Making A Titanium Mini-Bar With Porcelain Bridge | Dental Lab Learning

Making A Titanium Mini-Bar With Porcelain Bridge | Dental Lab Learning

In this video we will show the process to
create this difficult 3 unit titanium mini-bar with porcelain bridge. We will show the design in exocad, the titanium
grinding, the titanium bonding application, and the
finished product Let’s get started. on the facial view we thin out the area near
the mid-line making it shorter and cut the sides because
we are going to make a bridge we thin out the shoulder and change the proportions
to act as prep stumps next we raise the CEJ to line up with the
adjacent teeth and we duplicate the symmetry for the other
central then we raise the tissue area so that it will
touch the gums later we will polish the titanium bar and we continue to fill in the gaps to the tissue then we create deep shoulders for the linguals after we mill the titanium mini bar we are
going to make a PFM bridge with semi-precious metal copings we make the lingual a little bit thin, and refine the shoulder prep area then we flatten the gingival area It is very important to check the occlusion
we cut it more facially because we need 2 mm of room then we tighten the occlusion and make room for the bridge after the titanium bridge has been milled, we grind it to the right shape to act as the
framework for the bridge Now it’s ready to apply GC Titanium Bonder. It doesn’t need to be too think. Then we bake it at 800° C in the IBEX oven. Now we add porcelain We created titanium mini-bar and then we made the porcelain, baking porcelain
fused titanium and then we polished it underneath
so, to finish this 3 unit case we’re going to cement together
like that, okay? okay, this is final
we cemented it, put it together great texture, great translucency
and opaque linguals and then we cemented together,
pushed the gum areas, now it’s pretty good it’s really good occlusion contact, makes
slightly slightly light occlusion and then here’s the final restoration for
the doctor great integration for the gum and now it’s good to go, great, okay

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