Michigan Alumni: Alumni Association of the University of Michigan. Video Update, Summer 2011

Michigan Alumni: Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.  Video Update, Summer 2011

So are you ready for a great Michigan journey? GO BLUE! Hello I’m Steve Grafton, president of
the Alumni Association of University of Michigan and proud to be bringing you
this latest edition of video update. Even though it’s summer the University of Michigan is never on
vacation. It seems like there’s a seemingly
endless flow of students who are coming to campus for the first time and participating in orientation, groups like
the one you see behind me. You know, there’s a lot to talk about. Construction projects that are restoring and making history. A milestone celebration at Camp
Michigania A tasty tradition at the Alumni
Association, and some fun things that are happening
around Ann Arbor. Starting last september the bells inside
Burton Tower were silent as workers completed renovations to the
building stone work and the metal frame work that supports
the carillon. They’ve also reinstall the original
keyboard which had been in a warehouse since the seventies. On June the twenty-eighth, Univeristy Carillonneur, Steven Ball,
performed a special carillon accompaniment to a silent screening of
the Phantom of the Opera. It really has been nice to hear the
familiar sounds of our historic bell tower once again. From the old to the new, The Big House
keeps getting bigger and better. This summer construction crews have been
working to install the new high-definition video jumbo-screens. Now, Michigan fans at our games can watch
our touchdown replays in high-definition glory. This summer marks an important milestone
for our beloved alumni camp. We’ll kick off a three year celebration
of the 50th anniversary of Michigania. You cant periodically check the camp
website for events receptions, tailgates, and more things related to Michigania’s 50th anniversary celebration. One summer tradition that we all really
look forward to the Alumni Association’s annual ice cream social. It’s held in conjunction with the Ann
Arbor art fair in late July and it’s right here at the Alumni Center. The event is free for Alumni Association
members and current students. So whether you’re eight or eighty, from near by or far away, just remember
that ice cream always taste better when you eat it with your maize and blue
family. And speaking of the art fair we take
great pride in fact this year’s featured artist is U-M grad, Julie Fremuth. Her art is featured on this year’s official
art fair posters and art fair t-shirt. On a final summer note, if you’re ever
in Ann Arbor from mid-June through early July you can enjoy the Ann
Arbor summer festival, also known as Top of the Park. They set up a stage in front of Rackham
Auditorium to offer free nightly entertainment. For those of you need a reminder of
campus geography, this is all in the Alumni Center’s back yard. So I hope you have a great summer no
matter where you are, and if you’re ever in Ann Arbor, please
come by the Alumni Center. Get out of that heat and find out about
are grate programs and services. And now on behalf of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan I’d like to thank you for being a part
of the Michigan family. Yours for Michigan I’m Steve Grafton.

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