100 thoughts on “Michael Jordan sheds tears at the opening of Novant clinic in Charlotte

  1. How can anyone downvote this? I applaud MJ…he got alot of flack…some deserved and some undeserving but its never too late to make a difference.πŸ‘

  2. Make no mistake…he sized everyone up at that ceremony and knew for a FACT he could take each and every one of them one on one.

  3. Dear Michael we are sending to you thank you from Turkey. When you are old man like Steve Jobs you will die happy for what you are doing today. Allah be with you and open your heart to Islam.

  4. I'm a LeBron fan and all I see is hate towards LeBron in this comment section. It's not the other way around. I'm grateful MJ did this for the community of Charlotte, and I think it's great he's being a champ on and off court. So, stop claiming we hate MJ because y'all hate LeBron. Thank you Jordan 🐐

  5. The good thing about Michael Jordan, which lebron james does not have, he does not have to let the entire world know of his charitable endeavors. Like me, im sure this is the first time most of you knew he even started this project.

  6. Yo the GOAT just said money is not a problem for me the Novant Clinic is bigger then MJ once he said that watch the donor come from every walk of life.

  7. This man is a selfish thief, back in the day he used to cheat on his wife and bully his team mates… He once assaulted Steven Kerr. He now steals property to up Jordan Brand as they have no decent creative minds on board… Putting it short this guy is a piece of shit. πŸ‘Ž

  8. Didn't Shannon Sharpe say he has done nothing and Lebron does a lot. Some Fuckery talk by LeShannon. MJ came back in the league and donated a lot after his second retirement

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  10. MJ is actually genuine, he does a lot of charitable things, he’s just lowkey, he doesn’t care about PR like Lebron. MJ doesn’t care if ppl think he’s an asshole

  11. Look at all the douchebags bringing up LeBron.. they hate him so much, but they just can’t get his dick out of their mouths

  12. So many comments section talking about Lebron. Why can’t we just appreciate what both of them are doing for the community. I like Lebron James and I also like Michael Jordan. Congratulations to MJ. Continue success.

  13. Now this is the MJ who people should look to as a role model. Not the young MJ that was flying through the air with his tongue out. God is working in MJ's heart and I absolutely love it. Pray for this man, that God will lead him in all that he does. Amen.

  14. MJ drafted by Bulls away from NC and came back home. LeBron deserted Cleveland to form superteam in Miami, came home, and then deserted Cleveland 2nd time to form superteam in L.A. πŸ€”

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