Make your WordPress site progressive (Google I/O ’18)

Make your WordPress site progressive (Google I/O ’18)

Author: Kevin Mason

10 thoughts on “Make your WordPress site progressive (Google I/O ’18)

  1. Is the Progressive Theme Boilerplate available yet? I could not find it on LinkedIn Learning or Lynda.

  2. Content shifting is, hands down, the most annoying thing about the mobile web. I had content shift FOUR times while trying to read an article the other day.

  3. I would be careful before committing to any AMP-based solution, as your URLs will route through Google servers, ultimately creating a situation where you are not in control anymore.

  4. Great content but what a chore. First Andy Kaufman then Pepé Le Pew. This is fundamentally about more effective communication so wouldn't it help to take effective communication seriously, Google?

  5. You guys are very cool! thanks for all your hard work, I am wondering if you would place some direct link to the resources in the description for all who want to keep up yo date… Thank you so much

  6. I would really like to see the demo of Morten Rand-Hendriksen but his github account does not seem to have the repo for the example theme or the boiler theme.

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