Mom refuses to see dentist [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.09.09]

Mom refuses to see dentist [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.09.09]

We root for you to solve your concerns! Tell us your concerns! (Yahoo) Let me introduce today’s guest panel. Lee Hweejae’s wife and a mother of twins, Moon Jungwon! – Welcome! / – Hello! The original idol, Chun Myunghoon! Hello! I’m Chun Myunghoon. Good to be here. He’s an interior designer and and Hong Hyunhee’s husband. – Jasson! / – Jasson! Hello. Solbin and Yujeong of Laboum! (Solbin and Yujeong of Laboum) (Hello) Myunghoon, we’ve known each other for 10 years. How is this your first time on our show? Nobody invited me… I’ve been waiting. I’ve been staring at my phone and waiting. He’s always been self-reflecting whenever we wanted to invite him. (Eyes quiver) – There’s been a misunderstanding. / – Yes. Jungwon, it’s your first time on TV without Hweejae. Yes, it’s my first time. I’ve always wanted to do a show without him. (This is the perfect chance!) A lot of people want to see your twin boys. How are the boys? They are seven years old now. They act like they’re all grown up. The way they talk? “How about a kiss for mommy?” “Oh, come on… Why are you asking for that?” (My gosh!) Wow. They’re at that age now. After they get a kiss from their parents, they’re like this. For real. (That’s true) Shall we see some photos of the twins? – I’m curious. / – How cute! They really grew up! Wow! How cute. – It’s Hweejae! / – They look so alike. They’re all grown up. – How cute. / – They really got bigger. (A happy growing family) Jasson, you’re here without Hong Hyunhee. Are you doing TV shows on your own now? My wife pressured me today. “You’d better be funny. Don’t make me look bad.” – Hyunhee said that? / – Yes. I can make the same face she can. (His impression of Hyunhee’s face) – That’s similar. / – Why would you imitate that? (He looks just like her) Solbin, a lot of people envy your exotic looks. Do your parents look exotic too? Yes. Especially my mom. She looks very exotic. That’s her mom. Wow… (Looks like a South American family) Your brother looks really exotic too. They’re like exchange students. Solbin looks more exotic as a kid. Your brother is very handsome too. He has really changed. (Are you bragging that you grew up pretty?) He changed… Laboum, tell us about your new song. Our new song “Firework” is powerful and mature. – “Firework”. / – Yes. Cue the music! (“Firework” by Laboum) (“Firework” will light up the hearts of Koreans) (Solbin’s eyes look so captivating) (Yujeong’s movements are seductive) (The original idol is excited) (Who wouldn’t fall for these pretty girls?) (Today is my lucky day) Once again, we have three concerns. Please show us the keywords. “Send Her to a Dentist.” “A Concern from Overseas.” “Please Believe Me.” “Send Her to a Dentist.” I need someone to play the mother. I don’t have experience with that. We need someone that’s actually a mom. You’re a mother. Can you play the mother? You get to act today. Isn’t this fun? Hello. My name is Jeong Jewon. I’m 15 years old with two younger sisters. Someone at home is always moaning and groaning. “Ouch… Ouch…” This is acting… – That was a granny. / – How embarrassing. Act like you’re really in pain. (This is her moaning and groaning) “What is it? Do your teeth hurt again? You need to get to a dentist!” “No! I’m not going.” Someone refuses to go see a dentist. It’s my mom. Her teeth are ruined from avoiding the dentist. – She has almost no upper teeth. / – Gosh! (My gosh) And only a few front teeth for her lower teeth. She can barely eat or chew food. And this is what I really don’t get. “Son, brush your teeth before bed. You have a dentist appointment tomorrow.” My mom needs to see a dentist first, yet she nags at us. I just don’t understand my mom. Can you please tell her to go see a dentist? That’s the story. Jungwon, do your boys go to the dentist? – They hate it. / – Of course they do. 10 minutes of convincing in the parking lot and a day of convincing the day before. So kids are still afraid to go see the dentist. It was worse back in our day. – Because of the sound. / – Right. The sounds and smells are so scary. Sometimes as we’re growing up, parents tell us to do things that they don’t do themselves. My mom goes to the hospital if she ever feels sick. That’s a good habit. She eats so much, yet claims she hasn’t eaten. Why? My mom does that too. “Any food left?” – It’s good that she’s eating. / – Right. It’s time to meet our guest. Come on out! (Who is concerned about his mom’s teeth?) (Jeong Jewon) How bad are your mom’s teeth? My mom is 34. – Only 34? / – That’s my age. Tell us your mother’s age again. 34 years old. – Born in 1986. / – She’s so young. Her teeth should be healthy at her age. She has the teeth of an old lady. She has almost no upper teeth. And only a few front teeth for her lower teeth. She has almost no molars. – How does she chew food? / – Can she chew? That’s why she always takes digestive medicine. Oh, no… Since she can’t chew. She covers her mouth whenever she smiles. So she avoids the dentist, but what about for you and your sisters? We go two to three times every year. Why doesn’t she get her teeth checked out too? I tell her to get checked out, but she always says, “Later.” Why does she keep avoiding the dentist? We’re not quite rich, but not quite poor… Is that why? Not quite rich, but not that poor. – Is that what you think? / – Yes. Maybe she’s afraid of the sounds. Getting dental treatment does hurt. But cavities hurt even more. Right. They hurt. My mom is always moaning in the evening. “Mom, what’s wrong?” I ask her. – Gosh… / – “I’m in pain.” She’s always taking pain killers and cold water. If you don’t get dental treatment, the germs will get into your nerves too. I hear it really hurts. The 3 worst pains. Headaches, toothaches and… Does your dad ever say anything? My dad tried taking my mom to a dentist a few times. But my mom would always refuse. I wrote to you guys because my mom is a big fan of you, Yeongja. – Your mom. / – Yes. So maybe she’ll listen to you. – Maybe she can be convinced. / – Clever kid. – I see. / – So thoughtful. It’s time to meet the mom and hear from her. Hello. Hello. So do you understand why your son is concerned? Honestly… It’s my teeth that are hurting. I don’t know why he’s concerned. – He’s your son. / – Of course he’s worried. But I’m the one that’s in pain. (How could she say that?) Can you be honest and tell us how bad it hurts? I only have a few molars on my right side. Nothing but molars on the right side? I have one molar on each side on top. You should talk to a dentist about this. We can’t tell by just looking. You speak just fine. People can’t really tell. They don’t know unless I tell them. But I’m in pain even now. – You’re in pain now? / – Yes. How badly does it hurt? Is it throbbing? The best thing to do when it hurts is to sleep. I drink cold water. It really hurts. But afterwards, the pain fades. That’s when I try to sleep. You try to forget your pain with a greater pain. Yes. (Wouldn’t it hurt less to get treatment?) Isn’t eating uncomfortable? I can’t really eat cold foods. I don’t have front teeth, so I can’t eat ribs. When I try to chew on something hard… My gums are all damaged, so when we eat pork belly, I tend to eat soft things like mushrooms. (She can’t even eat properly) Why not ask your husband to chew for you? I’d rather not eat. I’ve done that before. When Hyunhee was sick, I chewed up a pill for her. Wow! – Just get the powder. / – Or just grind it. It was a big pill. She couldn’t swallow it. I thought she could. – So I chewed it up for her. / – How sweet. (I didn’t think of that method) Your son is so sad. You never thought to go to a dentist? My teeth hurt so badly. I just endure it until they’re ready to be pulled out. That’s when I go see a dentist. Dentists always tell me the same thing. “How did your teeth get like this at your young age?” It’s embarrassing, so I never see the same dentist twice. They always say the same thing. I was always afraid of the dentist as a kid. It’s really scary when you’re a kid. But why haven’t you gone as an adult? I had my first child when I was 20. I had him young and raised him. I had another baby immediately after him. His younger sister is 14. I got a divorce when I was 26. I raised my kids by myself. I got my first job when I was 26. – At age 26. / – Yes. I was so busy raising them by myself. We weren’t well-off financially. It’s really tiring to raise two kids. What about your current husband? I got remarried 4 years ago. – You got remarried? / – Yes. Thinking about your life brings back many memories. It’s overwhelming. You’ve been very honest with us. You seem to trust us. If I may ask… Can we see the inside of your mouth? You already told us everything. We only heard that your teeth are bad. Jewon probably hasn’t seen my teeth. – Your son? / – Yes. Honestly, not even my husband has seen my teeth. It’s very embarrassing for me. It’s my complex. I was very concerned about even coming on this show because I have to show my teeth. It’s so embarrassing. But since it’s a concern for my son, I’ll give you all a slight look. Please don’t be shocked. (Say ah) Please don’t be shocked. Just open once and grit your teeth once. No teeth… What about above? – No teeth up there. / – No teeth. (His first time seeing the inside of his mom’s mouth) No teeth up there? (Shocked) Almost none. (She barely has any teeth) This is your first time seeing this. – Are you shocked? / – Yes. You didn’t know it was this bad? I thought she’d have a few more teeth. – You didn’t know it was this bad? / – Right. (Shocked at all the missing teeth) (She really needs treatment soon) Don’t you have the time and money to go to a dentist now? The biggest reason is because of the money. That sounds like an excuse to me. If you visit the dentist sooner, you won’t have to spend as much in the future. I’ve seen a dentist. The last time I went was 5 or 6 years ago. 5 or 6 years ago. I had a root canal. – They put that white stuff in your tooth. / – Right. After getting treatment… – You never went back? / – Right. – Why didn’t you go back? / – Why? I got the estimate back then. It came out to over $20,000. – $20,000? / – Back then… – To do your entire mouth? / – Yes. You probably need implants too. Back then, I came into some money through my father, so I was going to go. But I started a business with that money instead. What kind of business? I sold electric scooters. The business didn’t do so well. But that’s when I met my husband. You lost your teeth, but got a husband. How long are you going to avoid treatment? I don’t plan on seeing a dentist any time soon. – You need to go now. / – Honestly… I’d rather just lose all my teeth. – What? / – Why? False teeth cost the same as two implants. So I’d rather just lose all my teeth and wear false teeth. (Why is she giving up already?) I don’t mind spending on my kids, but it seems wasteful to spend on myself. (At a loss for words) (Frustrated) Imagine how frustrating it is for her husband. Let’s meet the husband. Hello. Hello. Your stepson is concerned about his mother. Are you also frustrated? It’s very frustrating. Her teeth can’t get any worse. I always hear her in pain. It’s so frustrating that she won’t see a dentist. I can’t do anything else for her. That really breaks my heart. When we were dating, I didn’t know that she didn’t have teeth for over a year. – You didn’t know? / – Right. You’ve really never seen her teeth? Today was my first time seeing them. (Shocked) How did that make you feel? I usually only see her bottom teeth. I never imagined she was missing so many teeth. Sure, from what you can see. Can’t you tell when you’re dating? Is it only in dramas? Hold on. Let me ask the expert in this field. (The expert in everything adult) (Tell us, Dongyeob) (Nods) Can’t you tell when you’re dating? (Ahem!) There are people like me that count teeth. (He’s very thorough!) But some people might not think about that and just enjoy being with the person. You’re her husband. You should force her to go. “I know you’re scared, but it’ll be okay.” Shouldn’t you take her to a dentist? We went once, but only I got my cavities treated. You couldn’t convince her? She flat-out refuses. Are you concerned about the costs? I let my wife handle all the finances. Including my salary. – Really? / – Yes. I’d like to save the money I earn to pay for the dentist, but she keeps spending my money on silly things. Like what? On electric scooters? – Like fake nails. / – Nail stickers. She has more than most nail shops. She uses all your money on getting her nails done? She really likes perfume too. They’re all over her vanity. Wow! This is like a nail shop. She even has the machine. What’s that machine? Is it a mask? Perfume. So this is how she relieves stress. You know… I don’t even spend $50 a month on this stuff. It’s still more expensive to get one implant a year. That’s just an excuse. You should get treatment. Anyway, that’s for making yourself presentable. This is related to your health. I get $100 a month for pocket money. – $100? / – Huh? That doesn’t sound like enough. Your transit fees should cost over $100. – It’s not nearly enough. / – Of course not. How can you get by on $100? So that’s why you’re here. (Dear, give me more pocket money) So your dad is concerned about his pocket money. He gets plenty. I only get $40 a month. It’s $2 for a roundtrip on a bus. That’s $10 gone after 5 days. – It’s only enough for your transit fees? / – Yes. Do you walk to save money? I walk and use that $1 I save at a LAN center. So you think that your dad should always have $60 more than you? Yes. You’re saying your dad gets plenty of money. Any other concerns besides your mom? Yes. – You do? / – You do? I do so much housework. I do the laundry, clean, fix meals and watch my sisters. I might have to start cooking eventually. – Who? / – Me. Really? Why? Because your mom’s teeth hurts? She has a bad back too. She got surgery a few years ago. – She had a herniated disc. / – So many ailments. So you do all the housework? It’s not like that. He doesn’t do all the housework. He helps out. Jewon is good at doing housework. He could think that he has to do everything. He always goes above and beyond. If I tell him to clean, he cleans and watches his sisters. You have other siblings. I have a sister that’s a year younger. But when I tell her to do something, “You’re better at this. You’re older.” She just throws the work back at me. This feels so wrong. I’m about to cry. He’s about to cry! They always make me do everything. (They always make me do everything) That’s not right. He’s in 8th grade! Come on! (All the housework makes him sad) Doing all that work doesn’t feel rewarding at all. – Just let it all out. / – He’s considerate. The husband and the son. They’re here because of mom’s bad teeth, but they have a lot to say. – Just let it all out. / – Yeah. This tends to happen to the first child. I never used to go to LAN centers. I didn’t even have a gaming ID. I never bought a gaming ID because my mom is only 20 years older than me. You never got to go to LAN centers as a young kid. That’s everything to him. I went for the first time with my friends in 6th grade. They were talking about characters and I wanted to join them. Yeah, he’s just a kid too. He can’t fit in with his peers. That’s how it’s like with kids. You do all that work and try to save your money. Why do they make you do all the housework? I don’t know. My sister says she can’t. But it’s not like she’s an idiot. She could learn to do that stuff. She’s not an idiot? Yes, she’s not an idiot. She could be smart. She gets him to do everything. That’s even more upsetting. She could help out, but she doesn’t. When my mom tells me to do something, she smiles. Like she’s teasing me. (Why do I have to put up with this?) Let me ask you, ma’am. You have a daughter too. Why not make her do things? She’s special. She’s hearing impaired. She was born with hearing impairment. So I tend to be more lenient with her. – You’re more lenient with her. / – Yes. I get that. But aside from her ears, her body is just fine. He’s so optimistic. Your mom says that you’re good at doing housework. You’re good at fixing meals and doing the dishes. Have you tried doing your tasks poorly? Yes. But then I get yelled at. What are you supposed to do? He has nowhere to go! This story is even sadder. Both his mom and sister give him a hard time. You’re crying now and you get yelled at. – But it still hurts that your mom is in pain? / – Yes. – He’s so sweet. / – He’s worried. She’s in pain, which is why he helps out. My mom has a bad back, so I worry that she won’t be able to eat because of her teeth. What a sweet kid. (What a thoughtful kid) You wouldn’t worry as much if your mom went to see a dentist. My parents fight. – Your parents? / – He has a lot to say. Are you kidding me? They fight over a computer game. I play the games I buy at home. My dad tells me to stop playing games. When he yells at me, my mom tries to protect me and they end up fighting. It’s okay. Drink some water and speak clearly. Speak clearly. He speaks just fine, but he gets really sad when he talks about gaming. It’s understandable. He likes gaming now. So tell us. What happens when they fight? They fight over gaming. After they fight, they start considering divorce. – You heard that? / – Yes. How does it make you feel when they say they want to split up? My mind just went blank. I was like, “What is this all about?” I want to get away from them when they’re fighting. I wish they’d stop fighting. You don’t want them to split up. Right. I like having my dad around. I lost a father once. So I always want a father around. Since you lost a father once. What do you like best about your dad? I just like that he’s my dad. (His new dad is precious to him) (So he always wants him around) (This is really sad…) Does your dad do things for your mom? No. (Ruined the moment) Don’t ask things like that! That was short-sighted of me. (She stops crying!) I know you didn’t mean for this to happen, but did you know that your son was this worried? Ma’am? Jewon is right about our fights. He’s always glued to his PC or cell phone. And it’s always his dad that catches him gaming. My husband has a short temper. He tends to say hurtful things. His dad? He’s like that to Jewon too, which breaks my heart. “I can’t stand the sight of you. I should just leave this home.” It broke my heart when he said that to Jewon. Why did he say that? You shouldn’t say things like that to people. (Sad that her son was hurt) He has no filter for what he says. I was so frustrated and stressed at the time. I just lost my temper. I regret it though. I’ll try to be nicer to my children. I don’t think this is all from one issue. I know you hate the idea of going to a dentist, but after hearing all this from your son and husband maybe you should be brave and just go. Listen to your husband. Your son is working so hard to help you out, so try to compliment him more at home. If you give each other positive vibes, I don’t think you’ll be so sensitive and easily-annoyed. Tell your mom what you really want from her. I want to see big smiles from my mom and I want you two to stop fighting. And maybe don’t make me do so much housework. Tell your dad what you want from him. Let me use the computer for a long time. I noticed that you didn’t mention going to a dentist at all. He forgot about it. You’re here because of your mom’s teeth. What do you want from your mom? Mom, I wish you’d go see a dentist. (Tilts his head) You’re here because of gaming, aren’t you? How do you feel after hearing from your son? Will you go see a dentist? Just work up your courage and go. Not yet… Not yet? So is money the biggest issue? Once our finances are in order, I’ll think about it then. So you’ll go when your finances are in order? I’m not sure. It’s always hard to make that first step. I think your son wants the family to be happy most of all. That’s why it’s hard for him to see you in pain. I’m sure he has a lot on his mind. So what do you think, Yujeong? Is this a concern? I say it’s a concern. I think it’s a big concern. It’s a concern. I’m impressed that your son can handle all these things going on in his life, but it makes me sad too. I say it’s a concern. Please think of your son and yourself and get treatment immediately. You’re in pain now. Please be brave. Your children and your husband have to be too. Because think about your son. He’s not a selfish kid that only thinks of himself. He’s endured so many hardships and he helps you out. All he wants is for you to start getting treatment. Even starting treatment… That’s what he wants. – I’ll go. / – Good. You must go to a dentist and get treatment for your family’s happiness. Alright. If you think this is a concern for the son, press the button! (What do the people think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Time’s up! Let’s see how many votes this got. “Send Her to a Dentist.” Will this get over 100 votes? Yes. (Curious) How many votes? 163 votes! (163 votes)

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16 thoughts on “Mom refuses to see dentist [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.09.09]

  1. The reason her pain is because of the caries that already till the pulp and I think it's better to her to go to a dentist and solve all the problems before it's too late. Gradually it can cause absess and other worst things. And Her gums already decrease (resesion) 😱

  2. When he started crying about his step-father I teared up. "I lost a father once." Gosh, what a sweet kid, I really hope everything works out with this family.

  3. The root cause of all this family's problems is poor health. The mom is in constant pain from self-neglect, so of course she is blind to her son's issues. The dad probably drinks too much or has anger management problems, so of course he will argue and snap at his son. The daughter relies on being deaf to get out of doing things. The son has baggage from daddy issues and too much family responsibility for his age, so of course he gets emotional from keeping it all in. They all need to get therapy, dental work, and healthy hobbies like exercising together. Only then, once they're all in better health will they have a mind clear enough to be happy and nice to each other. Warm words and mutual respect only happens when you're not in agonizing pain 24/7. I hope this show was a wakeup call for them to all get help as a family.

  4. Ummm why don't they get expert opinions of this from dentist in this episode????? My best friend had problem with ONE of her molar years ago, the tooth rot but couldn't get removed immediately so she had to wait a few months to got it treated and had to consume super bitter meds and had cotton covered the said tooth at that time all the time. I witnessed her in so much pain, she vomited bcs the bitter meds, she didn't have appetite bcs she couldn't chew properly while she was already so petite and had acute ulcer. And I found out this year that the story didn't end yet, she still had some part of the tooth left from before and just had it removed completely through operation this year. She currently plans to get implant. We're onlyin early 20s and the story was from our high school time. What I want to say is, the mother already in so much pain but planned to just endure it, its not good when she's still young and still have so much time to life. The sooner she get treated, the sooner she will relieved from that pain and having expert knocking more sense into and tell her the long term risk might convince her and the family to just drag her to dentist and get the job done. The longer it get delayed the more severe her teeth would get and it will definitely cost more money later 😢😢😢

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