Mnuchin speaks on roughly $850 billion economic stimulus package

Mnuchin speaks on roughly $850 billion economic stimulus package

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Mnuchin speaks on roughly $850 billion economic stimulus package

  1. If only Donald had not thrown the last $3 Trillion in the trash. He really has no idea what he is doing and is terrified someone will notice, like, we haven't already. Incompetent dufus wrecking the country. Oh, and I now know why he was at first saying COVID-19 was just like the flu or the common cold. Dr. Tovah Klien explained it. To explain why people are behaving like they are, to a toddler, you have to keep is simple. Call COVID-19 something like a cold or the flu. And Trumps administration did just that, and Donald, as he always does, immediately ran to a microphone and twitter to tell the world about his great knowledge off the virus. Always has to make himself look smarter than he is. They have to STOP dumbing things down for him and honestly say, you can't understand it, just let the experts talk, or the market is going to crash more.

  2. these swap creatures are turning into socialist , giving away free money, screw them let them survive on there own

  3. So Trump and Republicans do believe in SOCIALISM after all huh? Why didn’t they let the “Free Market/Capitalism” tank instead of HALTING all trades using regulation laws? The hypocrisy of democracy.

  4. Keep the swamp drained. Let beauracrats collect, what unemployment insurance they are entitled to under that system.

    Send'em a pink slip, right now, encouraging them to seek work in the private sector.
    It's a great time to measure,whether they're actually worth anything, other than being malignant tumors.

    Beauracrats are actually the largest unrecognized welfare recipients we have.

    Start'em washing dishes & cars, until they prove their work ethic.

  5. So am I getting money? Cus I need to go get my medical herb before they close down the shops too smh…..

  6. The Democrats don't have anything to complain about with this, but trust me, they will all start complaining!
    Just watch the comments below.

  7. Americans savers got nailed for the last 12 years, money market ain't no savings they are supposedly investment that can go up or down.
    Bailouts have failed since 2008 and get worse, what about trying something different this time for a change?

  8. Corona virus outbreak is democratic plot to steal healthcare from America s and give it to illegal immigrants

  9. Look at all these Democrats in the Comments coming out of the woodwork talking about “Deficit Spending” & “the US Debt” like they didn’t spend Billions for “Turtle Crosswalks”, SOLYNDRA & Florida Bridges that Collapse… GTFO!! Trump 2020!🇺🇸👏🏼

  10. I work in a restaurant. We closed down yesterday until further notice. My family, which consists of myself, my wife, and 2 kids, live day by day on the tips I make. We dont know what to do.

  11. Now, we are all Democrats and socialists. Once everything is back to normal, we will get back to our own party affiliation.

  12. So there is a new virus loose in China. Some sort of Bird Flu
    They are digging mass graves where they are burying millions of baby chicks alive. They are also burning pigs.

  13. Did those airlines got bailed out not long ago ? Those airlines companies still can make pay rolls without government bailout them again

  14. We are going to steal your money, as always, and close your businesses with virus scams, so you won't be able to pay rent, and then we will take your homes, and promise to end homelessness, and then fine you for vagrancy, and then not allow people to give you free food, because that would be unfair to restaurants that you can't afford, and then deny you healthcare because you don't have money and hospitals are over crowded with homeless folks, even though, you've paid for public employees for decades, that work for services you have no use for, making you poorer.

  15. How about postponing mortgage payments for 3 months for the public? That’ll go a long way in helping the general public

  16. Frankly $1000 is nothing. That's like a few utility bills. Perhaps if people spend it on goods it will stimulate the economy somewhat but most people likely to spend on goods and service already gotten. Most probably just pay a few bills. Now $10k would definitely help, but $1k not really going to matter much imo.

  17. POTUS & his Cabinet are doing whats necessary to hold us up. Please keep negative comments to yourselves. Let POTUS govern in peace for a change. and let us be proud of our President without agitators

  18. Mr. Mnuchin is an excellent man. I am very proud of him. He is dedicated and hard working.
    Good Job Mr. Mnuchin

  19. Wow for a capitalist country there seems to be a lot of socialism going around recently. Seems like socialism is good when capitalism, survival of the fittest cant save you.

  20. America and Americans are First !!!!! No politics in this please !!!!!! It’s the Americans who works daily to run the country , not the others country for us !!!! If we can give others countries free billions of dollars 💵 for no returns and no paying back then why not the Americans first ????!!!! What is our obligations to give others countries free money 💰 ???!!!! Who are these Americans talking against Americans ???!!! When the Americans People’s need the help most !!!??? Every country in the world 🌎 are helping theirs own people’s !!! What’s wrong with the Americans ??!!!! Who are these people’s talking nonsense !!!??? Why ???!!! As an Americans you don’t want to help the Americans ????!!! Forget politics now please !!!! Every body should help every one now ! It’s not the times for politics please !!! We need to come together now ! Let’s face it together please !!!!! United we Stand together !!!

  21. Thanks for Trump's Jan travel ban to hurt China further. Now everybody is losing money and jobs. WH did not see this coming. Sad.

  22. Folks it is time to take care of Americans, American families, and to give Cities back to their communities where technology will be used instead of stifling activities like 3D concrete living spaces and solar energy!

  23. Don't trust these guys, if they're sending you a check, how much of the $850 billions are they asking Congress for, are they  pocketing? This is the same guy who refuse to show his tax returns. Nothing is free, audit.

  24. They should just send money to people who voted for Trump lol, why send money to help people who spent 4 years bashing the guy.


  26. Thank you Comrades and thank you Mr BERNIE SANDERS FOR SAVING AMERICA WITH YOUR PLAN. WE LOVE YOU BERNIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. So Trump and Republicans want to send Americans (some) $1000? Isn't this Andrew Yang's plan? Democrats have been suggesting this as part of their campaigns.

  28. I can't wait to see all the MAGA hat wearing people standing in line at the banks cashing that check. I thought socialism was evil? Who's the socialist now? hahahahaha

  29. jesus has wiped out the trump stock market….and now he his destroying Trump's hotel business…he is angry that this amoral president was not removed .. ..praise jesus , amen

  30. Congress is NOT going to Pass it. It’s been 48 hours now on their desk. It ain’t gonna happen. Trust me it be nice! But reality it’s not going to happen. Sooo don’t get y’all’s hopes up.

  31. How much of this will go to the American people instead of corporations. Do they think we believe that small businesses will pass these bailouts on to their employees. Lies and more lies

  32. The democrap run Congress is the ones that are writing this Bill? WE are so screwed. Might as well let five year olds write it. It would make more sense.

  33. SOCIALISM here we come. And stupid Republicans are now quiet as a rat in front of a snake. What happened to all that garbage about no handouts, no bailouts, no European stuff here? Republicans are the biggest hypocrites on this planet.

  34. SOCIALISM here we come. And stupid Republicans are now quiet as a rat in front of a snake. What happened to all that garbage about no handouts, no bailouts, no European stuff here? Republicans are the biggest hypocrites on this planet.

  35. 👎🟥👎🟥👎🟥👎🟥👎🟥 🟥👎🟥👎🟥👎🟥👎🟥👎 Lie🟥Deceive🟥Crooked🟥

  36. Sounds like socialism to me. Bunch of hypocrites. They only like to give money to the rich friends and not the people that actually need it

  37. It's not fair that elderly people and people on disability won't qualify for the $1,000.00 stimulus package money.
    They paid taxes, they have bills to pay. They received stimulus money from both president Bush and president Obama, so why not help them as well. If they keep saying that every American will get the stimulus program, then give them as well.
    Don't screw anyone.

  38. The corporate america has been spoiled and pampered enough. We the workers of lower and middle class deserve the whole trillion on payments until a vaccine is available. Until then we should come together on work and VOTE strike. And obligate them to listen and give power back to the people.

  39. Trump has never cared about other people's money. It doesn't cost ANYTHING! He is trying to bankrupt the US and let the Chinese, Saudis and Russians buy us for pennies on the dollar. MAGA KAG!

  40. I get SSI and Social Security survivors benefits. Will I qualify for the $1,200 stimulus check? Was I correct it stated everybody was going to get it right?

  41. If you owe the IRS,will you not get anything? So you end up with nothing? As far as the much needed help from a stimulus check

  42. All "bailouts" should go directly into the hands of the people. Eventually it trickles up anyway. That's basic economics. This whole bank/wall street bailout comes from the fraudulent trickle down mentality. A mentality that is proven to keep the vast majority of wealth at the top, while turning the masses into victims of greedy wall street games. The masses do the work The masses fight the wars. Yet the masses are not properly represented in government because the purity of democracy is infected by greed.

    Certainly, Socialism and Communism is not the answer, but either is free wheeling capitalism. What is wrong with honest and moral business that is loyal to the nation? What is wrong with shunning greed and selfishness? What is wrong with disagreeing with a dual justice system? Why fight for morality in society while we give wall street a free pass? No, it's time to hold greed accountable for the consequences it passes onto the people time and time again.

  43. Dow futures are down -1,000 points. trump ain't getting reelected. He doesn't have the required leadership capability

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