Melly | The Truth About Network Marketing

Melly | The Truth About Network Marketing

Hello FFG Family wherever you are. Just like what I promised on my teaser, I’m going to share about a fantastic business in the twenty-first century. A lot of world’s experts on economy and even successful people strongly recommend this business to everyone. These are several quotes from these experts, even from successful people in the world such as Robert Kiyosaki. Robert Kiyosaki says, “The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work.” And then, Bill Gates. Bill Gates also says the same thing. “If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing.” And also in one interview, Donald Trump was asked that if his business collapsed, what would he do And Donald Trump answered, “I would get into Network Marketing.” And that was also what the former President of the US, Bill Clinton says, in this video. Let’s watch a snippet of his video. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to talk to so many of the sales people who help our economy grow. And help keep the American Dreams alive for millions of Americans. In America, if you work hard and play by the rules, if you take responsibility for yourself and your family, you should have all the opportunity you need for a better future. That’s America’s basic bargain. It’s what I work to promote as President. And it’s what the work of direct selling helps to promote each and every day. You strengthen our country and our economy not just by striving for your own success, but by offering opportunity to others. You’re also part of a global movement that promotes enterprises and rewards individual initiatives. And you’ve seen remarkable growth both at home and abroad. Last year, there were more than 7 million Americans in the direct selling industry. An average of 69,000 new distributors and sales people join your industry every week. In addition to providing opportunity, you build our American community. Americans from every walk of life, every race, every creed are seizing the opportunities of direct sales. More than 300,000 of you are over the age of sixty-five. More than 500,000 of you have some kind of disability. Three quarters of you are women, trying to strengthen you families and raise strong children without the fear that a glass ceiling will hold you down. In a very real way your work promotes our values all around the globe. There are now more than 21 million direct sales people worldwide doing business in 125 countries. I’ve followed your industry’s growth for years now. And even I was amazed to learn that there are more than 100,000 direct sales people in Russia, and over 600,000 in China. But we need even more of the kind of opportunity direct selling represents. Your industry gives people a chance after all, to make the most of their own lives. And to me, that’s the heart of the American Dream. I thank you for keeping it strong for so many millions of people, and for expanding it to more people every day. Thank you for your work. God bless you. And God bless America. And those are the opinions of the world’s experts on economy and they’re even the successful people in this world today. Some of them have achieved financial freedom. Why do they recommend this business to everyone? Because they know the big secret and power behind this industry. So here, I’m going to share about the power of network marketing compared to conventional businesses out there. First, from the employment aspect. Employee, in a conventional business like a store, one needs to have at least one or two employees. Even in factories, there should be thousands of employees. While in the network marketing business, we don’t need any employee. Because whoever we recommend to join this business with us, they’re not our employees, they’re our business partners. Second, from the investment aspect. Investment is needed in a conventional business. This investment can be relatively big, even very big. But in network marketing business, our investment is relatively very much affordable and manageable. But the results, compared to the investment, are incredible and can even reach passive income. Third, the working hours are set, and there’re predetermined hours. For example, a store opens from 7 AM to 5 PM. If one is the system, he/she is fixated on that store during those working hours. In factories also, there’re working hours, employees can’t come as they’re pleased to. They can’t come at 9 AM or 10 AM. Their working hours are fix. Whereas in the network marketing, the working hours are flexible. We’re free to set the time to meet our prospects. Our time is flexible, and we can meet our prospects anytime and anywhere. Fourth, experience. When we join the network marketing business, we’re never asked “What’s your experience?” “What are the skills you have?” “Can you speak English or Mandarin?” “Do you have a Bachelor or Masters degree?” We are never asked such things when we sign up. In the beginning, we only sign the document and join this business. But in a conventional business, it’s impossible to start a business without any experience. Most of them out there at least have some experiences, for example, working as a mechanics for one or two years before opening a mechanic shop. The same also as working in a beauty salon, they must have gone to a beauty salon or hairdressing school before opening a salon. Because in a conventional business, they won’t be courageous enough to open a business without any experience. Why? Because in their experiences of ten or twenty years of making money, suddenly they can go bankrupt at any time. Why? Because they don’t have a Mentor when they’re doing their business. In the network marketing business, we’ll earn the experiences and skills when we’re doing the process. When we’re listening to CD, reading books, having field experiences, they all become our journey, and we’ll get the experiences and skills during that process. Next, from the overhead cost aspect. Overhead cost in a conventional business, certainly is very big. For example, the overhead cost, such as electricity. The cost of electricity in a factory can reach billions. Not to mention the rent for the warehouse, paying the employees, phone bills, they are all just fantastic in the conventional businesses. But in the network marketing, our overhead cost is our daily necessities. For example, we need to make phone calls, come to meetings, buy books, buy CDs, and all of those enrich our knowledge. And the overhead cost is very affordable. Another power of the network marketing business is the income aspect. The income in the network marketing business is unlimited, depending on the efforts we make. There’s a saying in the network marketing business, “The sky is the limit.” even “The sky is the beginning.” In network marketing business, there’s no limit. Why? Because we have a global business and an incredible Multiplication factor. Whereas in a conventional business, the income depends on the scale of the business. The income can be limited because every production has its own capacity. For example, a machine. A machine has its own production capacity. It can’t go beyond its capability. So in a conventional business, there’s a limit. The next power is scope. The scope is, for example, in a conventional business, we’re opening up a store. For example, our store is in an alley. Indeed, the customers will come from that area or the surrounding areas. If there’s a new visitor coming by, it’ll only be once in a while. But in the network marketing business, our scope is the world. 7 billion people are the markets for the network marketing business. Like today, FFG Community that started in Indonesia, has grown all over Asia, Africa, America, even Europe. We can see from the pictures, in Africa, The business has even expanded to Asia Pacific countries such as Solomon Island, and Vanuatu. Have you ever imagined having a business that can go global? That’s the power of network marketing, the territory is unlimited. The next power is economic crisis. Economic crisis for sure brings impact to conventional businesses, no matter what the forms are. Stores, factories, they are very much affected by the economic crisis. But in the network marketing, there’s no impact from the crisis. Because the players of our business are humans. The next power of network marketing is advertisement. Some conventional businesses use advertisement, while some don’t. But in average, big companies have a budget for advertising and it’s not cheap. It can reach billions of rupiahs. But small industries won’t need advertisement. But amazingly, in our network marketing business, we don’t need advertisement. We don’t need paid advertisement. Because with the current technology, with its great advancement, we can use social media for our advertisement. Next, one of the powers of network marketing business is passive income. In the network marketing, we get passive income, But it doesn’t mean that once we join, and we get passive income without working. We have to build our networks with the right system, the right Duplication, and passive income will happen. But in conventional businesses, most don’t have passive income. Because they need big investments and it depends on the scale of their businesses. If the scale of the business is a store at the end of an alley, it’s impossible to have passive income. Whereas in network marketing, even if one is just a street cake seller, by following the right support system and doing it the right way, he can enjoy passive income. Next, the advantage of network marketing is the place for the business. In a conventional business, you need a place for the business, like a store, showroom, warehouse, or even an office. A place for the business is certainly needed in a conventional business. While for us, in the network marketing business, we don’t need a place for the business. We can do this anywhere. even at home. Even people who’re living under a bridge can do this business. So we don’t need a place for the business. The next power is risk. There are risks in the network marketing business, but they’re relatively small. The worst risk is getting rejected. And it’s only a matter of ego. But there’s no financial impact. But in conventional businesses, the risks are very big. Because the investments are big, the impact will be big and one could go bankrupt. We’ve never heard of people going bankrupt from network marketing business. Because our investment is affordable and relatively small. But in conventional businesses, the investments are big and the risks are big, and we’ve heard of companies going bankrupt. Next, the advantages and the power of the network marketing are that we can become billionaires, have passive income, financial freedom and time freedom. But in conventional businesses, to become billionaires, it depends on the scale of the businesses. People need businesses that can last for years, probably with a very huge investment. They’ll get a big income, but they’ll still have to trade their time to work and they won’t be able to enjoy financial freedom. If they haven’t achieved financial freedom, that means they don’t have time freedom yet. Whereas in this business, some network marketers have become USD billionaires. And they’re current network marketers. Last, the advantage of network marketing is mental building. In conventional businesses, there’s almost no mental building. Maybe there are multinational or multi-international companies that send certain levels of their employees for training, But in small-scale businesses or stores, it’s impossible to send their employees to a training. But in the network marketing, we have incredible mental building programs. One of them in FFG is through Mentoring Program. 3×21 Personal Growth Program is a step by step program for our mental growth process. In a conventional business, we start our business without a Mentor. So a lot of people in conventional businesses fail from building their businesses because they don’t have the Mentor guiding them. A lot of the times, they’re learning from their failures. They learn every time they fall. What special about the network marketing is that from the minute we start this business, we’re being guided step by step. As long as we’re serious. There’s a Mentor who guides us in an intense way through the Mentoring Program and we don’t need to learn from failures. We’re learning from the success of the Mentors who guide us in this business. And that’s one of the advantages and powers of the network marketing business. So we have to be proud that today we have the network marketing business with FFG support system, that has gone worldwide, in 80 countries and 5 continents. So brothers and sisters, my FFG Family, we have to be proud of what we’ve done today. That’s all from my webinar today, see you!

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