Million Dollars, But… Bloopers & Outtakes #2 | Rooster Teeth

Million Dollars, But… Bloopers & Outtakes #2 | Rooster Teeth

Colton, I’m glad to have you here because I don’t know if i’ve ever told you this, but you are the actual inspiration for the show because Gavin would torture you on the set of Lazer Team with these hypothetical scenarios constantly [Groans] Like a million dollars, but a snail’s gonna follow you? Exactly. So we made a whole show based on that [Cheery guitar music] My muscles will start to begin to atrophy, right? I mean if i’m not walking or- No, you’d just have him wheel you to the gym [Police sirens] I mean, the guy took France without really- you know, it’s his charm He doesn’t always give the option, you’ve kind of gotta be open. So you have to put out? What? No, you don’t have to put out. Well I mean, it depends on how the night goes No, so it’s completely optional, so there’s no- You don’t have to have sex with him, no. It doesn’t matter how good dinner is, I’m not gonna want to have sex with Hitler. [cheery guitar music] So he starts off as a baby this big, two days later he’s this big, then he’s dead. And he dies of old age. How does he die- does he just have a heart attack? He’s like Benjamin Buttoning it, but backwards and really fast. Benjamin Button backwards is regular growing. That’s right! [Cheery piano music] For the rest of that whole year no one is ever gonna get on a elevator with you. Ever. Because when those elevator doors open, it’s a dude in a baby carriage and a guy behind him flexing away. And if you were already on the elevator and you saw a dude like that pushing a guy in a baby carriage into the elevator, you might just step off. Like “You know what, i’ll get the next one” “Yeah, i’ll take the stairs” I wouldn’t do that… No. Yeah, your gag reflex is too high [Gagging and coughing] There are a lo of dogs out there right now and if you would like to get a dog, go to a local pound and check one out You don’t need to wait for a magic dog How do I give birth to this thing? I guess the butt However you want to give birth to it Yeah I guess your butt Do you actually have to oil him up? Maybe just the places he can’t reach himself Oh, cause he’s so masculine Yeah, he works out, he oils his arms and stuff, but like his back and his posterior and what not. he can’t touch his own butt? How strong is this person? He’s got really big muscles so they don’t quite reach. To his butt? he can’t touch his own butt!? That’s a problem, how does he wipe his ass? This is not how muscles work Uh, I don’t think i’d do it. No? No… Wait, did I say i’d do it last time? I think you said you’d do it …I would probably do it I don’t think you said you’d do it [cheery music] If you’d like more Million Dollars, Butt… then tune in next week for the season finale, and subscribe to Rooster Teeth’s youtube channel

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100 thoughts on “Million Dollars, But… Bloopers & Outtakes #2 | Rooster Teeth

  1. I love this series man DONT STOP ME NOW BECAUSE IM HAVING A GOOD TIME, HAVING A GOOD TIME!!! oh yeah million dollars but you have to sing a queen song every time you go to a different place, such as going from work to a grocery store

  2. A million dollars, but you don't actually get a million dollars your butt is now worth a million; do with that what you will.

    Makes me laugh.

  4. Wait, I thought that Meg had a similar flesh colored underwear setup like Gavin did. Why did they blur out her breast in this one?

  5. People really need to stop comparing Gavin and Chris. Gavin is right 95% of the time he just words things wrong and has dumb questions like most of the internet as Gavin or Google has proven. Chris doesn't know the difference between almonds and walnuts that he clearly would of had to look at the can to buy. He also seems to think there's a difference between normal aging and not aging in reverse .

  6. everyone's upset about the season finale and I'm over here just waiting for Shenanigans: Episode 2…

    But this show is phenomenal as well

  7. Seriously!? Season Finale!!! Just have it go on continuously with different intervals of time between episodes. I get that coming up with good ideas could be challenging but come on, if you just put them out when you have a good one, no one would be upset. You don't have to break it up into seasons! This is YouTube, not TV!

  8. I want a fan Million Dollars but where they get like 10 members of Rooster Teeth and read off 10 of our best Million Dollars but attempts.
    Especially because we have created some truly brilliant ones

  9. When this started I never expected it to be as serious as it is.. It began as a "gavin stupidity" with Geoff on Let's Build and now it's its own serie. It's amazzing how this company can get funny, I love it xD

    Gavin has always been my favorite and idol and will always be. I'm pretty much like him.

  10. a million dollars BUT you have to spend the next week being a piece of food hidden in the achievement hunter fridge you survive the week without being eaten then you return to get eaten you have to go through the entire digestive system of whoever ate you and reform in the sewer but you have a million dollars still

  11. It kind of annoyed me that they said Gavin asking Colton these questions was the inspiration for the show. Geoff & Gavin had been doing these in Lets Builds way before.

  12. a million dollars but… if you ever sneeze, everyone in sight of you will lose every bit of their clothing, including yourself. AND every one of them knows that its your fault.

  13. Is there a way to turn off autoplay on playlists? Seriously, I like to thumbs up vids that I enjoy, that way I will both know that this is a video I like, and also tell me I've already seen it, while the few vids I give the thumbs down to will be ones I know to avoid. Sometimes I don't do it until the vid has ended COMPLETELY, and it's annoying to have to go back, thumbs up, then go forward again. They have a button for repeating the playlist once it's over, but WHERE'S the button for stopping autoplay?!

  14. A good one would be where whenever you see one of your friends (that is a girl) you pee your pants. OR every time you choose a piece of clothing to wear, it turns into the oppposite clothing. OR every time you sneeze, you switch genders.

  15. Meg and Gavy are dating but he never acts like it around her. It's so confusing O.o and when ever shes with Ryan, I can't handle all this Drama.

  16. I feel like this shows why Gavin and Meg aren't in many shows together, they can't seem to take each other seriously

  17. What happens if when your giving birth to your mini me you mistake it as you have to poo, do you just give birth and the thing drowns in the toilet.

  18. I would argue Geoff was the inspiration for the show, he was creating these hypothetical situations long before Lazer Team

  19. lol God Burnie's face when he was talking to Chris about the age thing and Benjamin Button just further adds to my idea that Burnie really is like the father of everyone and really cares for them cause like he genuinely looks disappointed in Chris like a father would like "come on I know your smarter than that"

  20. "like a million dollars but a snail's gonna follow you?" LMFAO best one ever. xDDDDD such a cute little snail…

  21. Hey, they should make bloopers for Camp Camp where the characters mess up lines in a few episodes with crud and laughter happen. Would that be funny and cool?

  22. Here’s one for Gavin…A million dollars but every time Meg gets naked in front of you you only see pixilation. My answer would definitely be…you can keep the money.

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