Oh, oh, oh, ouch Oh You see that the Bird can, Wow, so how will I handle this one? of course, I Need a scissors , and anybody give me a scissor ,we will get this tie this nylon so that This bird will not be hurt So we have actually cut this nylon and this bird is oh I’m scared Well, you see that big and you see that this size of the bird can eat as much as 20 small fish in a day you see that and Finally I got him This is gonna be the end of my problem my ordeal because almost all of my breeder fish have been Eaten by the bird and it proves to us that we can really make ways on how to catch this wild bird and I have here a temporary cage for this bird and This this maybe I don’t know you can suggest you look at the to the camera The bird is really scared, you know, I can hear the heart i can sense heart is really Palpitating well temporarily we will put this here inside the cage Please make some suggestions what we’re gonna do with this bird, maybe we can cook this one. No, we cannot cook this one Although this is not an endangered specie, but still we cannot cook this one Because it’s the nature really of this word to ate fish So maybe we will bring this to the aviary or we will bring this to very far place That it will not Anymore be able to come back and eat our fish so come on So This is the thing that we can share thank you for watching and this is a Challenging video for me because I don’t know what will really happen and it does happen as what we have Expected so we caught the bird and we will now become very successful In our breeding of this variety of goldfish koi and even mollies Thank you for watching only here at Dexter’s world

Author: Kevin Mason


  1. Dex, Maybe it’s time to put some screen on top of your pond , to protect your fish from predators. There might be more of those birds lurking around just feasting on them.

  2. make protections for your fish and free the bird, if that bird has a nest, he needs to return to his family, look at this ->×577.jpg

  3. I think what you have there is Night Heron. Kingfishers have the body and legs of a large song bird and a large head like a heron, but they only hunt in the day time. Night Herons hunt at night as well as day.

  4. Awesome trap. That’s how you take care of your own pest. 👍 now your fish will be safer.

  5. Love the show ! Take it to a far place wild should stay wild also, please consider netting your ponds to avoid in the future 🙂 .

  6. Hey Dexter! I love your videos first of all. I guess if you want to keep the black-crowned heron as a pet being that you're a fish breeder you can feed the heron the fish you cannot sell and don't have interest in breeding, such as low quality betta, goldfish, or other types of fish being you have thousands at one point or another. Also putting bird Nets over your fish is a great idea as suggested from someone else in the comments. Being that that bird may be able to find its way back to your house, if you're going to set it free Nets will continue to protect your fish as well as setting traps for fun LOL. I hope to meet you one day much love from California. I'm currently attempting to breed my half moon males with half moon feathertail females from Thailand.

  7. what if that bird having babies in somewhere, i dont think catching him is fair. you should cover your fish with nets or something, and realize him immediately

  8. Shout out my channel Dexter. Love your channel 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Other herons will replace this one. Best to use innovative, intermittent netting that prevents birds from landing on the pool. Then you can release this one because it will fly someplace else. They also eat mice which is a good thing.

  10. Good catch brother Farmers work is never done protecting the stock from predators I hope someone at the Aviary can relocate him for you, as always God bless you and your family and business see you on the next one 😁

  11. Hello Dexter. These type of videos are going to make you lose subscribers. People in the U.S. as well as other countries are sensitive to videos such as this one along with other videos you did with the owl. People will tell you that a better solution is to put a net over your fish instead of catching a poor bird just trying to get some food.

  12. Hi Dex, that's what we call a night heron here in Trinidad. I actually have two that have been hunting my guppies and even attacking my large koi :0
    Glad you caught that one 🙂
    If you have the time, would you do a tutorial on how to build that trap?

  13. I love the bolo dexter! Are you somewhere in Mindanao? Jolo or zamboanga? Would love to make a video about that bolo on my channel.

  14. Wow! I need to make a larger trap like this to catch all the people that are stealing in our area! Hahaha!!

  15. Dexter bro make a video why angelfish kill each other cause my angelfish has killed another angel yesterday and now in morning I saw his attacking my another angel why?

  16. I lost most of my goldfish to a diurnal Heron a few years ago, darn thing kept coming back day after day. We ended up putting a shade over one end of the pond so that the fish could hide. If you relocate that Night Heron you caught it's place will be taken by another so you would be better off with netting your ponds at night.

  17. hey dex, cover ur fish ponds at night, u may have caught one bird, its only a matter of time b4 another one shows up.

  18. It's a twitch up bird snare. A variant can be found on the SAS survival manual under food procurement methods. This one's been taught to my uncle dex from his grandfather (so my great grandfather I guess?).

    Kudos to Dexter's world though. Awesome content. Best uncle in the world. 😀

  19. You should set up Decoy birds there like a Eagle would be used here to keep the smaller birds away. There sell many here, even gator heads you float in the pond to keep other animals away. Having some dogs out there watching the ponds at all hours to keep birds out.

  20. Can you put it in a box or cage and drive into the countryside and let it go so it is in unfamiliar surroundings xx

  21. Kill it. Only other thing is keep it as a pet. It will find its way back even if you overnighted it to the United States. Jk!! Nothing else you can do unless you net all your ponds.

  22. Any update ? Is it still with you in that cage or you released it in wild or something else, please update us what u did with this bird

  23. Pg kinain mga alagang isda muh kainin muh din ung ibon oh d kaya donate muh nlng xa pulutan cooking ideas pra ma pulutan nla yan 😅

  24. bay bisaya man day ka. sige ka english deha. wagkana mahiya magbisaya rakan ka. para marime makaintinde syo

  25. Hello Dexter ..Jimmie From Texas….. My friend had a Small Guppie pond with about 25 or 30 grown fish ..The cousin to your Night Heron…Here is (Yellow crowned Night Heron) voracious predators it ate all of his guppies in one Night they got it on camera …they'll eat anything that moves that it can swallow A section of the San Antonio River that shallow has no life because of these birds More will come Dexter Grill it and give it to your Dog's that way it's served a purpose for food cat or dog those birds are prolific breeders having to broods a season

  26. Hi Dexter I love your channel I am an animal lover very big home and I understand that the Hairons do eat up your fish and I know you’re not being that person by getting rid of it Samar I know I have no idea work to do with the long as you don’t kill it but get rid of it someone because you’re just come back and Eat yourfish you have it I have the same problem to the raccoons you don’t want to hurt them but they become a menace Anyways text her good luck and I learn so much from your channel I just really appreciate you you’ve taught me so much things God bless you

  27. Gusto ko Itong ancient trap mechanism . It’s awesome .. naalala co pa noong maliliit pa cami , wala pa masyadong gadget and internet .. ang mga bata naglalaro sa labas and engaged with nature .. Nice one Dexter ..

  28. Awe, poor heron! He chose the wrong place to get a snack! Thank you for not killing him, he was only trying to survive. You did a good job protecting your babies. 💜

  29. Hii Dexter l am abel . I have a channel name is tech4bolt . I love your channel and your videos . Your videos are useful .pls support my YouTube channel

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