Maddow: Time For Warnings Is Past As Trump Openly Abuses Power | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Maddow: Time For Warnings Is Past As Trump Openly Abuses Power | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Maddow: Time For Warnings Is Past As Trump Openly Abuses Power | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. U people either can't or won't hold him to the laws of this poor excuse of a country. I would love that the next leader of the country be a person of color and do these same things, just too see what happens.

  2. Having money shouldn't keep any man from rotten in prison.
    I'd love to see Donald Chump at the bottom doing hard core labor with his bare hands.


  4. I think many of us knew that Bozo The Clown would become emboldened after he was acquitted…we are seeing in real time the demise of democracy in real timid.
    The fear his cronies areallowing him to hold over them is astounding.
    He’s drunk with power and will get worse in the last year( hopefully) of his presidency.
    God forbid if he’s re-elected we will see the country fall into a domino affect and the abyss will take us all down.

  5. I would like to see all other world leaders refuse to deal with such an openly corrupt person. I would like to see sanctions begin against the US until their corruption problem is being dealt with. If the Americans are not capable of doing the right thing and removing this cancerous sore, then the rest of the world should do what they can in a non-violent way. It is not just about the US, the world has been affected in a negative way. We should not be held hostage to the votes of Russian bots and the complicity of the weak and corrupt.

  6. Your time is coming to an end, dems. Even ardent blue voters are getting tired of the DNC corruption, elitist celebrities and bought out media. Either you're on the side of the working american and independent middle class, or pandering to the lowest common denominator

  7. Rachel maddow is still on TV????!!?
    wow, I'm surprised you hadn't killed yourself by now with Trump still being president.
    ohwell, see you after the November election, I wonder if you will cry again?

  8. I know the groundhog said it's going to be an early spring, so caution people, snowflakes will be melting everywhere. Dont slip and fall

  9. Rachel wants to talk about abuse of power b/c she wants to be a sentinel of American liberty and justice, right? Well Rachel, did you watch the impeachment proceedings in the House…that incredible abuse of power of a Democrat "kangaroo" court? What about the top people in DOJ/FBI that led to the whole Meuller investigation for 2 years? You don't know what abuse of power is honey.

  10. 😂😂😂 its so funny to see this uneducated hatred and lies. How about report some real news, its starting to get pathetic.

  11. Every single day, for over 3 years now, it's one revelation of corruption from Trump and his cult after the other. And ultimately, none of it matters, as absolutely NOTHING ever has, or ever will, happen to hold these traitors accountable.

    America is lost.

  12. It’s must be fun for Rachel to spread lies and distort the truth from what actually being told. Maddow is a hack and not a good looking lesbian.

  13. Since campaign fund is scant because only a handful still bet on Democrat, let's not have election in November. Let's declare Trump. It would save taxpayer money. Russia will interfere just the same and Trump is keeping America Great anyway.

  14. when the only thing that matters to the establishment congress is giving israel the whole middle east, all rule of law goes away – it started with no real investigation of 9 11 – that's the day our democracy was on the road to ruin – when we allow a real investigation into that we may be able to get back on the road to rule of law. trump must have intel regarding 9 11 (he is great friends with Larry Silverstein) and knows they will not touch him no matter what because he can bring them all down- we need a revolution and we need Bernie 2020 and the people have to come out in hordes to make their wishes known – otherwise we are finished and the world will have to contend with a mad king and his syncophants.

  15. Talk a bit about Bernie and the democratic party, let's see how corrupt this people are let's please talk about it because is the second time they ignore voters and do as they please!!

  16. rachel maddow is an absolute disgrace to journalism. anyone who actually looks to this hack for legitimate information needs serious help.

  17. I am a full blown Trump hater, but
    Trump pardoning milkin 20 years after he did his crime is not corrupt , even if his family donated to trumps campaign.
    However, pardoning that crook
    Logayobitch is purely a political stunt!

  18. You're embarrassing yourselves on msdnc with this nonsensical fake reporting. If maddow just read her prompter without the tone of outrage and disdain, you'd see that she did this entire story without a single shred of evidence. She is telling you what to think without giving you anything to think about. She has truly gone off the rails. She is even still crying that russia is pro trump and not pro communist bernie?!?!?! Get real clowns, you're so untrustworthy!

  19. Who's she talking to? The only ones that watch her now are the ones operating the cameras and they are only there because they have to be.

  20. What can I say except "Spot On!" And yet another Pulitzer Prize nomination for Rachael!

    There's an old joke here in Maine that a tourist gets lost and wanders into a gas station located in the town he's looking for but doesn't realize he's found. He asks the attendant, "How do I get to such and such a place. The attendant hops down from counter he's perched on and answers, "Don't move an inch you are there!"

    Well to those Americans who have been worried about what Trump might do to turn our Democratic Republic into a fascist state once empowered by a cowardly, some might say traitorous, Republican Party I say, "Don't move an inch you are there!"

    The question now is what are you going to do about it?

    And once again I would caution that simply voting Trump out of power in November is, while certainly a wise move, falls far short of being enough. The entire sad excuse of the Republican Party that has taken the place of the once honorable party to which my father belonged must be reshuffled to ensure that the next time we are cursed by an out of control autocratic and totally corrupt president there will be more than a single Senator willing to stand up for our Constitution and the rule of law.

    And speaking of that single Senator, Mitt Romney, while I give him credit where credit is due I must add that there was a part of his statement I found sorely troubling. To whit after stating that he was a profoundly religious man following the course he felt God would favor Romney went on to add that the decision to vote against his president and his party was the hardest decision of his life. Simply put I don't think that Romney or anyone else supposedly following the dictates of God, or of his son Jesus Christ, should find making the decesion to do what's right rather than what's good for his political party the "hardest decision of his life."

    Folks Mitt Romney is many times a millionaire, he owns beautiful homes, has a secure Federal retirement including all medical coverage, has dozens of friends and a more than secure place in his church and his community. In 18 days Mitt will turn 73 so he's long past being able to collect Social Security and Medicare (at least until Trump and his complicit party end them). The only thing the Republican Party could do to him in retribution for his vote against Trump would be for Moscow Mitch to stick out his forked tongue at him. And maybe a couple of his Republican pals would refuse to join him for 9 holes on the golf course.

    If that's the hardest decision Mitt ever made in his life I would envy him!

    The hardest decision Jesus (who Mormons claim to believe in ) ever made in his life was to remain silent when asked to defend himself against crucifixion. Now that was a hard decision! and we all know what Jesus decided and what it cost him!

    Mitt might want to read that section of his Bible the next time loyalty to party or loyalty to God's laws comes up.

  21. Cult of personality, constant paranoia, misrepresenting ideology for personal opinion, constantly replacing closest advisors: defining characteristics of the Stalin era and now the Trump era. Congrats, we’re entering authoritarianism

  22. Donny & the Trumpéttes are deliberately trying to frighten us with their brazen criminality…so let's be brave. Regarding 'Christian' relatives and friends who support this garbage, I refuse to "sit down to eat" with them (I Corinthians 5:11) even though I make a point to be polite and gracious at other times, sending Christmas cards, etc. I don't want others to think that all Christians are just as wantonly wicked and as unprincipled as they are. There is a better and far more useful form of Christianity. I hope the world will never forget that.

  23. It's a capitalist country, not the socialist country! Get over it! If you don't like it move to China! Dens are trying to destroy the republic. Throwing people off of health care, bringing rapists and murderers in and fighting tax cuts. Everything the president worked so hard for!

  24. ask yourselves one question……Are you better off today than 4 years ago ?………..ya'll failed to understand Obamas' "Mein Kompf" the book "Dreams of my father"……where Barry clearly states he gravitated towards radical groups and his university mentor was a card carrying communist………None of that concerned you?……'s about Russia taking control of 20% of our Uranium, that doesn't bother you?…..Eric Holder stating that he would not prosecute his own people, regarding the polling location where 2 black panther associates stood outside with night sticks?……Giving Iran $ billion plus……money that never went to Iranian people, used to further terrorist endeavors. How's about Lybia….spreading the Calaphate…..Benghazi…….and many, many more examples……..All that is OK in your minds ?

  25. Remember when Moron Don said , we'll have to try that sometime , referring to Kim Jong Un's dictatorship of North Korea. The orange faced baboon is well on his way. VOTE BLUE

  26. There was a story told — which I cannot now authenticate — that during the Stalin reign when he would be introduced to speak no one dared to be the first to stop clapping. As the story goes, Stalin was given a small bell to ring to signal there had been enough adulation and the people could stop their applause.

  27. This is due in part to the support tRump got during the 2016 election. Media outlets sitting on his empty podium to wait to see what he might say and do, instead of calling out his lies with facts.

    Big donors own most politicians. Time to get someone who is not owned by them. #Bernie2020

    Have people on who can help deflate tRump's rhetoric. Like those from TYT, the Rational National, Michael Brooks, David Pakman, etc.

  28. You are all a bunch of brainwashed people if you think the upper elite is partisan. Bloomberg, Clinton, Obama, Trump, Bush….they are all the SAME person. Get over it and live your life.

  29. This woman is crazy! How is she still on the air? She has been wrong about everything for the past 3 years and continues to get it wrong.It is utterly inconceivable that people actually watch her but that they believe what is coming out of her mouth.

  30. Anybody who takes Maddow seriously after she disgraced herself with the Russia Gate hoax is truly lost. Will believe anything their TV set tells them is true.

  31. the establishment has bloody hands starting with the PNAC plan and their pearl harbor event of 9 11 – trump must have proof and now has the whole lot of them under his thumb and we are all paying the price of the horrific loss of life and limb that has resulted, all in the name of Israel and the evangelical hope of the end times – but the bible requires a world war before Jesus will come back so the evangelicals are full steam ahead to world breakdown in their pursuit of jesus.

  32. Trump is the best thing to happen to liberal media. They just love to say his name.
    I think someone has a crush. 😍 BF4EVER!

  33. Good grief, November is going to hit the left like a ton of bricks again…. Im going to invest in Orville Redenbacher because their shares are going to explode. The demand for popcorn is going to be off the charts for Conservatives watching the upcoming leftist meltdown.

  34. Until Maddow is willing to become serious about looking into the shady situation with Joe Biden and his son she had no credibility when speaking of corruption.

    Term limits for Congress!

  35. I've has experience with people like Trump and I can tell you for a fact they would prefer to win by cheating than to win honestly. My theory is that this allows them to think that they smarter than the people they dupe. Either that or they have some arberrant itch that can't be scratched in any other way. In other words, the next election won't be fair unless someone steps up and sees that it is.

  36. every president does this. obama and clinton pardoned tons of criminals. why do you lie like this? the democratic party is a complete mess. all politicians take dirty money. focus on something real.

  37. One of Trump's campaign slogans was 'drain the swamp'. Nobody thought then that Trump himself was at the center of the swamp! Indeed, let's drain the swamp of all Republicans, starting with their fearless leader, Donald Trump. It's time for all Americans to unite and do the right thing.

  38. I hope Republican senators feel ashamed of themselves for not letting us Americans SEE John Bolton and many others testify at the 'impeachment trial' (role call by McConnell.)
    None of those Republican senators was being honest to themselves or America with that total ruse of a trial. They out of fear acquiesced to a lack of honor. Next time we have the opportunity to get rid of and punish Trump PLEASE SHOW SOME SPINE, Republican senators. Start speaking out now when he does the unthinkable almost daily. Look at what new mafia 'don' stunts Don Trump pulls DAILY- are you proud to be a part of this abuse of American government and the office of the presidency?

  39. Hmm out of a list of Presidential pardons Obama pardoned over 1900 and Trump 34. You Democrat’s have had years to come up with a real plan to win the Whitehouse and what do you have. You are part of the problem. Your just a lying mouthpiece for the Deep State. MAGA

  40. So if i got a fund raiser started an raised $ 5 hundred million an gave donald trump 4 to stop police brutality on blacks what do you think the public response would be?

  41. Ok, whatever Rachel. Did you not get the memo that the President has the right and power to pardon anyone he wants for any reason?

  42. so if the president doesnt follow the laws…. I guess no one has to follow the laws now, right? how are you going to prosecute someone for doing the same crime as your president – especially when the presidents crime is on a much bigger scale and effects the entire country, where if you just paid off the judges of your 5 year olds beauty pageant to win – the most damage you do is ruin your friendships with the other paegent moms and give your daughter a false sense of confidence.

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