Maria Bartiromo presses Huawei exec on ‘back door’ allegations

Maria Bartiromo presses Huawei exec on ‘back door’ allegations

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Maria Bartiromo presses Huawei exec on ‘back door’ allegations

  1. Sarcastic SOB, isn’t he? Not generally a sign of a person who is telling the truth. Also . . .
    Maria: “We have evidence.”
    Andy: “Well, Italy doesn’t believe it. Vodafone isn’t worried.”
    I think we should be.

  2. This security loser needs to be hauled away in chains for lying to americans about an enemy tech company who works for the Communist party of China. Maria rules…Andy is a pathetic loser sellout to China.

  3. God Bless Maria Bartiromo! You tell him! This man is either an idiot or has a vested interest in promoting this infiltration by China! God Bless America! In God We Trust!

  4. Huawei must work with the Chinese Govt. if they wish to continue doing business, they have no other choice.
    This boy is a joker as a CSO, not knowing who sits at the Board.

  5. Maria didn't convince me. Lots of sensationalism, no evidence. I don't trust China for a second, but you need to take an evidence based approach to these accusations. I'm an IT engineer. My decisions are data driven. Show me the data.

  6. This is just the backstory for fake Coronavirus and the truth that its frequency weapons attack that will be blamed on China is public finds out virus is not real

  7. MARIA!! Ask him and Obama and now Trump why the ENTIRE free Obama phone program was, AND IS STILL TODAY, supplied by HUAWEI phones???!!!! Do you have ANY IDEA how much access the Chinese government actually has across this country as I write this post??
    Elderly and poor Americans are the primary target demographic for (the still up and running) obama-phone program….btw, the companies distributing these crappy, corrupted phones do not even acknowledge the new laws around distribution of these item in America! Please check it out!!

  8. I love Maria! She is so well informed, and doesn't let these arrogant, greedy, China-owned people get away with their BS!

  9. China is still trying to control the world. No doubt they started really working hard on this 3 years ago when they knew Hillary wasn't going to be able to sell them the US.

  10. Dumb broad with no clue on how hardware works.
    Including most of the IDIOTS posting below.

    Intel and Apples have backdoor. CIA technologies.

  11. 5G is possibly the worst technological threat to human health in the last 100 years, but we're worried about "backdoors" ?.. report on the health risks of 5G or just go away.. both of these people are actively distracting us from the real threat..

  12. Beautiful lead into Mike Bloomberg's business ties with China. Be interesting to see how he plays this connection, 5G connectivity, and his Presidential aspirations.

  13. Tell Purdy boy where to put his BS, Maria! You go! I don’t believe a word he says. He can’t prove anything. He can’t even answer if his Chairman of his company is a Communist. Independent experts? Who are they? He’s a liar.
    Does Purdy know General Jim Jones, Obama’s former NSA who kept intellectual property rights on AI military weapon ShadowNet specific to election meddling, starts up Dynology, sells it commercially? I don’t trust any of these criminal types that steal!

  14. This guy Andy is such a guilty Treasonist…He can't of won't even answer straight out questions that you are asking Maria!

  15. Is Andy Purdy a CAA (Creative Artists Agency) China client? Actors masquerading as business officers to puppet the Oligarchs MKUltra non-sense?

  16. Whole how Preposterous they steal everything they can from us we buy made in China like we want to support them in Blythe their communist evil dictatorship up the neighbors complain but think they still everything from Ross are back doors disorder that you would not end is a blah blah blah everyone's in on it

  17. Huawei has source codes. They can change the software any way they want. After the equipment installed, Huawei, under the CCP, may tell customers that they need to update a software patch to fix a bug. That update will open a backdoor for Huawei.

  18. Oh andy, China is nothing without the US, not the other way around. When you settle out of court, that's admitting fault vast majority of the time. Obama also showed skepticism towards Huawei when he was in office and Trump was continuing that trend, but since Trump white, Trump evil and as such even if supporting Obama era policies is wrong. Wow, I hope Huawei fires you after this, since you floundered like a champ in this interview. You're not even the biggest game to us in China.

  19. Title needs to change…Maria B tears apart a globalist live in an interview! Rated R for brutality and gore!
    Not since The Roman Empire has a blood sport been so fun!

  20. HES A COMMUNIST OBVIOUSLY – omg these people who are okay with doing business with the CCP need to be sent OVER to china to live in their utopia – get that traitor out of this country – smug face on him to

  21. hes got a big lying smile on his face – listening to him is making me more and more mad – and as a Canadian Justin Trudeau is in bed with these people – i see their billboards all over dt Toronto

  22. I would say “Maria is a Pitbull Patriot,” but that perpetuates the negative stereotype of Pitbulls. She bada$$ tho!

  23. I pray for the people in China who are forced
    to live under this communist regime
    and now have to also try to not get sick.
    I pray for the Christians in China for boldness
    to share their hope in Jesus Christ to the lost. <><

  24. Look China is a communist country, why are we doing business with them? move our assets out of there and move someplace else!

  25. What is more dangerous is that Andy Pandy Purdy is the same as Joe Biden. They teach their children to do the same dishonest acts upon honest people.
    Hunter Biden and the fake name he uses for Arizona drug treatment.
    Andy Pandy Purdy is the same type of person who is paid by China!!!!!

  26. And Trudeau is welcoming them into Canada. He is even more foolish than his socks and non-existent education suggest. He is TRULY dangerous to the people of Canada.

  27. The only reason you pressed for the back door issue is NSA can’t find it ! You can’t monitor anyone who are using Huawei equipment!

  28. Huawei first benefited from the father of Ren Zhengfei's first wife. To put it simply, the children of the CCP's dictatorship held their own business.
    The growth of Huawei today does not exclude the efforts and efforts of Huawei employees, but the CCP's support, preferential treatment, and tolerance for the illegal behavior of the outsourced employees are also facts.
    It is correct for the United States to block Huawei. From the performance of Wuhan Pneumonia this time, the CCP is anti-human.

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