MintBuilder Network Marketing: Updates & New Turn Key Lead System!(2020)

MintBuilder Network Marketing: Updates & New Turn Key Lead System!(2020)

hello member family Matt Barca CEO of
mint builder here and I wanted to reach out to you today for a couple things one
we get some questions pretty often caravan builder so I thought I’d be
really good to just go ahead and field those questions for you right now for
probably many of you and so one of the first questions we’ve been getting a lot
of of course lately is boolean is is bullying gonna be back and what’s going
to happen with that I covered it a little bit in some previous videos but
I’m gonna head and talk about it again boolean is something that right now is
something I feel like would is to not be focused on as much most of the time I
would say the opposite but in this weird kind of mix that we’re in right now is
probably not the number one thing to focus on but to answer that question
nobody really knows at this point you know exactly when we’re gonna you know
start stalking back up stalking back up on the boolean all the wholesalers their
hands are tied with it there’s really nothing anybody can do
the Mint’s themselves you know have ceased selling the the you know the
boolean for the most part some of them are even sold out for example the United
States Mint for the Silver Eagles they stopped minting it which actually goes
against what they’re supposed to do they’re supposed to admit as much as
demand requires but it is what it is so nothing we can really do about it so
as far as that goes and the little bit that they do have minted they’re gonna
be shipping out small supplies to the wholesalers and you’re gonna see
premiums you know you already do see premiums spiked the largest companies
here in the United States the ones who do tens of millions even hundreds of
millions of dollars in sales every year they don’t have bullion nobody has it we
sold out of all bars and then I reached out and I went to many suppliers as I
could to get bullion and it’s kind of this way it is at the moment now what I
mentioned before is that numismatics on the other hand or
look’d is a huge industry I believe solely I mean wholeheartedly into buying
bullion for sure it’s easy to liquidate and it’s for that kind of emergency fund
type thing but for wealth I look directly into numismatics and the coins
that we list on here I try to always source out coins that are you know have
the best upside potential to them and you know you never know exactly what’s
gonna happen but you can kind of tell because of the rarity maybe the type of
label that has with it has a little bit to do with it you know the ability for
it to go up is it the first of its kind is the last of its kind
is it something old that has a really high grade all these kind of things we
try to look at to analyze to try to predict which ones are going to be the
best and so I’ve been adding them to our shop we got more added and the coins we
have here are really good coins that we’re finding that and now is the time
to actually stock up on this numismatic so the question of you know you know are
we getting a point in nobody knows the answer when it’s gonna happen it will
happen but the premiums are gonna be high you’re gonna be paying almost you
know whatever the spot price is you’re gonna be paying almost as the same
amount in premiums so you’re almost me paying double the amount per ounce for
silver and in gold wall so kind of follow suit so again focusing on
numismatics right now is is my idea of the best thing to build your wealth in
getting ready because when it when things do switch back and into normal
gear again and maybe a few months you know you’re gonna have this wealth of
collectible coins that you’re able to you know have you know to build your
wealth with so I think that’s a huge huge thing now the other thing I want to
kind of talk about is the leads program so we just got a fresh batch of premium
leads so we just loaded those in there so I encourage you to go into your back
office and get the leads now is a good time be promoting a business a home
business right now is the key factor for a lot of people you’re gonna find that
people that were maybe just half-heartedly doing businesses on the
side and the home business front are gonna be pushing hard
never because they need the income now so now is the time to be able to do that
to build to build the the home-based business front and we have that here in
worst case scenario someone can’t afford you know to get on some kind of
subscription well then they can go ahead and get on the free at least and start
promoting to earn some money that’s what we’re here for I’m a builder we want to
help people with their wealth from two fronts in the precious metals of course
and also on the business home business front now with the leads a lot of people
are maybe not still sure how to use lead so I want to kind of just go through
it’s actually a pretty straightforward process first thing you need to do is
you need to log in make sure that you’re getting the better price – that’s almost
half the price for our members than it is for the retail side so if you are not
a current member subscribed on one of our paid subscriptions I encourage you
to look at that now now is the best time to do it you’re gonna save a ton of
money just for instance on the leads themselves you’re gonna save $20 per
order okay now going into once you’re logged in you’re gonna go to shop now
and in from shop now you just scroll to subscriptions are always on the top it’s
the forefront of everything because that’s what our entire program is about
is getting people on an auto saver and auto subscription and also you know
getting wealth to people on a regular basis and getting a discount so that’s
here so like I said before at the very least you want to get on the member
platform if you’re not currently that way you can get these member pricing now
remember pricing this is what I’m talking about these particularly its
batches of a thousand these are these are home biz home biz op leads these
leads are sourced within the last like 48 hours two to seven days mode at the
most and we have first rights to them for a couple weeks so you get these you
know make sure to use them right away and your again you’re saving $20 you
know per you know per order with just this alone so that’s huge now jumping
into that let me just show you something here so we can get
into the leads okay okay so here we are we have our lead system here now I’m
getting up 27 because I’m my demo account is set up as a paid subscription
just simply add it to the cart we’re really easy here you’re gonna see that
shoot over to the cart just go over and push on the cart okay
and then you should be all set up you’ll have your leads already here you save
$20 so that almost pays for a whole month subscription half a month
subscription all by itself proceed to checkout and this is really important
this lead system that I’m gonna show you again here is so important this is
something that nobody else offers the simplicity of it now a lot of people do
sell leads but this goes way further than that so save the address you’re
just going through and doing checkout I’m gonna you can pay with PayPal credit
card Bitcoin cash paper check you know whatever you can’t really use the paper
check of Bank wire with this I wouldn’t recommend balance
I set up an amount and I’m in the test account so I can use my balance many of
you are earning lots of commissions so you can use it if you want I’m gonna use
that to go with it here and a lot of people ask what’s the merchant fee when
you use the balance there is no merchant fee but if you use PayPal and credit or
a credit card a merchant fee is simply what the credit card company or PayPal
charges us which is around a little birth Rhian daffy percent so that’s what
the merchant fee is real simple we don’t make money off of that that’s just what
they charge so there is no shipping method so I’m going to proceed with the
order yes I understand the terms conditions $27 if you’re paying with a
credit card he might be like 2795 or PayPal place the order now this is
really cool because now you not only have the leads it says success just log
in once you go to log in scroll down you have your subscriptions are in the first
setting the next setting is your orders from the shop now your newest order is
always going to be on top so it says right here here’s my leads use my leads
click on it real simple here here are all my new leads it says email sent no I
haven’t done anything with these leads yet now if I have another source the
Senate maybe you have an account with MailChimp or something else you want to
start doing your own thing with it maybe you even have another home-based
business suite use them download the CSV file you can do that and then you can
use these in another place as well for mint builder to make it nice and simple
if you want to all you have to do is push on next step it’s gonna take your
thousand leads and I recommend minimum a thousand you know I see some people
buying a thousand a week some people buying two or three thousand
a time do what you want there but I suggest you know putting you need to
invest a little bit in your business these leads are so affordable at two
point seven cents per lead most of the time even the cheap ones out there are
ten cents a lead so you know you could buy for four thousand leads here for the
price of a thousand somewhere else and not only that but you have this in place
so this is there’s different templates you can choose from we have a few
different ones the mint biller website will send them
right to your website if you have your marketing funnel setup which you do that
through your income platform then you can send out that that email it’ll send
them to your your marketing funnel I’m gonna send these to the website and then
you just you know it just says right here hello it’s gonna put their name in
for you don’t mess with the brackets you can change any words if you want to but
I would leave the brackets alone if you know how to do HTML you can click here
and you can change the coding but for the most part you can just leave it
alone and it’s really that simple and you can just say and maybe finish
filling out your account something I’m just gonna catch their attention
whatever you can think of is something that would catch your attention will
probably catch their attention and then push send that’s it you bought the leads
you go with login type title push send and guess what 1000 of these leads are
on their way out we say it allow 24 hours typically it goes out within 20
minutes because it still thousand leads be an email so it’s quite a few
and then you just go down later on he could go check you can see your leads
here you can go back in and it’ll say email sent yes when it’s all done this
will say yes so that’s it simple easy I mean everything is it’s all in a push
button it’s like two or three steps and it’s done you can literally be sitting
on your couch and you can be marketing your business making money and here’s
the really cool other side of this okay you want to make sure that as you’re
building your team up to have your team also get on to this because for a couple
of reasons one it’s gonna grow their business forum you know you don’t have
to go out and talk to your family and relatives and friends and all that you
don’t have to do that you can just get these very affordable leads and insert
marketing I’m again I recommend maybe doing like one batch every week or
something like that and sending them out and what happens is
they’re gonna start growing their team and they’re gonna start earning more
commissions which means what you’re going to start earning more commissions
and this particular product is commissionable so what that means is is
that every time one of your personals orders a batch of leads you’re gonna
make 10% which twenty seven dollars is two dollars and seventy cents okay not a
big deal but if they’re ordering every week
you know that’s an extra ten bucks a month and if their team is doing the
same thing you’re gonna be earning a 50% match on tiers two three four and five
so you get your 10% Inc Commission’s off the front tier and a 50% match off tiers
two through five so this is a huge and additional income on top of the business
is now growing because you’re sending leads out everyone everybody setting
leads out in your entire team so it’s really cool this is a complete turnkey
system that requires you to really do nothing except for push a few buttons
and just write a title to your email that’s it there’s nothing else that
needs to be done you’re gonna be making money you’re you’re gonna be making
money from your team you’re gonna be building your business is gonna be
growing so this is massive I think a lot of time when I first sent this out I
think a lot of people miss the fact that this is commissionable because most
things when a member buys something from the shop it’s at cost so there’s no
Commission just as subscriptions are commissionable
but this particular product we purposely built it as commissionable so that
people will help promote it which helps grow their business makes them more
money and their business is growing which in turn also makes you more money
so now is the time people need this desperately to start growing their
business and I believe wholeheartedly in doing this so between this and making
sure to stock up on collectible coins we’re putting really good ones in the
shop make sure to keep keeping an eye on the shop for something that might be
interesting to you but we don’t put junk coins in there all good stuff this is
these are coins that are we’re hand selecting them working with vendors to
get exact certain coins so again check all that out hopefully this helps and
I’ll keep you guys informed what we find out about everything else and how
everything’s going I can tell you right now mitt builder is exploding right now
because of what’s happening people are looking for alternative ways so make
sure you capitalize on it just like many of the other leaders are as well at this
moment in time so we’ll talk to you guys real soon
if you have any questions make sure to get with your sponsor if they can’t
answer it just email support I’m mint builder calm and we’ll make sure to take
care of that for you alright take care we’ll talk to you again real soon

Author: Kevin Mason

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