Moscow a wonderful capital city of Russia | Red square Heritage Sites

Moscow a wonderful capital city of Russia | Red square Heritage Sites

Hi friends, I am spending time with Russian family now. Uzan is my host for couchsurfing in Moscow Very good couchsurfing experience till now i have got. I have reached at 7:30 am in Moscow He made tea for me in Morning when i reached. Now he is taking her small daughter to Gymnastic class. So, he will drop me to city center Very sweet family he is having. You will like the videos. I will share in another video about how i spent good time with his family His wife prepared morning breakfast on time . That was amazing Very good World is really beautiful I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me too. but He is hosting me well! Keep watching the video I am now visiting old heritage Russia (Moscow) OLD Moscow It’s raining Weather changing very fast .. Rain, sun But still, i will see this city by walking. This area is old heritage Moscow Today will see Moscow.. Tomorrow I will catch Trans Siberia Train at 1:30 PM To visit Novosibirsk and From Novosibirsk , will visit Siberia Region. From there Altai Mountains If possible, will reach Mongolia border Will be an interesting trip. Keep watching videos, i will try to show good locations. Now temperature in Moscow approx 1°C Very cold here In Siberia, temperature reaches -20°C Where i am suppose to go, i don’t know Just walking and Enjoying the heritage Moscow view Very nice structures and buildings The buildings which you are seeing in video 70 years ago, all are very old buildings 70 years ago, city was congested So, govt planned to expand the roads For that, what they have done. They moved the buildings without damaging the structures Moved the buildings with the help of plate on ground And made big roads So, it’s an interesting fact Chinese tourist they come in a group A guide carry a flag for the group. You can see the flag Reason he carries flag its that.. Guide can be visible from distance Temperature is 1°C Caught common cold & flu jacket is working very well Lot of Chinese tourist is Moscow I haven’t seen any Indian tourist till now. I am alone Indian visiting. Have seen many Chinese See, how road is getting cleaned Saw a beautiful garden while walking So, let me see this place Red Square is ahead, which is a very famous area in Moscow. The statue is of “Alexander” The name of the garden and place is “Aleksandrovskiy” Very beautiful place We see in Photos Looking like the same Very beautiful place Yellow trees due to Autumn tree leafs are yellow colour Yellow leafs have fallen on the green grass Looking really nice Ticket Counter, What to see there ? It’s museum Will not go inside If you are coming here “Red Square , Aleksandrovskiy , park” Keep time in hand As it’s a very big area Inside here big park Then heritage structures Like we see in Jaipur, fort etc. Here too you can see such fort Its really beautiful place. Keep time in hand. Don’t rush or else you will miss lots of things. Today is weekend. Hence looking like picnic place for family Mostly families have come here . Stall are there Eating food, enjoying music Singing , Dancing, Games for Kids Full enjoyment place in weekend. This place is nice for Family enjoyment This is Famous RED SQUARE If you search on internet , it’s on top list must visit place. Very famous place in Moscow Russia. I have seen one thing in Moscow All the boards, glow signs are on Russian language. Very less in English At times really become difficult to understand. Don’t know i am in which road now. because everything on Russian language so This a bit challenge If you don’t know Russian then .. You can’t read what is written. I have seen a beautiful road, so have come here Keep few things in mind first You can use google map But YANDEX is popular here Download YANDEX map , YANDEX taxi etc. Second, download Google Translator its very important. because you can speak English in Moscow But in other places English communication will be very difficult So, you need to translate and communicate So, must install Google Translator Very handy app.. Today is Saturday So, weekend. Lot of Kids have come here because This area has lots of park garden etc. Children are playing. If you have time can see opera theater My Couchsurfing host He booked Train ticket for me. I have paid him Tomorrow my train is at 1:30 PM I will go to Novosibirsk Train Journey will be 2 nights and 3 days. That’s Siberia Region. Novosibirsk is the biggest town in Siberia. I will start hitchhiking from there to visit towards Biysk Altai Region to Mongolia Border My host doesn’t know me Still He has done wonderful hosting. Feeling like i know him from long time Made tea in the morning His wife prepared breakfast Two small Daughters Learning Gymnastic Till now, excellent experience after landing in Moscow. Only thing , yesterday night could not sleep due to late night flight. Let me cover Moscow now. I will sleep at night And can sleep nicely , as i have 3 days train journey A day well spent in Moscow Uzan my host, came to Pick me up in Red Square area. He booked my tomorrows train ticket. I have paid him Very nice person Till now my couchsurfing experience is excellent A day well spent in Moscow.

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