Mom refuses to see dentist [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.09.09]

Mom refuses to see dentist [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.09.09]

Author: Kevin Mason

16 thoughts on “Mom refuses to see dentist [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.09.09]

  1. The reason her pain is because of the caries that already till the pulp and I think it's better to her to go to a dentist and solve all the problems before it's too late. Gradually it can cause absess and other worst things. And Her gums already decrease (resesion) 😱

  2. When he started crying about his step-father I teared up. "I lost a father once." Gosh, what a sweet kid, I really hope everything works out with this family.

  3. The root cause of all this family's problems is poor health. The mom is in constant pain from self-neglect, so of course she is blind to her son's issues. The dad probably drinks too much or has anger management problems, so of course he will argue and snap at his son. The daughter relies on being deaf to get out of doing things. The son has baggage from daddy issues and too much family responsibility for his age, so of course he gets emotional from keeping it all in. They all need to get therapy, dental work, and healthy hobbies like exercising together. Only then, once they're all in better health will they have a mind clear enough to be happy and nice to each other. Warm words and mutual respect only happens when you're not in agonizing pain 24/7. I hope this show was a wakeup call for them to all get help as a family.

  4. Ummm why don't they get expert opinions of this from dentist in this episode????? My best friend had problem with ONE of her molar years ago, the tooth rot but couldn't get removed immediately so she had to wait a few months to got it treated and had to consume super bitter meds and had cotton covered the said tooth at that time all the time. I witnessed her in so much pain, she vomited bcs the bitter meds, she didn't have appetite bcs she couldn't chew properly while she was already so petite and had acute ulcer. And I found out this year that the story didn't end yet, she still had some part of the tooth left from before and just had it removed completely through operation this year. She currently plans to get implant. We're onlyin early 20s and the story was from our high school time. What I want to say is, the mother already in so much pain but planned to just endure it, its not good when she's still young and still have so much time to life. The sooner she get treated, the sooner she will relieved from that pain and having expert knocking more sense into and tell her the long term risk might convince her and the family to just drag her to dentist and get the job done. The longer it get delayed the more severe her teeth would get and it will definitely cost more money later 😢😢😢

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